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Mailbag 3 was the third collection of fan mail to be posted on CWCipedia.

Chris began answering them on 25 November 2009 and, surprisingly, managed to uphold his word to finish them on the 26th. His answers were all very short, implying that he's just too lazy to write complete responses to his adoring fanbase. Again, the vast majority of the answers are just Chris stroking his own unfathomably huge ego. Highlights include him telling a self-loathing homosexual to hypnotize himself into straightness, almost adequately explaining the fake boobs, and revealing some of pedofork tendencies when talking about reducing the legal age of consent. His famous hypocrisy makes an appearance when he claims that calling someone's fan art "retarded" was constructive criticism, and then proceeds to delete messages that offer him actual constructive criticism.


In which Chris advises a guy to hook his underage sister up with strangers

From: Mike Pandamus <>

Hi there, Chris-chan! ^^ My name is Michael Pandamus, I'm seventeen years old, and I am the biggest fan of Sonichu, I swear! GO SONICHU, GO OUT AND ZAP TO THE EXTREEEEEME! But that's not what I'm here to contact you about.

I have a twin sister, Shelley, who is a boyfriend-free girl, and she is sad as can be. Whenever I look at her, I can feel vibes of sadness from her lonesome heart, and it makes me feel sad as can be. I always comfort her and tell you "Shelley, someday your sweetheart will come for you, dare to keep all your love alive, it's leading you on to victory," but Shelley has fallen into despair by now. She longs for a boyfriend, and what am I to do? T^T

I need advice from you, Chris-chan. Please tell me what I should tell (or do for) my sister so that her heart level can be recovered and rise hopefully to 100%. Thank you!

Truely [sic] and Honestly Yours, Mike

I suggest introducing your sister to some boys close to her age (UNDER 18 if she is under 18 herself; otherwise, 18 and Up if she is Over 18). After introduction, make certain there is a comfortable vibe between her and him after introduction, then excuse yourself from their conversation. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:30, 26 November 2009 (CET)

House for sale

From: muslim girl <>

I found your page on a Virginia real estate ad site, so are you interested in selling? If so, please contact me back as soon as you can.

No, that was put together by a Troll; It is a FALSE AD.

Future of the franchise, Star Trek, and favorite foods

From: Crystle Lumpie <>

First off, how long do you see yourself working with Sonichu? Once it becomes more mainstream and more people become involved with it, will you give the franchise to other people? Or will this be a life-long thing?

Is there any chance of a graphic novel coming soon? Maybe you'll compound the current volumes into one graphic novel to make it easier for people to access them? I think that would be a good idea.

What is with the captains log I see on your site now? Is that a reference to Star Trek?

And lastly, what's your favorite food? I'm looking to change some of my diet and I'd like your advice, if you don't mind.


Crystle Lampitt

Most likely lifelong, with appropriate giving of franchise to my children. Maybe. Yes and No; it's more of a Blog. Mac and Cheese. Thank you. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:30, 26 November 2009 (CET)

In which Chris advises Hitler to keep his Promises

From: Tessandra Callahan <>

oh hai chris

its rilly rilly cool u r taking time out of ur busy day to answer questions for the fanbase. id like to thank u personaly for doing that!!! my favorate charcater is simonla rosechu. chris ur so creative for thinking her up an i want to see lots more of her.

i have so many questions for chris but ill keep it down to a few just so i wont waste ur time.

1. where did u get the idea to show ur high school ring to show that ur being honest?

2. whats with the pair of boobs that r in ur newest videos?

3. if u had the power to change the law, what do u think would be a fair age of consent in america?

4. my friends older brother dropped out of school at 16 and sat around for a few years and got rejected from art school becos they feel he was not good enough. hes a pretty good painter tho... hes been thinking of getting into politics. his ideas are kinda extreme but hes good at giving speeches and stuff. do you have any advice for him, as mayor of cwcville?

byee tessandra

pic related ;)

Thank you. WHO ELSE owns the same class ring with the same finger size, engravings and such? That is a pillow I bought from a Spencers. It's okay where it is, but yeah, if changable, Sweet 16; another good reason it would be a "Sweet" age. My advice is to be honest, make promises that HE Knows that he CAN and WOULD keep, and do his best in the campaign. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:30, 26 November 2009 (CET)

Marry me, Rosechu

From: Nick Manchester <>

Dear Christian,

My name is Nick and I've been an avid reader of Sonichu for years now. Today I think I have found the courage to admit something to you and the world. I have a crush on Rosechu!

