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Mailbag 51 was uploaded to the CWCipedia on 31 January 2010, with this mailbag uploaded by the sysop, instead of by Chris (as in Mailbag 50). It was answered on 1 February 2010. Remarkably, Chris did not edit, delete, or reject a single email. This was the last Mailbag Chris would answer before the CWCipedia was taken down by a legal challenge from Evan George. He wouldn't manage to upload any more responses for two weeks.

Highlights from this mailbag included Chris demanding delicious cell phones, blaming the FCC for his determination to show sex to children, and hinting at Issue Eleven being some sort of insane combination of a reboot and a clip show.

Two weeks after Chris originally answered this Mailbag, he went back and heavily edited the second message in a futile attempt to cover up some of his homophobic remarks.


Chris defends stealing exact lines of dialogue by stealing exact lines of dialogue

From: Gil Gerard <>

You call yourself a "creative genius." Creative geniuses come up with completely original ideas all on their own. You, however, borrow everything in your comic from other sources. Sonic, Pokemon, Transformers, Family Guy...every bit of your comic comes from somewhere else. You even copy exact lines of dialogue from these sources. This is not being a creative genius.

If you could come up with something all on your own, without including things you saw elsewhere, what would it be? I think it would be interesting see a CWC production of a comic that didn't steal anything from other comics, TV shows, or games.


I stand by my work.

And when YOU actually invent the Edible Cell Phone, the iRitz; give me a call on your cracker, then eat the phone, and I'll answer the question better.

Working on it

From: Keith Keithson <>

Chris, your recent video is still inadequate.

You did not apologize for the threats you made against Alec, and you made it obvious that you only want to apologize to get something you want--apologies need to be selfless in order to count(that means you can't ask for anything in return).

appearing to be rude?

And you didn't just "seem to be" rude, you WERE rude.

Editing SOME letters? Overall, you've edited or deleted around seventy letters. That's not "Some". At least twice you deleted half a mailbag.

Don't like it when people criticize you? Too bad, that's what fame does. Suck it up and accept it.

Able to take criticism to a certain point? So that means you can't handle it. All TRUE artists know that they have to take criticism seriously.

I am working hard on improving my acceptance of harshest criticisms.


From: Stephany Miller <>

Hello, Christian

I have to admit I was rather dismayed that you deleted my email without so much as responding to it or even putting it in the Rejected Mailbag. However, I have seen your recent video and you make it apparent that you are willing to give "nice responses" instead of just refusing to acknowledge emails like a spoiled child. Since you have expressed concern that these emails have made you slow in the mind, I will try to explain my email so your autistic mind can understand it.

1. You have fooled for such a long time into believing Rosechu was female. 2. One method of your deception was naming the male Raichu from which Rosechu was created "Girl Raichu." 3. It is obvious that this Raichu was male because of its pointed tale. You have changed this but the original is still on your site. 4. You were so obsessive about Rosechu's femininity that it fooled a lot of your fans. 5. Having Rosechu's masculinity revealed in her offer of her pickle to Simonla is an interesting plot point. 6. It will be fascinating to see how this turns out.

Question: How will Rosechu's pickle affect her relationship with Sonichu. Is Sonichu a closet homosexual as I have suspected.

If you want to stop losing fans I suggest you respond to your fan's emails.


1) I am Not fooling anyone; THE RAICHU WAS ACTUALLY ALL FEMALE. Your questions are unbiased, and outrageous. I WISH you would just ACCEPT THE FACTS and Lay Off.

Perspectives and all that

From: Derek Shinobu <>

Dear Christian Weston Chandler;

I have just stumbled upon your works pretty recently and offer my sincere criticism and advice.

Your art is colorful and sometimes amusing, Christian. However, it is also poor in a technical sense. Characters seldom remain a consistent size, your sense of perspective is skewed, and the panels are sometimes so crowded as well as badly laid out, that it becomes hard to follow what is happening.

