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The Otaku King
Name Nyheen Jenkins
Also known as The Otaku King
Otaku King
Race Black
Nationality American
Saga Third Exile, Revelations

Nyheen Jenkins (age 37), better known as The Otaku King is an anime fan and YouTuber who began White-Knighting Chris in the latter half of 2023. He initially found Chris at Walmart and recognized him as Chris Chan despite not knowing much about him. They talked about Sonic games, and due to their pleasant conversation, Otaku walked out of it thinking Chris was a good person.

Since the interaction, Otaku has made multiple videos White-Knighting Chris, denying his incest with Barb and declaring that he was a good person who hadn't been getting the help he needed. Otaku has notably expressed his desire to take Chris under his wing and become a "big brother" figure to him. With his return to Twitter, Chris began liking his tweets, and Otaku began replying to Christorians on YouTube and Twitter with new information regarding Chris, implying that the two have now become friends.

Otaku differentiates himself from other White Knights by being very ill-informed about Christory and seems oblivious to the countless horrible things Chris has done over the years. Also, unlike other White Knights, who are typically young and don't have much of a life, Otaku has a wife and kids, which makes it even more perplexing why he even bothers wasting time with Chris.

Walmart Sighting

On 4 August 2023, Otaku King went to Walmart and found Chris in the speaker aisle. Otaku, somehow recognizing Chris despite knowing basically nothing about him, asked Chris what kind of speakers he liked, in order to start a conversation. Chris responded, bringing up seeing Sonic, and the two of them talked about Sonic games for the next 10 minutes[1]. Otaku also recorded a brief video of Chris, which he posted on Twitter with the caption:

Found chris chan (60% sure?) . Cool dude. Talked to him about sonic and shit. Don't seem that bad.[2]

The Otaku King's CWC sighting
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Stardate 4 August 2023

This was quickly added to the CWCki's post-jail sightings page, and Twitter users inquired about the conversation, as it was the first confirmed conversation with Chris since his release from jail. Otaku responded to these posts; notable messages are archived below.

I didn't know if it was him or not. But I did seen sonic stuff on him.

Didn't ask him that. I Pretend I didn't even know him. Didn't want to walk up and be like hey. Chris where you live at! Lol

Chris is just some Confused kid. Thought about being like woody and hanging out with him. He just need a friend. He don't seems that bad.
Nothing [about alternate dimensions]. We was chilling and talking about sonic cd etc. Wanted to ask him about anime but I had to go.

After a user mentioned Chris's criminal history, Otaku replied:

Damn. He a Criminal. Well I got to do some research again. Been while

White Knight Videos

On 20 August 2023, Otaku released a 7-minute long video about Chris. The first two minutes are dedicated to recounting his Walmart encounter with him, and the rest is about his personal opinion on Chris and his desire to help out and befriend Chris. In the video, he says that Chris needs a friend, and that Otaku could tell just by talking to him that he was lonely, while still condemning his affair with Barb. He expressed his desire to be a "big brother" to Chris and help him.

my talk with chris chan that day
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Stardate 20 August 2023
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, TragedyTragedy Tragedy
He needs help. And he needs a friend. To be honest, just from me interacting with him, I could tell that he's lonely, he has no friends, and he needs- he don't have a father figure.
I'm just trying to- I'm trying to help him, okay? Like, he needs- he needs help. So, if- if I see him again. [...] I'm gonna give him and be like "hey man, call me up".

While Otaku's first video painted him as a naive but good-intentioned person, his second video revealed him as a straight-up White Knight, especially since at this point many people had pointed out all of Chris's flaws. He starts off the video by blaming Barb for Chris's flaws. The supposed documentary he watched is most likely Rogue Internet Man's two-part series on Bob and Barb, which explains why he knows so much about the two of them and still so little about Chris. He continues to want to help Chris, this time going even further by saying that he's going to bring the "season finale of Chris Chan", comparing Chris's trolling to an anime that goes on for way too long.

chris chan bullying needs to stop!
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Stardate 26 August 2023
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason, TragedyTragedy Tragedy
I know he needs help, and I know he's a good person!
This is going to be the season finale, and I'm going to put an end to this. [...] I'm gonna put a season finale to this Chris Chan BS
And the best thing I just wanna do, is just to be a friend, be a big brother to him.

On 4 September 2023, Otaku uploaded a video celebrating Chris's charges being dropped, saying that he is innocent since the charges were dropped. This is not in fact the truth, as charges being dropped doesn't necessarily mean the person is not guilty.

Chris Chans Charges Have Been Dropped. good!
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Stardate 4 September 2023
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Since the charges are dropped, everything is going to go back to normal, SLOWLY in time. It's gonna take a lot to fight off a lot of these trolls, but, we gonna do this. We are going to battle this
Why y'all wanna drag this on like One Piece? Stop it!