Having said that, I would like you to know that it SHATTERED MY HEART to see that she was married. I know, I know, Rosechu is a comic book character but now I have trouble imagining my swooping in to save her! Is there a chance that Sonichu and Rosechu will get a divorce? Is divorce legal in Cwcville?

I was wondering if there are going to be any new bad guys in the comic too, and if you will be returning to stop them!

Your fan,


Wow, "coming out of left-field there." The will never get a divorce. New Bad Guys, yes; my returns, Less Often; I'll be more of a Cameo-Appearing type beyond book 10. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:42, 26 November 2009 (CET)

Chris is still allegedly straight

From: Namiko Izuta <>

Mr. Chandler,

I am a single woman, 25 years old, writing in to commend you on your comic, "Sonichu". I greatly enjoy it, and it has changed my life for the better. My favourite character is Simonla, because she reminds me of an anime I also enjoy. My dream is to see her get a bigger role in the comic, as an assertive "action girl" instead of the passive character she currently is. However, I understand if you do not want to write such a thing — after all, the star of Sonichu is Mr. Chandler.

I would also like to ask about a controversy in the Sonichu fandom. Some persons in the bad parts of the fandom have raised doubts about your sexuality. Now, please do not get angry — I know that you are straight, and I know that you are a good person. However, these people have said that you might be neither straight nor gay — that is, they say Mr. Chandler might have no sexual attraction to men, and not to women either. This is known as "asexuality" (please consult Wikipedia for further information on asexuality). I would like to have an official statement on what Mr. Chandler thinks about asexuality, to clear up this controversy. Again, I am not doubting that you are attracted to women.

Lastly: If you need help with your love quest, please send me a mail. I know what a woman wants. (I'm not available, though. I would like to stay single for the time being.)

Best regards, Namiko Izuta

P.S. I have noticed that you have stated Asperger syndrome to be "nothing like autism". There are actually many similarities. Perhaps you are thinking of Alzheimer's disease, an entirely different disorder that causes memory loss? I'm sorry, I know this subject is confusing. Please do not take it personally.

I am attracted to Women. I will keep that in mind, thank you. No comment to the "P.S." --ChrisChanSonichu 02:42, 26 November 2009 (CET)

In which Chris gives someone permission to make characters for him to steal

Awww, she's so cute when she's undead!
From: Abejita Cortez <>

Hi Chris. I was wondering, are there any GHOST or POISON Pokemon type Sonichus or Rosechus? It would be cool if you could include those types in the future. I made my own, Skeleta Rosechu. She is ghost/poison type and is very skinny and she is undead. I hope you like this pic of her!

~ Abejita

That is good; I give you permission to submit a similar Sonichu; I may use them in a later zombie-esque scenario. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:42, 26 November 2009 (CET)

Art questions

From: r a <>

Hey, CWC! I just got a few questions for you...

1. Do you use Photoshop? If so, do you use the recent CS4 version?

2. As a fellow artist, you probably know just how important it is to do drawings from life (especially figure drawing!). How much time a day do you spend sketching from life?

3. Do you have a sketchbook to draw in? If so, can we see it?

4. Do you have any ideas for other comics/stories?

5. Have you ever been on

Thank you!

Yes then No; I use a past version. I am not sure. Not really a Sketchbook, but I do have the book of my past drawings and the like. Yes. No. Thank you. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:42, 26 November 2009 (CET)

From Russia with love

From: Preved Medvedev <>

Hello, Christian!

My name is Preved Medvedev, I live in Moscow, Russia. I've been following the exciting adventures of Sonichu and his friends for quite a long time, from 2005 I think, and consider myself your true fan. Maybe your first Russian fan ever!

