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The Pickle Man tricked me again.
Christian Weston Chandler[1]

The Man in the Pickle Suit
Name The Man in the Pickle Suit
Also known as Marvin
Howard Winslow
The Pickle Man
The Pickleman
Gender Male
Race White
Nationality American
Occupation Troll
Current owner of the CWCki
Saga Blanca, Emily, Catherine, Idea Guy, Guard Dog

The Man in the Pickle Suit, also called The Pickle Man/Pickleman or The Black Man in the Pickle Suit[3][4]) was a common scapegoat of Chris's whom he used to blame whenever he was tricked or conned.

The character was first created on 11 September 2008 by Lordsillynipples, a troll posing as Blanca.[5] Using a fake MySpace page, they claimed that Blanca was in fact a black transvestite in a pickle costume. This led to Chris believing that the pictured Man in the Pickle Suit was in fact a real person. Because the persona was entirely fictional, the character quickly became anonymized by trolls, with multiple people operating under the name at once.

Eventually, the troll Marvin decided to become the Pickle Man. He did this in a now legendary moment, when he walked up to Chris while wearing a pickle costume, and stole his girl. From then on, Marvin continued to troll Chris, by manipulating him behind-the-scenes to do funny things on camera.

After Bob's death, Marvin stopped trolling, instead posting on Kiwi Farms and even becoming the owner of the CWCki. He eventually began trying to help Chris, such as getting him to go to the doctor after his self-inflicted taint wound, possibly preventing him from actually dying. After the Idea Guys's manipulation, he became a part of the Guard Dogs, a group that protected Chris from harmful individuals, though this group eventually fell apart.

Even though Chris turns basically everyone that annoys him into a villain in his comic, the Man in the Pickle Suit has surprisingly been spared. The closest he got to featuring as an enemy was when "Cly" fought Chris using a "pickle gun".[6]

Blanca Saga

The original MySpace page.[7]

Midway through August 2008, a troll on Encyclopedia Dramatica by the name of Lordsillynipples created a profile posing Blanca under the name "kawaiikitsune123".[7] The troll successfully tricked Chris into believing he was speaking to the "real" Blanca, and solicited nudes of him wearing his mother's bra and underwear. On 11 September 2008, the troll revealed himself, leaking Chris' nudes onto Encyclopedia Dramatica and taunting Chris by stating they were a black pickle-suited transvestite.

Chris first mentioned him in Chris Chan Update 9 October 2008, after Lordsillynipples posed as Tiffany Robinson to get him to mail her a copy of his Yep, I'm on TV :) DVD.

The, uh, Man in the Pickle Suit tricked me once again, by pretending to be a trusted gal-pal of mine.

At this point, nobody had an idea of who the 'Man in the Pickle Suit' was, so this mention was very confusing. In the Christian Weston Chandler Interview, the interviewers ask who the Man in the Pickle Suit is, prompting him to respond with.

I don’t know who that guy is and I don’t think I really would care to know. [...] Yeah, I don’t know who that person is.

Perhaps the most iconic mention of the Man in the Pickle Suit is in Chris Chan Update 21 October 2008, where Chris, lying on a couch, depressed after Blanca Weiss broke up with him, blames the Pickle Man by stating:

The Pickle Man tricked me again...

Emily Saga

From left to right, The Man in the Pickle Suit, Emily and Chris

While many operated under the moniker, such as Lordsillynipples, by far the most notorious individual was Marvin, also known as the Jew in the Pickle Suit.

On 15 March 2009, Robert Simmons V visited Chris's church. After attending the church for an hour and a half, Robert leaves and begins talking with Marvin. Robert talks about what he, Chris, and Bob talked about, and eventually Marvin begins talking about his plan to troll Chris.

I think he'll recognize me when I steal his girl, when I steal his date.
And one of these days while he's there I wanna just go out and like hand out like pamphlets saying like all of the health benefits of masturbation, right? [...] And I'll be in my pickle suit, walking around like, I'm looking like a complete jackass. Who are they gonna pay attention to? You know, the guy who's telling me to go to hell or the guy who's telling how how good it is to touch your ding dong?