On 16 September 2023, Otaku uploaded a video stating that Chris Chan's trolls are starting his attack on him, by asking him stupid questions and comparing Chris to O.J. Simpson. After this, he has mainly uploaded videos about anime, though he does occasionally make videos about topics related to Chris. Despite this, almost every comment on his videos are about Chris.

chris chan troll starting their Assault now on me!
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Stardate 16 September 2023
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason, ComedyComedy Comedy
No matter what I do, trolls will follow me around and question everything I do. I could talk about cheeseburgers and french fries, and trolls will ask me "Where's Chris at?"
Do you honestly think I have enough to just buy someone a goddamn car!? Are you guys insane?

Online Interactions with Chris

Otaku King's Attack On Titan meme that Chris liked

On 4 September 2023, Chris liked two tweets by Otaku King, one being the original tweet showcasing the Walmart sighting[2], and another being an Attack on Titan meme depicting Chris and Otaku King as Eren and Zeke Yeager[3] (reinforcing his desire to become a brotherly figure to Chris.)

On 17 September 2023, images surfaced of Chris supposedly hugging and kissing a mysterious blonde girl. On the 21st, a Christorian commented on an unrelated video about Otaku's computer being broken and asked if he knew about the two of them. He responded:

Well being in such a small town. Had a feeling stuff like that will get out fast or being seen 😔.

Since the cats out the bag. Yes couple[4]

He refused to state anything else about the woman and proclaimed that he didn't know her personally. Upon being asked where Chris was currently living, Otaku responded.

at a home safe. Just know chris getting the right help needed and won't go through the same BS like before[5]

On 17 October 2023, Chris uploaded Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021, where he explains that he never had sex with Barb. He also adds that he and the mysterious blonde woman are not a couple, but just friends, seemingly making Otaku's comments false. After the video came out, Otaku tweeted about it:

I told you all chris chan was Innocent! She did not do all them things. I NEVER gave up! @CPU_CWCSonichu for the win! We got this![6]

Chris liked this tweet.

Otaku (or possibly someone pretending to be him) was seen donating to Chris's livestreams in October and November 2023.

The End?

On 29 October 2023, Otaku posted what he claimed would be his final video about Chris, declaring the "Chris Chan Saga" to be over. In the video he reiterates his claim that Chris is innocent (referring to the incest charges) and states that Chris is doing a lot better now. Otaku talks about how much he hates bullies and wanted to "spread awareness." He claims he doesn't care if trolls dox him or say things about him.

final episode. chris chan good ending
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Stardate 29 October 2023
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, TragedyTragedy Tragedy

All right, so, the final episode, the finale, the good ending... of the Chris Chan saga. And so bullies can pack their bags, leave, go, because, it's over. This is the final episode. It's done.
Chris actually is living his life, he's doing a lot better now. [...] He's recovering, he's doing well, he's growing, and that's all I wanted to see, so my job is done, I can move on.
Y'all are tellin' me, "Stay away from Chris, he's not a good person, he's horrible, he's gonna, y'know, bang your mom" and all that... whatever.
Chris changed a lot [...] You're not gonna be able to penetrate through his shield.

The Return of the King

On 2 February 2024, following a 4-month absence, Otaku posted a 12-minute video in which he gave Chris "the talk." He mentioned that Chris had gone "off the radar" and the two had not spoken in some time. Otaku stated his strong disagreement with Chris's Dimensional Merge beliefs, saying Chris is taking things too far while sprinkling in a large number of anime references. While he states he will continue to support Chris when it comes to bullies, Otaku refuses to play into his delusions of godhood. He also says that "the incident" can't be proven, and that we should all move on. Like most White Knights, Otaku had to learn the hard way that Chris is beyond the ability of any one person to help.

In the video's comments, Otaku hinted that he might know Flutter's real name.

iam sorry chris chan
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Stardate 2 February 2024
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, TragedyTragedy Tragedy

On 8 February, Otaku posted a video response to Gibi, who at some point had apparently criticized Otaku for being an "abler" of Chris. In the video Otaku also praised Christuber "CCDN News Network."

Gibi posted a response to this video a few days later, on 13 February.

hey ‎@LoreCattleRanch teach me about chris chan History!
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Stardate 8 February 2024
Performance Style RageRage Rage

Sad Anime Outro Music

On 16 February 2024, Otaku posted what looks to be his final Chris-Chan video. In it, he explains that he's the type of person who, when he sees somebody who clearly needs help, feels compelled to try to help them. He admits that getting involved with Chris was a mistake and declares that Chris is not his problem, effectively acknowledging his inability to "fix" him.

Ironically, by admitting he was wrong, Otaku King did something Chris has never done and never will.

done with all this chris chan big brother etc crap
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Stardate 16 February 2024
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, TragedyTragedy Tragedy

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