I'd be very glad if you found time to answer my questions:

1. I've been always fascinated with the characters you create. You depict their personalities so vividly, I can always relate to them. That's what defines a true artist's work, in my opinion! My question is about the villains in your comics. They are always so vile, so evil and repulsive, you can't help but hate and detest them. :)What I want to ask you is - how do come with the names for your villains? Especially Count Graduon, Merried Seinor Comic, Turdijerk - all these names sound so bizarre, and yet creative! Could you please tell the story about how you created each of those names? I'd like to read such an insight into your uniquely creative mind!

2. What do you think about Russia and Russians in general? Would you like to visit someday? Lol :)

I'd also like to add that I'm very, very glad that the new update schedule hasn't lowered the high quality of your art! Please keep up the good work!

Your true Russian fan, Preved.

P.S.: I also got my younger sister Ieva into your comics recently. She's 19, and has a fun and caring personality. Your comics helped her overcome her insecurities, and cope with all the stress she gets in college. Big thanks and hugs from her too! :)

The names just come to me, though some were related to the few people from real life they are similar to. In my opinion, it is okay, and if I can, I would like to visit Russia. Thank You. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:58, 26 November 2009 (CET)

In which Chris forgets why Barb objects to him immortalizing his failures in comics

From: Michael Mayer <>

Hey Chris, how are you? Just wanted to send you this message to say how great the comics are so far. It's great that your adding some new pages, we were waiting for so long! But the wait was worth it, and I see that the comics are as good as ever. Just wanted to ask, what happened to the sub-episodes? Those were the best part of the comic. Anyway, I'll write some more later, and send some fan art.

Your Fan,


PS I had a suggestion. You should make a comic that looks into the future of the characters, to see what life will be like for them maybe 20 years later.

I stopped drawing those because I made a promise to my mother that I would, but I forget why she was offended by them. I will take your suggestion into consideration, thank you. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:58, 26 November 2009 (CET)

Beating your kids shows you care

From: Christopher B. Matthews <>

Hello Mr. Chandler, I am a 20-years-young boy from Canada and I love Sonichu and Rosechu TO THE EXTREME LOL. When I grow up, I want to be a successful comic artist just like you! My mother says she will kick me out of our house if I don't find a job by the end of the year, but finding a job is too stressful, and I want to practice my drawing! She says I'm lazy and sometimes beats me. What should I do? Sincerely, Christopher B. Matthews

P.S.: Attached is a picture I drew on my computer. What do you think?

Your mother is caring about you, granted it is of forceful nature. Likely, she will not kick you out, but it wouldn't hurt to fill out job applications online. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:58, 26 November 2009 (CET)

Hypnotize away the gay

From: Richard Ferguson <>

Hello Chirstan Weston Chandler.

My name is Richard Paul Ferguson, and I have a serious problem. I am a homo. I have tried to STAY STRAIGHT, but all my attempts have failed. I am considering changing my name to Stacy Ann Ferguson and getting a sex change. I have been a fan of yours for years and don't know who else to ask, so what do you you think I should do, Chris?

Sincerely, Richard "Stacy" Ferguson

Although the gender change would be my "rather-to-do" over becoming a homo, but in your case, I would suggest looking at women more, fantasize yourself with their breasts and pussys; do this continuously. Hypnotize yourself; every time you have a homo thought, you will feel like you are being shocked by lightning and that it really hurts. And every time you fantasize women, breasts and pussy, you will feel calm, relaxed and good. But DO NOT hurt yourself physically for real; that would be really bad. In other words, you would be reprogramming your brain. --ChrisChanSonichu 02:58, 26 November 2009 (CET)

In which Chris lies about how he feels about homos

From: Jonathon Rogan <>

Hello Chris, first off I must say that I love your comics, if I did not I would not care enough to ask you this:

When I first saw your comics I showed them to some of the people on the online forums that I go to that love webcomics. Now, they all said that while the drawing and the comics themselves are wonderful that there is something wrong. They claimed (probably lies) that you hated homosexuals. I went to your website where you claimed that you had no problems about homosexuals and only disliked those prideful about it (I hate the gay pride parades as well). Soon however I saw a recent response from you about some fanmail where you talked about an upcoming comic SPOILER ALERT where you have to create a vaccine for homosexuality.