While this can be excused in the case of a young child's artwork, you are a man twenty seven years of age with aspirations of doing this professionally. Am I right in saying that you wish to be a professional comic book writer/artist? There is a difference between child-like and childish.

Now, with all that being said, here's my advice. Why don't you go back to college and enroll in an art course or two? You would have to cut down on buying videogames and sex related paraphernalia, but if drawing is what you plan to do with your life, why not take it seriously and try to improve? If you're truly passionate about your art, a few hundred dollars every month should not be a big sacrifice for you.

I am fully aware there are professional artists out there that have never taken an art course, but if you are honest with yourself, Christian, you'll notice their art is on a different level from yours.

I truly believe that if you learn the basics, your art would improve a hundred-fold and silence all those critics who say you cannot draw better than a third-grader. Yes, you would have to swallow your pride and admit to yourself that your art is not as good as you thought, but Christian, no one gets better without first realizing they need to get better.

And think of the benefits. You would actually have something to wake up for everyday. You could start showering regularly. You could start socializing again. You would even know the correct date instead of being five days off like in your last video (It's January 30th, Chris, not 25th). Just don't do silly things like spreading around a newsletter or wearing a sign, and try not to make the female students uncomfortable. Get out there into the world and make something of yourself, Christian Weston Chandler, before life passes you by completely.

Good Luck, Derek

I have taken over 15 art classes in my lifetime, learned perspectives and all that. I stand by my work.

He gives no care

From: Biggie

"How many fans do you think Asperchu has? Please specify one of the following options: 0-10, 11-100, 101-1000, 1001-10000, 10000+. A: 0-10"

Yeah, about that. According to the hit counter(that exists on all wikis), his front page has been accessed 61,774 times since it's creation a month or so ago(it counts multiple hits from the same person).

I don't think 1-10 fans could possibly manage that. Oh, and by the way, more than 10 people have sent letters talking about how much more they like Asperchu, so you're wrong.

Likewise, your front page has been accessed some 200,000 times over the last six months. Having 1,000,000+ fans cannot possibly generate this few hits.

You've probably got around 500 fans (You had around 3000, but Issue 10 knocked 2500 of them out of your circle and Asperchu was waiting to pull them in), and 3000 trolls. You're fairly irrelevant, actually.

I give no care to POLLS and such; I continue with my work, and answer my messages with tought. Give me a break.

The recent explosion of pornography in TV-Y7 cartoons is not Chris's fault

From: Leslie Triballo <>


When you said, "Children will likely be seeing [panty shots and genitals] in real life, so mellow out and let them learn a bit," that's not your decision to make. That's up to the parents, and you are not the parents of the kids reading this comic. You claim this is a "TV-Y7" comic, but in order for a program to earn a TV-Y7 rating, certain things are not allowed at all. Depictions of sex and sexual organs are not allowed at all, even if censored. Innuendo is also not allowed at all. When parents let their kids watch something rated TV-Y7, they do so expecting it will not contain those things.

Your censored comic is much more like a TV-PG or TV-14 program. You need to make this known, or else a parent could sue you for exposing their child to filth and being dishonest about the rating.


Don't blame me, blame the FCC; they are letting up on their ratings and mellowing out.

An invitation

From: Keith Keithson <>

"I Am Straight. I would never join the military. Let Obama Repeal the policy, then the homos can go die in explosions."

You just admitted that you want people to DIE because you don't like their sexuality.

Well, I think that settles it. You're a terrible person.

I am a lot nicer than that; you should hang out with me in person and get to know me better.

Chris pities someone


Dear Chris,

My name is Kayla and as an asexual I saw that in one of your previous mailbags that you are ticked off by the asexual community. It bewilders me and I'd like to ask why does it bother you? Please respond. Have a great day.

Asexuals are Missing Out on the great things of Love and Romance; I am not ticked off at them, I pity and feel sorry for them.

--ChrisChanSonichu 03:30, 2 February 2010 (CET)

He might as well have ignored it

From: Kali Smith <>

Your response based off of this: "Indeed, but it does not have the same Personality and Charm ONLY the Original Pages of Mine Have."

