Mailbag 61

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Mailbag 61 was uploaded to the CWCipedia on 28 March 2010.

This Mailbag remained unanswered before the death of the CWCipedia in May 2010.

Not getting answered ever

From: John "J.D." LaRue <>

Mr. Chandler,

You should make a small Sonichu sub-episode comic dealing with drug addiction. The comic could send the message about the dangers of drugs. Perhaps you could do something about Yawning Squirtle's drug addiction. Maybe your Sonichu comics should start to deal with important issues affecting society, it'd really add something relateable and worthwhile to the comics.

J.D. LaRue

From: Muammar Epstein <>

Dear Mr. Chandler:

1. In a previous edition of the Mailbag, you said you would not like to be a lawyer. Why not?

2. Last night I had a dream that noted actor James Roday and I were visiting my old high school, where we played Super Mario Kart in the band room. I am starting to wonder if this is a message from God that I should invite Mr. Roday to go to my old high school with me to play Super Mario Kart. How do you tell the difference between a message from God and an ordinary dream?


Muammar Epstein

From: Dr. Tran

What kind of merchandise will you be giving away?

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