As an unprideful homosexual myself, I found this post by you as being incredibly hateful towards the homosexual community as a whole and entirely out of line from where you claimed you had no problem with homosexuals who kept it to themselves.

I am incredibly hurt by your comments and would like to see you try and justify them. I have also noticed you have been erasing messages from other homosexuals and if I don't see a response to this one, I will tell anyone else who would listen to me about it.

-Homer Thiessen

Personally, I feel detest to the homosexual lifestyle; I feel cool with being acquainted and only friends with them; I would feel VERY offended when someone even inklings a coerce of me in their direction. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:13, 26 November 2009 (CET)

More fanart

From: Mecca Shadily <>

this is some fanart i drew

i hope you like it!

It is good, thank you. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:13, 26 November 2009 (CET)

Chris the fast worker

{{Email|From: Leslie Triballo <> Hi sweetie ;)

I'm a fairly new fan of the comic but got caught up very quickly on your CWCipedia...thanks in advance for answering my question! I just want to say you're obviously very talented; I don't know what's up with all those dang trolls that bother you, but they need to grow up!

Anyway, I read in the Comics Journal that Tracy Yardley of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic can draw an issue in 2 weeks, but once drew an entire issue in 3 days! Said he just got in the sonic groove and finished in no time! What's the quickest you've ever finished a Sonichu comic book?

Thanks! ---{--@ Leslie}}

I think 2 weeks, but don't quote me on that. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:13, 26 November 2009 (CET)

En Español

From: Luz Paz <>

Me llamo Luciana "Luz" Paz, nosotras somos un grupo de fans que le gusta sus obras de arte que usted hacer señor Ricardo. Pero por mala suerte, nosotras no estudiamos ingles haciendo que tengamos que usar el traductor de google para poder entender ese complicado idioma, asi que le queríamos preguntar si usted podría hacer su comic con idioma Dual (Ingles/Español) para que todas sus fans habla hispanas podamos leer sin tener que hacer tanto trabajo por burbuja de texto, ya que vos sos totalmente una de los mejores estadounidenses que habla en nuestro idioma (Casi no se nota). Muchas gracias Señor Ricardo Weston Chandler

Con mucho cariño y gracias por escucharnos, Grupo MxS.

Mexico por Sonichu.

Muchas Gracias para tu suporta. Yo voy a pensar de escribir un translaction de las paginas cerca de estas paginas. Es un poquito deficil, pero eso es posible. Buenos Dias, vosotros. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:13, 26 November 2009 (CET)

The littlest troll

Sonichu needs braces.
From: Renee Trager <>

My wife and I really love reading your comic to our daughter Cristal! She's just crazy about Sonichu and his pals!

We think it does a great job of teaching her good values like respecting people despite their beliefs and to be accepting and kind to everyone. Our little girl's one less person out on the 'kick the autistic' field and I'm sure there will be others to stand on the sidelines with her thanks to your wonderful comic.

God bless you, Sonichu.

PS our Cristal drew a picture especially for you. (actually she drew two but we couldn't get the scanner to pick the other one up well so she made you one in paint. Next time though!)

Keep up the great work!

It is very nice, thank you. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:13, 26 November 2009 (CET)

Unlicensed merch

From: Ellīnikī́ Ellīnikī́ <>

Hi Christian! My name is Ellada Hellas and I am big fan of your sonichu comic. My family and I live in Greece, and sonichu is really big thing in here. My father makes living selling sonichu merchandise to tourists, and after I saw you got officially registered copyrights for sonichu I have tried to make him stop this illegal activity. But my father suffers from bad case of Alzheimer disease which makes him forget my words, and go back to sell illegal sonichu merchandise.

