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Correspondence between Jackie and Chris from July 24 to July 28, 2010.


Unbanned from Flipnote Hatena, Chris thinks he dances well

July 24, 2010 - 8:56pm

You are soo right, and I thank you too for understanding. :) I will create a video and upload it onto a YouTube account of "J.J."'s name within the next few days to get my foot in the door. I have total access to the e-mail account I used to create J.J.'s Cwcki account; I haven't figured which one it was yet; I have quite a few. Fortunately, I have them hand-written down, including passwords, on paper in my folder. I promise you, Jacklyn, that I will get within their inner circle.

But of course, we can find a number of other things to talk about. Like tell me about your trip so far; the places you been and seen within each state and whatnot.

**Confidentially** I've had my DSi linked with a new FlipNote Hatena account for a while; I was only banned from posting on my original account for a week (it was not permanent). I've just unlinked it from the new and went back to the old, erased all the original still-on/removed FlipNotes, and reuploaded the proper Original FlipNotes. I've left off the personal ones, such as the shout-outs, and the "Edit Me" one. The swimmers are clothed.

Another thought, you said you thought the way I danced that past Friday was cute. :) I was a bit drunk from a Bud, and the music was that good that day. Even sober, I can still dance as good. I'd like to dance with you eventually (and slowly). ;)

I gtg, but I want to hear about your trip in your reply.

Stay Safe and Sweet.
XOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Jackie gives advice, talks about road trip

July 24, 2010 - 10:04pm

Yay! I'm soo happy! Get in good with them, get niiice and comfortable, make them lower their guard. Then we'll figure out our next step! I'm so excited! :D :D :D But I don't think a youtube will be a good idea, I'm sure your disguise will be good but you should take precautions anyway and not let it be publicly viewed. But did you see the message canine left on your jenkinsjinkies talk page? He said that you should put the video on mediafire or megaupload or whatever and send the link to his email, it's <>. (I'd like to see it too, though :)

But you're right, I've been on a trip all this time and we've barely been talking about it! I actually just got into upstate New York early this morning, I'm visiting my friend Heidi, I'm soo tired here. Heidi was my friend in grade school but went to a different high school and we lost touch, but then last year we discovered we had a class together! We've become so close since then, if I ever get married she's going to be my maid of honor. We spent most of today just lounging around talking because I'm so tired from driving, but tomorrow we're going around town and out to dinner and stuff. Toronto was fun but went by too fast. I'm spending the next few days here in New York, then we're going to visit another friend in Rhode Island, then coming back and heading down through Connecticut to visit ANOTHER friend. Long road trip... but rewarding.

Heidi has a DSi, she doesn't use flipnote but maybe I'll try it out while I'm with her. What's your new flipnote ID? I'd like to see your stuff. And you were tipsy during that dance? Aww, you're an adorable drunk, then :) I can't wait to see your moves sober, though, too.

Well, me and Heidi are going to go to bed, I'm exhausted. Talk to you tomorrow!



Chris complains about high school reunion, or lack thereof

July 25, 2010 - 11:00am

I have a small plan in my head on the troll issue for right now, but we'll wait and see how it fans out before going according fully to it.

That is very cool of you to find an old school friend. I've been waiting Ten Years, expectantly since my Senior Prom, for my High School's Class of 2000 Reunion. Yet here it is, Mid-2010, and I HEAR NOTHING of the Reunion. It makes me sad, because I haven't seen my gal friends since graduation, all the waiting and expecting for nothing, and worse off, I won't be able to return the favor of offering a dance to Tiffany Gowen. She Asked ME to dance with her at the Senior Prom; it was awesome of her to do that for me.

Anyway. The FlipNote Hatena ID is still "Sonichu", but the DSi Profile name DISPLAYED name is now "ChristianC". Same as before, more or less.

I'm feeling a bit sleepy at the moment. I'm gonna take a nap. Tell me more of your fun stories, please. :)

Stay Safe and Sweet.
XOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Jackie suggests a disguise, warns Chris about PS3 plans

July 25, 2010 - 12:50pm

Hey Chris. What's your plan? You've got me really curious about it. Tell me all about it! And do you have a disguise for the video yet? Maybe you could wear like a white sheet on your head like a ghost or something, simple but effective. Just one idea, I'm sure you have some too. And make sure to disguise your voice, just make it a low grumble, that'll do. Those trolls are stupid, they'll never catch on. After all, they were stupid enough to talk about their plans with me in that chatroom when they hadn't even confirmed who I am.

But nevertheless, I'm still a little worried, and I'll feel better once you've gotten in with them. If you get the evidence on them, you can get them sent to jail for this credit fraud stuff... but you have to act quick, because even though it's illegal, if they go forth with it the damage will be done and your Playstation 3 will be gone. Even when thieves and con-artists are caught, there's always a very low chance of the police finding the stuff they stole. Prevention is a lot better than cure here, Chris.

