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LukasMedallion.jpeg Troll disclosure: Some events in this article take place from October through December 2018, when the Teen Troon Squad had access to Chris's CWCSonichu Twitter account and posted several tweets without his knowledge or consent. Tweets covered on this page may or may not be written by Chris.

For more information, see 2018 Twitter account compromise.

Got it! Thank You, @ChuuChuuRocket the ears and tail should have been stuffed, but it is very cute. 😊⚡️💙⚡️
CWCSonichu on Twitter, making a backhanded compliment to a gift of a custom Sonichu plush.[1]
Chris's photo of the Sonichu plush.

ChuuChuuRocket, also known as Fumanchuchu and Churippu, is known for crafting custom plushes of Night Star and Sonichu for Chris as gifts which he received between July and October 2018. ChuuChuuRocket also optimistically believed she could befriend Chris.[2] While Chris expressed gratitude for both plushes, on the Sonichu plush he apparently committed a faux pas by simultaneously criticizing the ears and tail.[1]

Night Star plush

Chris with the gifted Night Star plush.

On 28 May 2018, Chris tweeted a request to his followers for someone to volunteer to create plushes of Night Star and Kun T’Nyuget.[3] ChuuChuuRocket decided to create the custom Night Star plush as a gift for him,[4] which took her about a week to make.[5] He received it on 2 July 2018 without incident. In response to the gift, Chris tweeted:

OH, MY GOODNESS!!! ⚡️💖⚡️ I LOVE IT!!! Thank You Sooo Much!!! 😊

He also autographed the plush.

On 30 July 2018, ChuuChuuRocket commented to a friend how Chris's appreciation of the Night Star plush made her proud, noting he had taken the plush with him to BronyCon 2018. ChuuChuuRocket also explained that Guard Dog Null had asked her not to produce a plush of Kun T’Nyuget as it is a concept the Idea Guys had brainwashed into Chris and Null wished not to encourage it.[7]

Seeing the plush go with Christine over bronycon made me so proud. I can't help but feel like she really likes it to tote it around a convention like that
Well their cosplay was Night Star too, not Comic Night Star, their "real alicorn self"
I'm a little bummed that nightstar becomes an Alicorn after I made the plush. Null told me that I shouldn't make the other Pony kun because it was an imprint from Joshua wise. So respecting his wishes I didn't. Also I can't figure out what his Cutie Mark is I'm not sure if it's a bowl of noodles with chopsticks or if it's a ball of yarn with knitting needles

On 31 July 2018, ChuuChuuRocket mentioned that Chris was gifting her some unspecified items in exchange, which Guard Dog The Captain confirmed.[8]

Actually I have two things I think coming from it but it's nothing I am asking to be paid from.
The Captain
Chris is sending you something churi


Chris's positive reception to the Night Star plush seemed to encourage ChuuChuuRocket in her plan to gift a custom Sonichu plush.

Sonichu plushes

On 12 July 2018, ChuuChuuRocket announced that she planned to craft a custom Sonichu plush.[9] She posted in-progress photos to both the Kiwi Farms and Twitter.[10][11] At some point she decided to make two, thinking Chris could sell the other, though cancelled this idea after seeing toxic behavior and ultimately sending one.[12][13]

She finished the plushes on 7 October 2018.[14]


On 25 July 2018, Guard Dog Marvin tried to dissuade ChuuChuuRocket in a Discord conversation.[2]

At this point I'm trying to befriend Christine, at least a little. I've laughed enough, time to give back. I wish I could get back to working on those stupid sonichus - they are so complicated.
@Churippu please don't
My thought was that I'm a legitimate human without an agenda and that wouldn't be harmful. I'm not looking to debate though.
no, it's very harmful


On 18 October 2018, Chris received a completed Sonichu plush and photos were posted on his Twitter account CWCSonichu. While thanking ChuuChuuRocket over Twitter, CWCSonichu simultaneously criticized the plush, saying its ears and tail should have been stuffed.[1] ChuuChuuRocket tweeted, "Spoiler alert: I'm mad." CWCSonichu replied, "Why are you mad?"[15]

A fan spelled out the problem was Chris complaining, which ChuuChuuRocket agreed with. In response, CWCSonichu apologized, tweeting, "Oh, I’m sorry, but I do really like the Plush."[16]

Nine hours later, CWCSonichu tweeted an egregious beg claiming that his household would not be eating without donations, followed by another tweet on the Sonichu plush reading:

I will Clarify Something; if you are going to make copies of My Original Creations, Please, do so with Great Heart. While the Sonichu plush I was sent is indeed cute it could have had More Work. Any representations of My Creations should be done with MAXIMUM effort!

The tweet was quickly deleted, with no further mention of it by CWCSonichu.

The following day, CWCSonichu tweeted another apology for the original comment on the stuffing, writing "Damn! I Wish I could Edit This Tweet to remove the unwarranted criticism! Ugh. My head." CWCSonichu also wrote:

I deeply apologize for my tweet. it wasn’t my place to criticize a free plushie. I forget how fortunate I am to have such dedicated friends and fans. I really have had the TONS on my mind lately. This is an explanation, but not an excuse. And I promise it won’t happen again.

I told y’all, this Plush is really cute and I really do like it. I still mean it. ⚡️💙⚡️


CWCSonichu also tweeted another apology towards ChuuChuuRocket for the criticism.[20]

ChuuChuuRocket's explanation

In an 18 October 2018 tweet, ChuuChuuRocket explained why she had made the two Sonichu plushes - a gesture of sympathy to Chris for his treatment by the Idea Guys. She stated that she thought he could sell one to help raise some money due to being in financial straits from losing $6,000 to the Idea Guys' alleged extortion earlier in the year. She revised this plan after seeing toxic behavior by Chris.

Remember wise and Boyd? I made the plush, actually two because I thought Chris would sell one to help get some of that 6k back, but given all of the toxic behavior lately I decided to send one and resell the second. No meme intended, no trolling.

In a Kiwi Farms post on the same day, ChuuChuuRocket commented that she decided to sell the second plush on eBay in order to recoup her cost for materials and time investment in the project.[21] The plush was purchased by The Sergeant at Arms.[22]


ChuuChuuRocket occasionally tagged or mentioned Chris on Twitter following the Sonichu plush drama.

On 3 November 2018, she asked Chris for photos of Liza, Patches and Sylvia.[23] On 30 December 2018, she tried to discourage Chris from further contacting the troll Lukas.[24]

ChuuChuuRocket also reacted to news of Chris's Affair with Mother. On 31 July 2021, she tweeted, "What a way to burn out.. jesus christ.. this feels like it was inevitable and it should've happened sooner.. poor Barb.. poor Chris.. what awful lives they've lead.. I hope they're both safe and confined."[25] She also tweeted, "I went grocery shopping. I thought I was okay. Every old lady I looked at made me think of what chris did to Barb. I feel so sick."[26]


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