On 19 March 2009, Chris goes with Bob to a date with Emily, his newest love interest. In a now legendary moment, Marvin, wearing a pickle costume, comes out and asks to watch the movie Watchmen with Emily. Emily accepts, but Chris confusedly asks why he's wearing a pickle costume. Humorously, a random woman comes up and starts talking with the Pickle Man, talking to him about his pickle costume. When she leaves, Chris begins to rage at the Pickle Man, calling him out as a troll. Eventually, Emily leaves with The Pickle Man, leading to Chris loudly yelling "HE KNOWS CLYDE CASH!" in the mall.

After this event, Chris uploaded an edit of CWC Update 18 March 2009 More Updated, threatening to call the police on the Pickle Man.

I would like to make it obvious that, uh, due to a recent event that has, uh, gone awry by an individual. He has been reported to the police, as well as, uh, the owner of the store that, which he has emerged from. And so, you will be picked up by a police if, uh, you try to do anything else that's funny.

After this event, Emily called Chris, explaining that he was too touchy with her. She begins to talk about how the Man in the Pickle Suit was a "perfect gentleman", and she went on a date with him, ending with the two of them having sex. She ends them by saying that every woman he mistreats will be stolen by the Pickle Man, and that's why he needs to treat them right.

YouTube Channel

In October 2009, the Jew in the Pickle Suit established a YouTube account[8] that suggested he had come out of retirement one last time to deal a final, crushing blow upon the manchild. Despite his promise that Chris would never complete his Fuck Quest, Chris ended up losing his virginity in 2012. Chris never responded to any of these videos.

A Message to Chris Chan. From an old friend.
Stardate 23 April 2010
Subject Matter ComedyComedy Comedy, SmugSmug Smug, RageRage Rage
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

I spy with my little Sunglasses....Chris's CWCipedia!!!!!
Stardate 27 April 2010
Subject Matter ComedyComedy Comedy, SmugSmug Smug
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

A few months after these videos, LoveYouLongTime used the account to post PVCC NEW info: on Chris and Barbara spoon eachother!. The Man in the Pickle Suit also has multiple other social medias, including a still active Facebook and a now suspended Twitter account.

Future mentions by Chris

Chris quickly forgot about the Pickle Man after the Emily date, moving on to his new girlfriend Ivy, who he falls madly in love with.

The Man in the Pickle Suit makes an appearance in the music video CWC "Boyfriend". First, a picture of him on a piece of paper appears next to a picture of Blanca on a seperate piece of paper, before it quickly gets replaced with a paper image of Chris, implying that he's a better boyfriend than the Pickle Man. The same happens with Jessie Ruddy. Confusingly, he then shows the Pickle Man with Mary Lee Walsh, before he gets replaced by a picture of a random man, with Chris saying "What the hells were you thinkin' with that damn Pickle Suit?!", and a hedgehog moving across the screen and saying "HOWARD". It is unknown what this means. The line "What the hells were you thinkin' with that damn Pickle Suit?!" also appears in other variations of Chris's "Boyfriend", such as in Chris humps his PS3 and "Damian Antaria", PLEASE, Don't Leave Me - I NEED YOU!!!. He also mentions him in the description, referring to him as "Howard", supposedly his name.

Spiney Norman; Go after Howard and his Pickle-Suited Cult.

Chris mentions The Pickle Man again shortly after in I Am The TRUE, Original CCWC, a video mostly addressed to Liquid Chris.

And now for one final tidbit a spit of retribution against Howard the fiend, from the cult of pickle-suited fiends. Divine retribution for that day you stole Emily, you damn watchman.

He then cuts to an image of Mary Lee Walsh and the Pickle Man together while saying "What the hells were you thinkin' with that damn Pickle Suit?!". It is unknown what any of this means.

In Chris Drops the N-Bomb, released on 17 March 2010, Chris called Surfshack Tito a "trollin' stupid, pickle-suited nigger". He also calls him this in the Surfshack Tito E-mails. Later, in the Clyde and Tito PS3 E-mails, Tito informs Chris that a Pickle Man would give him a briefcase containing $9000, which Chris actually believed. When he fails to arrive, Tito tells Chris that he has multiple picklemen at Fashion Square Mall, and tells him to show up there, where a woman with a pickle tattoo on her breast will give him the money. Chris waited for this woman to appear, but of course, this didn't happen.