We are a poor family as we make only approx. 67 000 USD on yearly basis. So I want to know, Is there any way to prevent your lawyers from suing our family?

It is okay, as I have just stated in my latest blog, as long as he does not sell bootleg books or DVDs, he has my permission. Thank you for your concern, and stay safe. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:13, 26 November 2009 (CET)


Grant Wood is rolling in his grave.







Sonichu is not necessarily a symbol of America, but he, and all the Electric-Hedgehogs are Patriotic to the United States. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:16, 27 November 2009 (CET)

Bold new levels of hypocrisy

The image in question: Better than anything Chris has ever done.
From: Redmond Marbury <>

Hi Chris,

This is Red, the guy who you said drew a "retarded" picture of Sonichu. I've gotta say, man. I'm a little hurt and insulted. I put a lot of work into that picture, because I wanted to make my hero happy and proud of my efforts to please him. You've said yourself that constructive criticism is so much better than hurtful words, and yet here you are saying that me and my drawing are "retarded".

You cannot possibly understand the kind of pain and heartbreak and hurt I am feeling at being called "retarded". Do you treat all your fans like this? I can't believe that you would treat a True and Honest fan so hurtfully. What's more, I used your picture of yourself on page S-13 of Issue 4 as a reference for it. He's talking and making a "point" with his finger. Not retarded.

I'm sorry, I'm just so upset. I wanted to draw you a fan picture 'cause you've given me so much entertainment and happiness, so I wanted to try and do some small amount of the same for you. Then to get it thrown back in my face by a person that I see as such an hero to me, and called "retarded" by him...

It just hurts so much.

Your fan,


I am sorry for hurting you, but like myself, criticism is offered to better ourselves, so I take it like a man and not cry over the criticisms, no matter how malicious they may be. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:16, 27 November 2009 (CET)

More awful advice

From: Nergo Ted <>

Hello Chris, I love your sonichu comics I read them all the time I even went as Sonichu for Halloween this year. Any how I'm in 6th grade and all the boys in my class call me gay just because I don't have a girlfriend! But I am STRAIGHT! Seeing how you are my hero, Cristian Weston Chandler and the strightest guy I know how can I convince them that I am NOT a homo?

Observe some of the other boys in your class on how macho or tough they act; copy and act like that, but DO NOT be totally inconsiderate of others. Also, get some advice on how to better appear straight. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:16, 27 November 2009 (CET)

Jewish stereotypes

Still nowhere near the level of racism Chris is capable of.

Dear Christian Weston Chandler,

Shalom! Let me first congratulate you on working on Sonichu for almost ten years now. Many schmucks would have given up by now but you've kept with it, so congratulations, and Mazel Tof!

However, I do have a complaint. When I am reading the Sonichu comics, I find myself wondering, "Where's the diversity?" All of the characters, personality-wise, seem the same, and a lot of the characters seem to be just Sonic only colored differently (for example, Sonichu is a yellow Sonic, Rosechu is a pink girl Sonic, Bionic is an orange Sonic, Wild is a green Sonic, and so forth). Additionally, being a Jewish man myself, I find I have problems relating with this comic because there are no Jewish characters.

But instead of just kvetshing, I said to myself "Harold, I know you can make yourself a Jewish Sonichu character for the Christian Weston Chandler Sonichu comic book pages" and so I did it. I hope you appreciate this little piece of fanart I put together using MS Paint (I myself am not the artist you are) and you are free to use the fan character I have made to diversify and jew up your Sonichu books.


Harold Goldstein

Thank you, Harold, for your suggestion of a jewish character to expand a bit in the characters, I will take that into consideration for a future story. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:42, 27 November 2009 (CET)

Parent problems

From: Ing. Rogelio Martinez y de la Corra <>

Hi Chris,

Hope you're doing well! Just wanted to tell you that I'm a devoted fan of your wonderful creations. I have fallen on hard times recently, and I have to say that seeing how you have risen above adversity, always giving 100% effort to your fans is very inspiring.

I'm estranged from my parents due to a situation that has brought a lot of stress into my life. From your comics, I have the sense that you have a very strong bond with your parents, in particular with your mother - can you share some of the things that you do that strengthen your family relationships?

