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On 30 January 2010, Chris uploaded Mailbag 50, containing questions picked out by himself. It was the first mailbag not uploaded by the Sysop. Oddly, none of the "letters" were actually emails; Chris simply responded to a conversation a group of users had on a Sonichu fan forum.

As such, Chris didn't so much respond to individual letters, as lines of conversation. Although these letters were all cherry-picked by Chris to focus on how awesome he was, or to support his war against Asperchu, there were still plenty of letters that sarcastically mocked him, with Chris none the wiser. The funniest was probably Dr. Cthulhu, who outright mocked Chris's entire life, but in such a way as to stroke his ego enough for Chris to thank him for his input. Chris also bolded parts of most of the letters to put focus on specific points, or to downplay the negative things people had been saying about him (or positive things they had been saying about Asperchu). The note at the top implies that Chris had deliberately chosen a few harsh letters so he wouldn't seem like such a pussy.

Highlights include two homophobic, "Holier Than Thou" cretins believing that ads saying "Seth MacFarlane supports gay marriage" would "Turn them gay", people who DEFINITELY aren't Chris showering him with utter praise to the point of worship, while expressing hate for Asperchu so exaggerated it becomes comical, someone defending the artwork of Sonichu, something that nobody other than Chris himself, would do, and more duck-sucking comments.

Special note

This mailbag is one that I have personally put together to show EVERYONE the BEST examples of how Letters in the Mailbag Should be phrased, thought and written. Please take the following examples to heart when writing future letters to me at the Cwcipedia. In a nutshell, though, the recent letters were JUST TOO DARN HARSH and CONFUSING. These here are nearly harsh, but more comprehensible to me.

I am only doing this once, and these have come from a True, Good and Loyal Sonichu Fan Forum Site.

Thank you, and Stay Safe,

Christian W. Chandler


Asperchu causes homosexuality

From: Dr. Cthulhu I try not to be a homophobe, but I myself have struggled with homosexuality, and the gay ads on CWCipedia are NOT helping. They're gone for now, thanks to Alec Benson Leary (probably the only good thing he's ever done), but it's kind of worse. The other day out of curiosity I clicked and read some Asperchu and Simonchu. Terrible comic, but the homosexuality in it aroused me, brought back old feelings and I couldn't help it to myself. If Chris doesn't make Alec take them down I may have to stop reading Sonichu forever!

Especially in children

From: zap2daxtreme Yeah those ads were terrible. As a devout Christian, I try to be accepting and understanding but those ads were very explicit. I thought about writing Chris a letter in protest for letting those ads be placed on CWCkipedia. One day, my little brother almost saw them. He could have turned into a homosexual just by looking at them!

The beauty of dickless ads

From: stacieee

um, i kno this is gonna make me real unpopular around here, but i've actually started goin to the asperpedia when the ads on cwcipedia are bad

asperpedia ISN'T AS GOOD AS CWCIPEDIA, the big CWC will always own my heart lol! but at least their ads are under control and they don't have all like dicks and stuff.

Straight girls hate dicks

From: carissamae

Ughhhhhh! I agree so much! I feel bad because it seems like Christian C. isn't able to get rid of any of these ads and they are ruining his site! He really needs to get rid of those ads because straight girls like me get grossed out when they have to see so many horrible ads like that.

Did you see the ads that had so many penises in them? Oh my godddd!

Retarded chimpanzee colors

From: valentina

Yeah the Asperpedia isn't as good because it's not about Sonichu, but it's got a ton more articles and it looks a lot better...I hate the colors Chris chose for the CWCIPEDIA, it looks like something a color-blind retarded chimpanzee picked out of a crayon box.

Though I really don't care much about Asperchu, it does seem that Alec gives a lot of effort to his fans, he uploads a lot of content every day and is very polite when replying to fan mail. So I think he should be respected for that.

In an immediate response to you, I have read notes from people complaining about the classic background art. I will take votes from future letters up till the end of February, 2010; Should the background be of A single Solid Color, Character Images or What? Mailbags beyond this 50 will count towards the votings for this issue. --ChrisChanSonichu 17:29, 30 January 2010 (CET)

Chris the humble

From: foofs Alec wishes he was as popular as Big CWC but he does upload alot of content all the time and is very polite so kudos to him, but he's still got nothing on CWC.
I could not personally agree more, and I am doing what I can to have Alec's "Manager", Mao, REMOVE all of his ads from this, my Cwcipedia. It is a struggling task, especially in verbal exchange; it is like talking to a brick wall. But maybe with your inputs, they will finally understand, take them down and leave us be with the Cwcipedia as it should be. --ChrisChanSonichu 17:20, 30 January 2010 (CET)

The "Chris's art sucks on purpose" emails

From: zap2daxtreme

Ok, I know a lot of you might not agree with this, but I'm kind of disappointed about Chris's mailbag behavior. I mean, I know he must get a lot of mail from people trying to troll him and it stresses him out, but that's no reason to be so rude with HONEST fans! For most of us Sonichu fans, if not all, that is our only means of communication with the CWC himself. I've wanted to send letters but I'm kind of worried he might misunderstand and yell at me.

Anyone else?

From: Dr. Cthulhu

Chris has NOT gone mad with power! He's a very sensitive and disturbed genius and you can't expect him to act like a bland normal person! He's avant garde, he does strange things that don't make sense with some purpose in mind. His entire life is his art, and as he says, his art speaks for him. The seemingly crude childish style of Sonichu is done, not because he can't draw, but to make a statement. Some of the "questionable" videos he made, like where he does the naughty with with the naughty doll, or drinks know...are done because he strives to break down boundaries of "normalcy" and "morality" and "common sense", because these ideas are a lie constructed by the corporate elite to keep us down and make us normal.