In Jackie Chat 3, Chris joked that trolls could call Lars McNulty the new black man in the pickle suit.

Behind-The-Scenes Manipulation

Main articles: Kiwi Farms posts (Marvin) and Chris and manipulation

In later years, Marvin has revealed on Kiwi Farms that he had a much more major role in trolling than previously suspected, and revealed insights into previous trolling plans. It was revealed that a majority of Chris's videos and trolling sagas were carefully planned, with trolls manipulating Chris to perform humourous acts.

Chris never "took the bait" from trolls. All of the past trolling was artificially constructed by a group of people with lots of control over Chris. It's fake. Chris doesn't really sperg out over criticism on his own like you'd think based on what the cwcki portrays.[9]
The point I'm trying to make is that we knew Chris' psychology very well, so we knew what to say to him to get him riled up. But those situations were very artificial. The trolling makes people think Chris just randomly gets mad and starts yelling at people if you call Sonichu gay. Or call Sonic gay.

The youtube videos leave out all the calls and messages from e-girlfriends that built up Chris' reaction. For every trolling saga, there was a bunch of stuff happening in the background.

Without trolls, Chris is pretty different. I mean, not in his personality, of course. He's pretty much the same person regardless. But his reactions on youtube were highly inflated by troll girlfriends whispering shit to him behind the scenes. "Oh Chris, you're not just going to take that, are you? Chris, I need a man who can stand up for himself, not just a little wuss..." It takes quite a bit to whip Chris up into a frenzy. And it's hard to keep it going.[10]

Everyone wants to be the next Clyde Cash. The problem is that the public image of Clyde Cash (and other trolls) is that we made it look so easy, because the cwcki doesn't document all the backroom dealings that enabled all the fun of the past. People think that all it takes to get Chris to chimp is to message him with something antagonizing. It was never that easy, we had to manipulate Chris into getting off his lazy ass and doing something.

So for example: Chris initially wanted to ignore Liquid. We had to tell him that if he didn't publicly refute Liquid, it could be used against him to steal the Sonichu copyright. Chris is lazy and, by default, ignores most trolling.

So the end result of this is that Chris has a stream of people trying to squeal on other trolls, in the hope that they'll have Chris' ear and be able to architect the next saga.[11]

White knights were subverted. Their messages blocked, deleted before Chris could see them. If they got through, trolls would leak their conversations with Chris and accuse the helper of being the culprit. Trolls had a vise-like grip on Chris and that only loosened when they willingly gave up when Bob died.

Since then, other trolls moved in and took up the mantle.

But even if the conversation of who is or isn't a troll comes up with Chris, he's still not playing on level ground.

Someone accuses Julie of being a troll. Julie says she's not a troll. Who should Chris pick?

What if it's two people saying Julie's not a troll? Three? Four? Some of Chris' IRL friends saying she's not a troll? Almost every person in his life?

When people try to help Chris, he's not knowledgeably throwing that help away. He cannot identify help. There's a platter with 20 different options, and one of those options is help, the rest are people trying to fuck him over.

The numbers are not in Chris' favor.

Chris doesn't go to work. He doesn't go to school. He doesn't have peers to socialize with. Think about where your typical 36 year old is in life. No 36 year old is going to befriend Chris. The only people Chris talks to are internet weirdos, usually trying to fuck with him, or the occasional random good samaritan. He's only got a small group of people to socialize with, and most of that group has been filled up by trolls.

They've invaded his life IRL too, as we've seen. People will drive to his house to talk to him. At least two trolls have been inside Chris' house.[12]


After his tenure as the Man In The Pickle Suit, Marvin would remain active in the CWC commmunity, providing insights into prior trolling events, and notably becoming the owner of the CWCki. It was revealed that he, along with other trolls, had coerced Chris into recording basically every notable video, due to troll manipulation.

Marvin gained relevance again when he arranged for Chris to start dating Catherine, starting a new saga.