Also, since I will spend Thanksgiving alone, I've been about a Sonichu Thanksgiving special? What's a typical Thanksgiving like for you?

Thank you for your time, and looking forward to the upcoming installments! I can't wait to read how your straight blood cures the homo gene! I'm sure that's going to be an epic story for the times!

Your fan,


Thank you for your patronage. I make time for my mother and father and hang out with them for a while in their outtings a few days out of the week, plus I encourage family moments and sharings, like Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas gathering and such. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:42, 27 November 2009 (CET)

Chris admires traits he doesn't have


Ohayou, Christian-Kun! My name is Mitsuki. I am a 19 year old (and single ;) ) girl, I come from Japan, but I am living in Virginia as a foreign exchange student. I enjoy drawing and reading manga. You, are my favorite Gaijin mangaka, Christian-Kun, and I find you super kawaii handsome!! Your art is without doubt as great as the most respected Japanese artists such as Yoshimoto Nata, Gechu and Mariko Mori. My favorite Sonichu character is Punchy! He is so funny. I have a few questions, if I may.

1: Do you enjoy the Japanese culture?
2: Can you include more anime in your comics?
3: What type of music do you like?
4: How do you handle the stress of slanderous trolls? I think it is truly honorable how you deal with them.

Domo Arigatou, Chris Chan! <3

Domo Arigatou, Mitsuki. I appreciate the portions japan culture that promote cleaniness in the home, showing gratitude, and those good and kind gestures. I have watched a good amount of anime, and I will watch for more instances to include anime references; "Excel Saga" is one that inspired a portion of the comics with parodies and the "Intrusive Director". I enjoy all kinds of music, as long as it's not ear-busting loud. I take a deep breath, and I take it one moment at a time. Have a safe and good day, Mitsuki. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:42, 27 November 2009 (CET)

Leadership role models

From: Manuel Noriega <>

Dear Mr. Chandler,

I am wondering what it takes to be a good leader. Why would you say you are a great leader of the CWCville? I would like to learn from your example.

What do you think of the drugs and whether people should use them? Why do you oppose those horrible drugs?

Finally I would like to ask, are your parents ever going to be in your Sonichu comics? I have heard that you live with your parents and they must be in your life, so they must live in the CWCville. Do you enjoy the company of your parents, and which of your parents do you enjoy the most?

With much love from my home country of Panama,

Manuel Noriega

I feel like I am a good leader, because I take examples of noble leadership qualities from such memorable leaders, like Optimus Prime, the U.S. Presidents and others. I detest smoking fully; I am okay with alcohol, yet I discourage other people from taking it; unless the other drugs, be they pill, liquid or dust-like, are Perscribed To You by a Medical Doctor, I would heavily advise AGAINST those. Maybe, maybe not; I enjoy my parents' company; my mother. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:42, 27 November 2009 (CET)

Sexy posters

From: Adam <>

Chris, I've been a fan for quite some time, and I am glad you're taking the time to talk to your fans AND do a page a day. You are clearly a very talented individual for being able to do this. Knowing how true, honest, and straight you are, I was hoping you could help me. In the past you mentioned using a Sailor Moon poster to remain straight, and I've recently been having some 'confusing' thoughts pop into my head. Do you think I should purchase a Sailor Moon poster to help me stay on the straight path?

Keep up the excellent work, I love how Sonichu(c) showed that brown striped impostor his place!

Your fan, Adam

That is okay, or ANY poster(s) with a WOMAN on it, especially those in bikinis and/or looking very hot and sexy. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:50, 27 November 2009 (CET)

The trail of tears

From: Kierrien Aland <>

HI CHRIS!!!!!! I was wondering but because you are one of the last surviving of the respected Cherokian clan, do you feel it is right that Americans enjoy Turkey every Thanksgiving to celebrate the suffering of your people?

By George Custer.

I do not see Thanksgiving as such, so it is okay. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:50, 27 November 2009 (CET)

In which Chris dispenses awesome advice

Copying something that Chris has copied should open a black hole on the Earth's surface any day now.