His terse, unpleasant cwcipedia responses are his attempt to redefine the relationship between the master and the followers. So we aren't forced to rely on him, but on ourselves!

Jackie made a very similar claim much later.[1]

From: xxros3ychuxx i think the purpose behind the use of a child-like artistic style is to invoke the feel of childhood imagination. who didnt used to scribble funny doodles about their favorite cartoon characters when they were little? for me sonichu reminds me of being a little kid and not having to worry about grown up stuff like college and money and my stupid dead-end job. thats why i like it so much.
From: lucywatson Me too! My little brother, whom suffers from Down's Syndrome], draws in the same exact style, and it's nice to see someone draw like him! My little brother gets so much inspiration from Chris because his art is just like the popular Sonichu! I think that's why Chris draws in such a childish, and in some ways slow in the mind way. He wishes to be an inspiration to mentally handicapped children everywhere!
From: Dr. Cthulhu

Chris challenges you to change your ideas about what constitutes "art". He's very post modern, always pushing the envelope of what we perceive of as "quality".

Are yo brave enough to make yourself stupider to follow him into the creative world he wishes to lead us? I, for one, AM!

Seriously, it takes a lot of talent to draw in such an intentionally crude and childish manner.

From: Politails

I kind of wish he'd buy a drawing tablet for his computer and learn to draw digitally just so we could get comic pages faster. Coloring in a full page in marker takes forever.

In photoshop, all you have to do is make a layer under your outlines, pick your color, use the paintbrush to close any gaps in the outline, and use the paintbucket tool (click a few times so it bleeds under the inside edge of the outline) with "use all layers" selected and BAM! you've filled a whole shape with flat color in two seconds. There's more advanced ways, but this is what I usually do and it's really quick.

You guys are right though, the childlike-style is part of the charm and it wouldn't be Sonichu without it.

I deeply apologize for being rude in some of my responses to Mailbag Letters, but between you all, you have theorized correctly; I am not mad with power, I do feel sensitive and can take Harshest Criticism ONLY to a Certain Level. And I do feel that I AM a disturbed creative genius; between my life with Autism, real life events and people when and who have taunted and tortured me, the Online Internet tortures of the Encyclopedia Dramatica page, ALL of the Trolls deceiving me with pretending to be Women and Friends just to get the Naked Content they have conned me out of, Having trouble separating True Person from Troll on the Internet through Typed Letters and such... I am a Very Complex Person; Avant Garde, as Dr. Cthulhu puts it. And the Trolls ONLY THINK they know me, but they have NEVER met me In Person in Real Life, much less LEARN how much of a Caring, Trustworthy Person I am. If I did not have to deal with such tortures, I would be as Bland as Alec and his bunch. How Bland would my comics be if I had not have to suffer from all of MY OWN Trail of Tears.

--ChrisChanSonichu 17:47, 30 January 2010 (CET)

Good writing sucks

From: xxros3ychuxx

dunno if this is exactly the right forum for this topic but it had to be mentioned eventually lol! what do you guys think of all the sonichu spin-off comics (or fanfiction comics, if you prefer) that are around these days?

personally i sometimes read asperchu but after the chaotic combo got killed off i was so sad i just couldnt stand it anymore!!

it was really poignant and dramatic but it was so sad (and not to mention so gross-looking!!!) that i just felt too stressed to read it anymore! at least when people die horribly violent deaths in Chris's comic you just hear about it, never see it (like Ivy *shudders*)!!!!!

Yay, Max!

From: valentina

I don't care much about Asperchu just because some of the things he does seem to be mean to Chris, like we all know that Sonichu hates pickles but he wrote them into the story anyway. But other things are really fun, like I looooove Max, he's so cute! I also think the scenes where Asperchu and Sonichu spend some time together are really cute. I love how they call each other "Joy-boys"!

I wish Christian incorporated more of that male bonding / friendship aspect in his stories. I don't know about you girls, but seeing guys acting affectionate and tender really turns me on.

Obviously they didn't notice Inos

From: carissamae I think sometimes Asperchu is mean to Christian W. Chandler like when Asperchu called him Ian Brandon Anderson! That was not very nice. But I think Asperchu teaches some really good lessons and Jivin is such a good character. I wish Christian C. would have some black characters in his comics but he doesn't.

And in closing...

You all are singing with my choir on why Alec's pages are bad. Ivy was actually a real person in Real Life, and I had thought we'd stay a couple forever, but then she commited Suicide after a series of events. I could not go on drawing her in. To disclose real-life links, I Made Up Lovely Weather for my cartoon self; She is not a real person. And her name comes from the Christmas Song, "Sleigh Ride", with the lyric that can be repeated over and over to continue to be good, "(Come on, it's) Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together with" "Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together with" "Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together with" Love Weather, she's a beautiful girl.

And as a real-life homophobe, I would rarely draw such closeness between dudes, even in a Platonic Sense; I feel creeped out if I were to even think that. *Shudder* And there are people of other countries and colors within Cwcville, like I have just introduced Cwcville Police Constable, Louis Perez; he's a black dude, yes, and you can see the "bro-han" link I am comfortable drawing and portraying with such.

Anyway, I'll leave this mailbag with that for now; I will answer more mailbag letters in the past three later today. Plus, I have snow on my ground right now, and I should do some more shoveling. :(

Y'all take care, stay safe, and have a good day,

--ChrisChanSonichu 18:02, 30 January 2010 (CET)


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