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This set of Clyde e-mails showcases a collection of communications between Christian Weston Chandler and Clyde Cash. The e-mails, sent February 2009 to May 2010 show a number of things, the biggest thing of all is that, for a year, Chris had pined for PandaHalo, going so far as to hold on to PSN accounts he created for her.


Yo chris, check out Rabbichoso! It's gonna be big! — February 3, 2009, sorry for hijacking your old domain man, but a man's gotta advertise you know?

anyway, this is what i've been working on for a while. just to let you know.

love clyde

Your pencil sketches are truly a sight.

...A Sight for Ventilation Cracks. Your drawings are just terrible and sketchy.

Christian C.


If Sarah is Truly with you right now, please ask her to e-mail me from her e-mail address very soon, so I can hear the Truth from her personal words.

February 17, 2009

Clyde, I thank you for your offer to help me in my situation, in the event of my parent's passing. I will accept your offer to help, and when you call my family, please feel free to introduce yourself to them, talk politely to them, and state your business calmly and slowly. I will listen to you, in writing, so I can better understand you. Thank you.

Christian C.

Chris, you've never accepted my help before, you've also ignored Vivian's advice.

I haven't seen any change in your lifestyle. I hate lies, you know.

My message to you is just a warning. I mean, most men your age would have already moved out...

- Clyde

February 24, 2009

We're sending Julie off to China in 9 hours.

You have failed me yet again, Chris-chan.

- Clyde

I have NOT failed you, sir, as a matter of fact, I am coming to Cleaveland tomorrow; I am preparing for my journey, my mind is set, and I have the support of God, my relatives and my friends. So quit trying to scare me, because it is NOT working; tomorrow morning, I am coming to Cleaveland, Ohio for Julie.

Christian C.

I'll go buy the fanciest chocolate I can as I promised.

- Clyde

February 27, 2009

I traveled an 800+ Mile Round Trip to Cleveland, Ohio, only to find at the address you gave me led me to a run-down old red house with an elderly woman residing in it, but not you nor Julie; no one in that neighborhood even heard of Julie nor Max.

Go ahead, Laugh it up, but I want to THANK YOU very much for the Traveling Expierence; I actually did have a GREAT TIME on the road, and enjoyed the sights and views. :)

Christian C.

Hi, Clyde — October 25, 2009

I have a little something that I think you do not want spread around and around on the internet. A certain picture... "The itsy-bitsy spider went up the spout."

If you do not want this picture spread, then YOU DO AS I SAY.

I only ask for two things; a video on YOUR "TheGreggMays" YouTube where you SHOW YOUR TRUE FACE and TELL US ALL YOUR REAL NAME, WHERE YOU LIVE and that YOU are no better than a lowly catipiller with TRUE DETAILS ABOUT YOURSELF, and that you PROMISE, with BOTH HANDS facing the camera, that you will NEVER bother me, Christian Weston Chandler, or do any Villanous Trolling EVER AGAIN.

And the other thing is simply to cut yourself AWAY from the internet and LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ALONE FOREVER.

You have until October 26, 2009 at 11:30 PM. You fufill my wishes, and I Promise, Hand-To-God, to delete ALL traces of the picture from all my hard drives. If you do not, or fail to respond by the deadline, I'll show off your pic for all to see.

Live in Peace or Stress; Make Your Choice.

Christian Weston Chandler.

You don't have the balls to do anything.

A real man fights with no weapons. — March 11, 2010

Also, you're still mad? God damn, it's been a year, get over it.

(She isn't dead. I lied about that to get you to stop pursuing her.)

If you actually did some research (which I knew you wouldn't do) the fires weren't even near Sarah. Congrats, you fail at everything.

You still raped her, and you got her pregnant, you bastard! I will never forgive you for that!
It isn't rape if she enjoys it :D

Also my daughter's name is Penny. I'll make sure you never touch her you sick bastard.

I have one request for you, Clyde. — March 13, 2010

I still have full control over the PSN account I had originally created

for Sarah; considering you have a PS3 or two, and IF she really is alive, I would like to hand over control of that account directly to her. I've held onto it for over a year, so I'm not going to give it to her through you.

All I ask is for SARAH, herself, to e-mail me within the next few days from her old e-mail ( address, of which the account is linked to. I want her to tell me in her own words, in great detail, what had happened since she and I last talked in December of 2008. And I want her to attach a current .jpg photo of herself (a family photo with you and/or "Penny" is optional).