Heh, so, when it comes to Catherine, we actually used extensive inside information to orchestrate that. It actually affected Chris mentally way more than we thought it would, because he kept citing that 98% compatibility rating persistently when Catherine tried to break up with him. We specifically matched every answer we made with every answer he made. It's not that it would be impossible to catfish him independently, but we have aggressively penetrating intelligence on his behavior and actions.

Like trolling Chris is a science, not an art. You don't persuade Chris to fall for your shtick, you pay people who can set you up ahead of time. We got Chris to drive three states over, not because Chris is dumb and we're master manipulators, but because we had an inside source.[13]

On September 2015, Marvin leaked two images of Chris with some menstrual pads[14]. A month later, he attended one of Chris's trials for his GameStop assault, and posted about it on Kiwi Farms[15].

In February 2016, Marvin leaked the video Chris's Specimen Sample, presumably after being sent it from Sam and Ellen[16]. It was also around this time that Marvin began posting new information on Chris and Barb's relationship on Kiwi Farms[17], though it is unknown how he acquired this, whether it's through interacting with them himself or through another source.

In July 2016, Chris, believing that a vagina was growing under his skin, stabbed at his taint with a knife. After this happened, Marvin pressured Chris into going to the doctor, though it was incredibly hard to do so.

fatty won't die… this time

he's seeing a doctor

i'm tired of playing counselor to an exceptional individual who thinks he can grow a vagina

we got pissed and bitched at chris until he went to the ER

we demanded chris send us pictures of the ER docs

the ER docs sounded like fatty went there and said "lol my nuts hurt" and the doctors was like "rolled eyes just take tylenol and call me if the pain gets worse"

we bitched at chris until he got an actual human to put him in stirrups and give him an opinion[18]

These messages reveal that Marvin is still in contact with Chris, though it is unknown how, or to what extent he is.

In August 2017, Chris created a sockpuppet account named NightStar2891, which he used to white knight himself on Twitter. Marvin DMed NightStar, becoming friends with her, before accusing NightStar of actually being Chris. Eventually, in order to prove that she wasn't Chris, NightStar posted DMs of her and Chris talking, in reality Chris using the two accounts to talk to himself. Notably, using the Chris account he mentioned remembering Marvin:

Howard?! I remember him. He is definitely one of those Trolls! Ugh! And he attempted to turn you against Me like that? That is Just So LOW! Makes me feel like blowing my fuse! I need to take a deep breath.

On 13 December 2017, Marvin tweeted at Chris, informing him of the Chris Chan panel at the MAGfest convention in a month. Chris, not realizing it was the Pickle Man, was surprised at this, and eventually decided to go[19]. Marvin also went, and commentated on it on Kiwi Farms:

Heh, so, what everyone seems to be wondering: does Chris smell? No. At least, there isn't like some miasma cloud hanging around him. I was pretty close to him, but I obviously didn't stick my nose in his shirt or anything. So if he's got a smell, you definitely won't notice anything just casually hanging around him, and even if you really are determined to get a whiff, it's probably not that strong. (It helps that it's the winter, and so he's not hustling around in the heat.)

No perfume or axe this time either.[20]

Guard Dogs

In 2017, Idea Guy reached out to Marvin, informing him of his trolling plans. Marvin did not like his trolling, but didn't think that it was his place to stop trolls based on if he found him funny, so he let him troll Chris.

In April 2018, The Captain discovered that the Idea Guys's trolling was far worse than it seemed, and reached the level of extortion. Captain went to Marvin with this information, who was angered at the criminal actions by the Idea Guys. He began coaching The Captain on how to use Chris's account and pretend to be Chris while talking to them, in order to stall for time. Marvin collected the Discord usernames and IPs of the Idea Guys. Eventually, Marvin built a script that ripped all the chat logs from the Discord.

From this point forward, Marvin, The Captain and Null formed a group known as the Guard Dogs, who protected Chris from harmful individuals such as the Idea Guys. Marvin was given access to Chris's email and social media.[21] He blocked weens and other malicious individuals. Chris was aware Marvin had access, commenting in The Place in December 2019 that Marvin had blocked Jacob Sockness's Twitter account.[22]



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