Blanca Emails, October 2008

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This is an incomplete copy of emails between Chris and Blanca in October 2008.

Emails from August and September are also archived here.

  • Blue boxes contain emails from Chris to Blanca.
  • Red boxes contain emails from Blanca to Chris.
  • Green boxes contain inter-troll emails.

October 2008

Editor's note: The following message cut off at the right side of the page.

RE: The earlier chats. from Blanca to Chris on Wed 10/01/08 2:11 AM

No way! i hardly let anyone take pictures of me in my bathing suit nevermind in the nude. these chat logs look very suspicious it sounds like they a

RE: Pink PSP Information from Blanca to Chris on Wed 10/01/08 2:17 AM

yay! can we play some of these games online together as well? :)

Reply to your E-mail replies, and IM finish. from Chris to Blanca on Wed 10/01/08 2:46 AM

Hey, Ami B-Chan. I read your two replies; I have deleted that nudie pic from my PC, and by "chat logs", do you mean the ones I e-mailed to you, or something else?

Definitely NOT the Playstation Classics, but I DO KNOW that Syphon Filter: Combat Ops is DEFINITELY ONLINE capable. BUZZ! Master Quiz is Multiplayer capable, but ONLY within the short-range; not over wi-fi. The big difference you will need to learn in the world of PlayStation Portable is Ad Hoc and Infrastructure. Although, Sony classifies Both terms for Wi-Fi, when it comes down to it, "Ad Hoc" is Short-Range (like classic link-cable distance within approximately 20 feet or so), and "Infrastructure" is TRULY Logging onto Wi-Fi and playing someone else on the same game title, or downloading additional content for the software from the internet. The full details behind them can be found in each game's respective manual, the PSP manual, or online at

At least, after we both have our PSPs and the Skype PSP Headsets, we can talk to each other, lying on our beds. :) Even better, talking to each other while lying in the same bed. My sweet baby-heart; you must have been soo sleepy to fall asleep; you are soo cute. :) It's alright, I am there with you in heart. <3<3<3


Sleep well, and have a sweet dream with me in it. :)
I Love You, Blanca.
Christian C.

Re: Hey it's me again from sonichufan1985 to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 2:58 AM

I see, may I ask why you are revealing my identity to Chris if you hate him so?

Re: Hey it's me again from sonichufan1985 to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 3:07 AM


Profile comment from sonichufan1985 to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 3:29 AM


Chris sends a bunch of pictures of himself

A few good pictures for you. :) from Chris to Blanca on Wed 10/01/08 4:53 AM
Attachments: (1865.3 KB)

I thought I'd take a few pics of myself for your enjoyment, Ami B-Chan. :) Let me know how you like them, and if you'd like any of them to be the wallpaper for your PSP. <3<3<3

I'll talk to you later; today or tonight.

I Love You, Blanca, my Caring, Devoted Sweetheart.
Christian C.

Inter-troll e-mails

Re: Chris+you=TROO LOVE? from Svenka to Blanca over YouTube on 10/01/08 4:18 PM

You're planning to see him...but you're not dating him. Why are you letting chris think you actually like him if you don't? I smell a troll. I am danielishapopovski on deviant art and you told me someone was probably pretending to be you again,trying to fool chris. But then,that new person who would be trolling chris would have your face, and knows where you work. So either you're dating chris and ashamed to tell the world,either you're an epic troll.

Re: Re: Hey it's me again from sonichufan1985 to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 4:49 PM

Well you never did answer my question. Why are you helping Chris if he is just a selfish asshole? Do you think he can be reformed? You of all people should already know that this cannot be. You and many others have tried to warn him and help him out but to no avail. Once again, I have also tried to help Chris out, but now I probably wont speak to him ever again ( I haven't sent him a message in over a week). The reason why I asked for you to keep our coresondence a secret was for Chris' benefit. I figured it would be better for him to think that his friend Robert had simply vanished than if Robert was exposed as a troll. Of course if this is your plan, you are one hell of a mean ass bitch. I can't bring myself, to expose to the net any of the stuff that Chris has told me, despite his asshole nature. So I ask once again, why do you wish to expose me to Chris?



Re: Re: Chris+you=TROO LOVE? from Svenka to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 4:52 PM

but on deviantart you said he was a loser and you didn't care for him. makes perfect sense.

Re: Re: Re: Chris+you=TROO LOVE?? from Svenka to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 7:04 PM

I still think you're trolling. Either that or you are mentally ill.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Chris+you=TROO LOVE? from Svenka to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 7:32 PM

haha,i'm not mad...I'm just curious to know what kind of person you are. I don't understand how someone like chris can be loved. And I didn't fail..I mean,it's not like you're hindering ED's plans or anything. You're just killing some lolz by making chris happy,but even his happiness won't stop people from stealing his medallion and spamming his noodz. Anyways,it was nice talking to you :3 Peace out mah niggah

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Chris+you=TROO LOVE? from Svenka to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 7:58 PM

Yeah...he might have given his sonichu medallion to someone but I doubt it. The sonichu medallion is for him,the rosechu medallion for his sweetheart,the blachu medallion for his dog or something and he probably has some other medallions. If we can't have the sonichu medallion,we might be able to get another one. I bet he even made a Jiggliami medallion by now haha..