Hi Christian! So great that you answer to questions from your fans!

I was just wondering, will Sonees and Rosees ever grow up? Will they have their own heartsweets?

Also, since you are such a ladies man, could you help me? I'm a single man and I'm wondering how to get a girlfriend. Can you tell me how could I attract girls? Should I wear axe? Is it okay to touch them right after I meet them?

I'm having a gay problem too. My friend is gay, and I wonder how can I cure him? I try to tell him to stay in straight path, but he never listens.

But anyway, I also drew a fanart for you! Tell me what you think about it :) - Iaam

The Sonees and Rosees will grow up and fall in love with their own respective heartsweets. Talk to the women, be polite and honest, deoderant is good, ASK HER TO GO OUT ON A DATE WITH YOU. Wait until they give you their subtle or obvious signs it's okay to touch them. Try an intervention on the guy, and if he is still being stubborn, then let him go. The fanart is good, thank you. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:50, 27 November 2009 (CET)

Rejected Mailbag

Great minds think alike

Static The Pikachu. Honestly, I don't see the resemblance.

Dear Chris-chan,

I just discovered Sonichu a few days ago, and I've got to say, I'm a little disappointed to see you've completely ripped off Static the Pikachu (found at ; Sonichu is a poor man's Static, too. The comic, quite frankly, looks like it's drawn by a retard using Crayola markers, and the writing is no better. Sonichu, unlike Static, has no personality. He's just the same as all the other characters, and has a personality as deep as kiddie pool.

And now I read you've gone and lied to the government, claiming you've invented Sonichu? What a load. It's bigshots like you who steal from the little guy and screw him over by defrauding the government, abusing the laws for their own gain (like people who collect welfare when they could just go get a job and serve a function to the society outside being a leech) who really get to me.

I suppose you can just ignore this letter, delete this comments, but ignoring it and ignoring me won't make me or my ideas just disappear. We'll reveal you for the fake you are, "Christian" (that's not even your God given name! Your real name was Christopher until you stole Christian from the Conductor Bear!).

You're a phony! Your a big fat phony!


Mark, from Missouri

More Asperger's syndrome

From: almighty truth <>

Dear Christian Weston Chandler,

My name is Zechariah Edwardo Nillson, I am a HUGE fan of sonichu. I am also a sufferer of Aspergers, I like you comics because I find your struggles in life similar to mine and can relate to them.

So I was wondering why does it "grind your gears" to have high functioning autism and aspergers compared? They are infat very similar, if you go to the following site, they directly cmpare the two and state that they are very similar.

To qoute the page:

"High-functioning autism is at one end of the ASD spectrum. Signs and symptoms are less severe than with other forms of autism. In fact, a person with high-functioning autism usually has average or above average intelligence. The differences from other forms of autism have led many psychiatrists to consider high-functioning autism as similar to or the same as Asperger's syndrome.

Whether it's labeled high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome, coping with this condition presents daily challenges -- for those who have it and for their family and friends."

Im very glad that you are making comics so regularly and I hope that youl please rethink your stance on Aspergers syndrome.


Censoring accusations of censorship

From: Thorgnzorrg Jenkins <>

Yes Christian, you are ignoring the questions and comments in your "Rejected Mailbag". By not responding to them, you're ignoring them. It doesn't matter whether or not you would "care to respond to them". For someone who loves to dish out homophobia, racism, and religious bigotry you seem to have a hard time taking the heat when somone questions it. Do you know what that makes you? A coward. You're nothing but a naive, arrogant, selfish coward, and you wonder why you have such bad luck with women? Cowardice isn't a respectable trait, women don't find it attractive. People like you make me sick. I can't believe I spent so much time reading your comics when they were nothing more than venues to express your hatred and bigotry. Good day, coward.

Chris still sucks

From: Mark Reynolds <>

Is there any way you would let anyone help you not to be a pathetic loser? I want to help you out. If you ever finally decide to actually live life and not be stuck as you are let me know.

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