- - - - - -

Just because you drew it doesn't mean that it has "personality and charm."

That's like me saying, "just because I drew a stick figure it has more personality and charm than you painting of the Sistine Chapel."

I think his has more personality because it IS well planned and it practices composition and great visual verbal layout. His word bubbles are easier to follow and he practices paragraphs and topic structure. Plus he manages to improve upon your own story by providing a verbal structure that's easier to comprehend.

So I personally find his work has more depth and personality than yours currently does.

I would suggest taking drawing classes so your artwork can move beyond the grade-school stage and literary courses to improve your storytelling and plot construction.

Just some tips!

- - - - -

Please don't edit or ignore. :( I'm not trying to be mean, just honest.

Your point is well-taken.

Seriously, what the hell is an overacting comedian?

From: Evan George <>

I may be an "overacting comedian", but I'm a comedian with lawyers, kiddo.

Chris failed to provide any sort of answer for this letter. This letter foreshadows the closing of the CWCipedia.

Yes he is

From: Scott Bernard <>


So you say that you don't mind homosexuals and wouldn't mind associating with them, to wanting them to join the military to get killed in explosions. You are such a heartless bastard.

Just admit the fact you have always hated homosexuals, you've never meant anything positive you've said about them, you just said those things to make yourself look good.

But remember this, those "homos" that you hate with a passion, they are willing to die for their country, something you would never do. Those men are more man then you will ever be. You are nothing but a coward.

I am not a coward.

A reboot is scheduled

From: Heso Pringles (

Hey Chris, I think those people asking for a reboot of the Sonichu comic might be onto something, if only to cut down on the number of superfluous characters. There's nothing wrong with using one-off characters or villains (the Pokemon cartoon basically thrived on the Character of the Day formula), but it's another thing entirely when the characters in question show up to do absolutely nothing.

The example that sticks out in my mind are CWCville's Power Rangers. Not only did they get mentioned out of nowhere (they certainly would have been nice to have around back in Episode 13!), but they don't even appear in the episode at all! There is basically no point to characters like that; I bet you don't even know how they are supposed to look or act.

The reboot will happen in Book 11 with the Clip Show Episode; most questions will be answered and plots revealed.

Apologizing deeply

From: Cherry Greg (


You created Rosechu in the early 2000s, while the gender changes were added to Pokemon sprites in 2007. All you had to do to quell the questions of Rosechu's gender is say that back when you started the comic, ALL Raichus had pointed tails, and that you would have certainly made sure to give her a rounded tail if those changes existed back then.

Instead, not only did you yell at your fans, and not only did you not do any sort of research into the subject, but you went out of your way to lie to us by altering an image to give the Girl Raichu a rounded tail, when in the unaltered image (that we can all still easily see, by the way) still has the pointed tail.

Chris, we're your fans, and some of us have been with you since 2007. I used to think everyone else was insane for saying they are not being a fan of Sonichu anymore, but if you keep treating us like enemies, I might start considering it as well.

I apologize deeply, and you have made the point in more accurate words I was looking for. Thank you.


On 14 February 2010, after the death and rebirth of the CWCipedia, Chris edited Keith Keithson's message, totally rewriting the quotation Keithson refers to. As a result, the message no longer makes the least bit of sense, and Chris's hatemongering is naturally still visible in the page's edit history. It's also still visible in Mailbag 49, where Chris first made the comment that Keithson quoted. The edited message and response read as follows:

From: Keith Keithson <>

"I Am Straight. I would never join the military. Obama should Repeal the policy, although gay, they each have their own abilities, knowledge and experience technologically, combatic or anything great in the heat of the bloody battles. Power to the Gays in the Army."

You just admitted that you want people to DIE because you don't like their sexuality.

Well, I think that settles it. You're a terrible person.


I am a lot nicer than that; you should hang out with me in person and get to know me better.
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