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Chris+you=TROO LOVE? from Svenka to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 8:04 PM

Look at the ED talk page...Looks like someone found out the truth.
Hahaha...Yew troll yew. I knew you were trolling all along. It's okay. Chris will probably keep trusting you anyways. You've known chris for months,right? Just tell him it's a poser,he'll probably fall for it again.

poop from Svenka to Blanca over YouTube on Fri 10/03/08 9:44 PM

Re: Re: Re: Hey it's me again from sonichufan1985 to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 8:25 PM

Perhaps, but I haven't done anything to hurt Chris, I haven't leaked any of our conversations to ED nor do I plan to. I was just telling you that I will probably stop being is friend and stop talking to him, which does not mean I will leak any of our conversations with him. Everything I have said to him is between him and me. As I said in the previous email, I WAS A TROLL, but after that first email conversation with him I decided to help protect him. I thought he was just a misunderstood person who has been crippled by a mental disorder. I know that anon has no heart for these things and I was felt sick for ever having to think I was part of that. I changed my ways soon after I spoke to him. I only continued to make videos so anon would never hurt me because they would think I was still trolling. If you were Chris' friend you would not say anything to him about this. I would rather have him think that I just disappeared rather than break his heart by finding out that I was originally a troll.

Re: Re: Re: Hey it's me again from sonichufan1985 to Blanca over YouTube on Wed 10/01/08 8:36 PM

Chris is still your friend? That's funny because friends would not have posted all of his personal emails on their deviant art account and posted all of those hateful remarks as well. Yes I may have begun this relationship with Chris has a troll, but I would never compromise his trust by leaking all of our messages. You need to quit being such a hypocritcal and stupid bitch.



Oh, those EDiots... from Arjen Van Dierten to Blanca over YouTube on Thu 10/02/08 4:04 AM

They're really trying to blow it for you on the talk page.

Well, hopefully the medallions arrived by now.

Did You See This? from Arjen Van Dierten to Blanca over YouTube on Sat 10/04/08 12:49 AM

Vivian spent three hours trying to convince Chris that he was wrong, only to get nowhere.

If this is the same guy you spoke to last weekend, then we all are pretty much fucked, as he seems unbreakable at this point.

Good day, this is Robert from Robert Simmons ( to Blanca on Sun 10/05/08 9:05 PM

To Ms. Blanca, aka Kawaiikitsune123,

Good day, this is Robert Simmons V, aka Sonichufan1986. As you may have heard from Mr. Chandler, my email and youtube accounts have been hacked. It has been a rough week for me on this first week of October but I am feeling better now. My evil and mean cousin Andrew has been punished for his evilness and his meanness. Also I was able to contact Mr. Chandler, reading his words helped make things better. He is a true friend. Anyways I just wanted to contact you to let you know how everything is going with me. I have heard from Mr. Chandler that the both of you are now coming back together. First and foremost, let me just say that I am very happy for the both of you.

Also another thing I want to talk about is that I have heard from my cousin Andrew that he has sent you many nasty and slanderous emails and youtube messages. Please believe me in that those messages did NOT come from me. Andrew and his friend Kevin (who is part of ED) had hacked into my email days before I even knew it was hacked. I know that you may not believe me and I understand if you dont want to talk to me again for fear of me being a ED spy. But please know this Ms. Blanca, aka Kawaiikitsune123, I really do hope that both you and Mr. Chandler will have a wonderful romantic relationship and share a happy future with each other. I also wanted to say that I appreciated your help, support, and friendship in our youtube messaging despite it not being long at all. I am saying this as Honest to God as my witness, for my name is Robert Simmons V, who was formally known as Sonichufan1985 beforehe got hacked and know is known as Sonichufan1986. Take care Ms. Kawaiikitsune123, I dont know if you believe it's me but I will always support both you and Mr. Chandler.
Good bye.


The REAL Robert Simmons V, aka the NEW Sonichufan1986

Here are the pics from Anna's 20th from Chris to Blanca on Mon 10/06/08 2:22 AM
Attachments: (1994.4 KB)

Let me break the images down for you, Ami B-Chan; pictures 0689, 0691 and 0696 are Only Anna; 0690, 0692, 0693 and 0697 are Anna with another gal-pal of ours, LInnea (Also Trustworthy); 0694 is me and Anna; the only pic of just the two of us; and 0695 is EVERYONE, including me, who were invited to the party. It was fun. :)
Enjoy, and Peace,
Christian C.

Editor's note: See the above images at the Anna McLerran article.

Did You See This? from Arjen Van Dierten to Blanca over YouTube on Mon 10/06/08 3:54 AM

You're Emo Now

"Yeah she's cute. That's the exact reason why I'm afraid that she's not a troll. Chris doesn't deserve a girl like that and I will be really butthurt if she ever offers her body for that creepy bastard. It's more likely than you think since low self-esteemed emo bitches are ok with creeps like Chris. Or I'm just paranoid...disregard that I suck cocks. --Pencil 14:12, 5 October 2008 (CDT)"

Oh, LSN's getting ready to upstage you he's apparently obtained a copy of Chris-chan's DVD and is awaiting its delivery.

Just thought I'd let you know.


On 9 October, Chris recorded a Captain's Log lying about the Blanca returning his medallion. He still loved her.

On 20 October, the medallion was destroyed. The next day, Blanca broke up with him. Sinking to his lowest point, Chris still believed she was not a troll.


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