After I have the full confirmation and confidence that it is her truly, I will e-mail her the current password to her PSN, so then she may do with it as she pleases; change the mailing address, update the e-mail, change the password, etc. And I can feel better knowing I can relinquish the account from my PS3 with her having full control of it. ONLY I am on her Friends List, and I would appreciate it if it would stay that way (do not remove me).

Clyde, if you permit me this one communication between her and me, I will forgive you for all of your misdeeds against me, and Sarah, and leave you all be peace (with you leaving me and mine be peace as well).

This is all I ask, so I can make certain she has been alive and well and move on with that little peace of mind.

I thank you for your time in reading this message, good sir. And I wish you a good and safe day.

Christian W. Chandler.

Panda Correspondence — March 17, 2010

Sarah, Penny and Clyde, apparently.
Chris, this is the only time I will talk to you again.

After Clyde came over and raped me, it turns out that I had a sex addiction. For the next few weeks, he satisfied my lusty cravings but then I remembered you.

Clyde placed a bet with me that you would forget about me in a day. Then he set up this 13 year old boy and you know what happened after that.

This is why I despise you, you fell for another woman instantly. You did not give a shit about me. This is why that girl you are complaining about hates you. Because it is obvious you do not care about her. All you care about is your stupid PS3 and your shitty PSN account. Also I do not care about the littlebigplanet account, keep it.

Here is a picture from Christmas with Penny at two months old.

I am through. Do not email me again.


That's cool. I wanted to make sure you were alive, safe and well; that is all. Did Clyde show you some of things I did in your memory during the time I had thought you were dead? I did a LOT of stuff dedicated to your memory between a few videos on YouTube and in the Sonichu Comic pages, which B.T.W. I have kept my promise and used your past Chris Chan Sonichu fanart as the cover of Book 10. And I put a memorial page at the end of the book as well (granted the end of the episode needs improvement, and I am working on that).

I had kept you in my heart and worried about you for over a year since I had read the article in the Washington Post of the Bushfires in Australia January of 2009. I had not heard from you since then; I had assumed the worst. I mourned over the loss during the time.

I had to move on, because I had thought you were dead. It PAINED me worse for like over a month since I read that article. Clyde underestimates me, and he exaggerates on how quickly I moved on. At this time, I don't expect you to believe me on that. It pained me more, because I had two items I was going to give to you. The PSN account, and a Musical Birthday Card with Eric and "Jennifer Lopez" singing "Don't be fooled by all my money, I still like to eat tacos, honey. So crispy on the outside, so super good and yummy." I still have that card. And I think fondly of you and our time together every time I hear or think of that Taco Song. I'd say "Taco, Taco"; you'd say "Burrito, Burrito". And I can never forget that time you and I role-played a day in home-life between you, me, baby Crystal and Reginald. I adopted Reginald to be the name I give to my first son ever since then. It is a good name.

You have made me and my life feel a lot better during our time, and some after. I thank you for that.

Anyway, the PSN account I had made for you; you can give it to Penny, and let her have fun with it when she's old enough. The current password is "sonichugirl76". It's a LOT more than LittleBiGPlanet.

I will not contact you anymore after this, so I bid you a happy life with your family. It is good to hear that you have been alive, safe and well this whole time. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Stay Safe with Love and Peace,
Christian Weston Chandler.

It's not much, but here's the Profile Save Data I had created on my PS3 under your PSN; just copy it to an SD Card, find the PS3 Save Data on the PS3 XMB, select SD card and copy the data. You will be later prompted the option to import the Profile Data, or it may load from it. Make sure the PS3 you use has ALL of the LBP ADD-Ons downloaded onto its HDD from the online Store. Please enjoy it.

Panda — May 3, 2010

Dear Christian,

Penny is sleeping now. Clyde is at work, so I am sneaking on his PC.

Despite the distance between us, and the months neglected, I do care about you Christian. I worry about you and what the trolls are doing. While entertaining his friends Friday evening, I overheard Clyde boasting over cards to his new hispanic friend. It is why I am writing you now, Christian. I think I know how the trolls keep getting your info.

Clyde put in a type of mod chip in your PS3. It broadcasts information to the trolls. I do not know how long it has been in there, but I have a feeling its been there for years. I urge you to make haste and take care of this, Christian. And remember me, always, as you do.

Sarah McKenzie

Thank you, Sarah. I want you to know that it really makes me feel better knowing that YOU still care about me. I am happy and most appreciative of you being a big part of my life and the effects you've contributed. You will always have a place in my heart forever.

I wish you and Penny the best of blessings.

Love and Peace,

These lead into the Surfshack Tito E-mails.