I don't think my school has 5-year reunions so I'll have to wait a while for my 10-year reunion. You should call up this Tiffany, sounds like she was a good friend in high school, she probably knows something about the reunion. Or maybe go to the high school itself, they can surely tell you something.

I'll write a little more later today. Let me know what's up when you wake up!



Chris's brilliant ideas

July 26, 2010 - 7:55pm

Well, the plan is simple really. Firstly, I've already informed my church's Reverand, Elizabeth and Rocky of the incriminating information on the JenkinsJinkies Talk page of the plot for Credit Fraud. They will be informing our local detective at the P.D. shortly by forwarding him that information.

I have recorded the video earlier today, using a dark shirt covering my whole head (no glasses). I've performed my own voice-check with my DSi's Voice-Recording Program; I've found the best method to completely change my voice is to go deep, and also pucker my lips while I spoke. It really worked.

Shortly, I will be creating a new e-mail address, followed by a Mega Upload account, for J.J., then I will inform the dude of the Cwcki of the video from J.J.'s e-mail address. Then it's pray time for getting IN from there. I shot in a different location, a decorated restroom at my local Goodwill.

Also, I don't have Tiffany's phone number, and I have searched online and could not find much current info on her (aside from what the Trolls are saying against her on the Cwcki).

What else has been good for you all in New York, New York?

"It's a wonderful town; the bronx is up and the battery's down; the people ride in a hole in the ground. New York, New York." That was a fun song from "On the Town" starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

I'll check in again later.

Stay Safe and Sweet.
XOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Trolls not actually breaking any laws

July 26, 2010 - 8:10pm


July 26, 2010 - 8:42pm

Ooh, I like the video! Simple but effective. Good job getting that done today. But remember Chris, the purpose of getting in with the troll circle is to actually FIND evidence. You don't have evidence yet - the police won't be able to do anything with what's on the JenkinsJinkies talk page because no one has admitted to any wrongdoing there. In fact, nothing illegal is even at all suggested there, all the trolls say is that they "could go to jail" if they're found out, but that alone doesn't actually MEAN anything. So the cops will just turn that away. If you want to have something the cops can use, you need to get in and FIND something.

This is why I've been pushing you to do this Chris, because as things are now the cops won't have anything to go on. The cops aren't magic, they can't just arrest anyone simply because the person says something that sounds bad if it's not actually incriminating, which nothing you have so far is. So get in there and start schmoozing Chris, find out more of their information.

As for other stuff, you should try researching the class reunion itself maybe, Tiffany might not know anything either for all you know. And I'm not actually going into New York City, just staying upstate, close to Utica, actually.


Correspondence between 'troll' and Jenkins

July 27, 2010 - 8:04pm
Forwarded Message ----

From: Amanda Hugnkiss
To: <>
Sent: Mon, July 26, 2010 9:47:51 PM
Subject: Re: Megaupload file delivery: JenkinsJinkiesCwckiApplication.MOV (20.25 MB)

Ok, well, thank you for your application. We get a lot of applications every day but Clyde says that yours is important so it's probably going first to the committee.

So you should hear our final decision tomorrow or so, before 10 AM EST or so.

July 27, 2010 - 8:05pm
Forwarded Message ----

From: Amanda Hugnkiss
To: <>
Sent: Tue, July 27, 2010 9:44:59 AM
Subject: Re: Megaupload file delivery: JenkinsJinkiesCwckiApplication.MOV (20.25 MB)

Ok, well, the application committee has decided to tentatively approve you. They still have some questions but they say they can permit you into our forums.


Your username is jenkinsjinkies and your password is <>

Feel free to change these.

Go and post and get involved in the community. You have to cozy up to these people and let them know who you are. If you piss them off they might get the committee to reject you. Introduce yourself, you know. Clyde wants you to do well.

Anyway, I'm about to crash into slumber from drinking all night, you know how it is.

Jenkins's background and GameFAQs

July 27, 2010 - 8:20pm

I understand what you're saying. I will get into the groove beforehand, so I can do good; a whole self-mindtweaking if you will. Giddy-up! I'm in. I've just forwarded you the two response e-mails from J.J.'s Yahoo account, so they ARE from me. I'll log in tomorrow to get started, after I've gotten into the groove.

You know Jackie, but on the way to film the video, I thought of more to J.J.'s background. Such as his "Real Name" being Junior Jenkins. And that he had a gay experience at summer camp at 7; he was not thrilled with it afterwards. Years later, he has two dude friends who are gay, but he keeps them at bay with his straightness. Although, curious at 14, he asks one of them to do him one night, so that happened. And at the end, he was Terribly NOT Thrilled at all; to go into extensive details, he Came and Threw Up Simultaneously. Definitely Straight. I even felt like I was going to throw up myself from imagining the whole thing. I also came up with his birthday being on July 16, as well as a few other stories from when he hitch-hiked from Boston to Ruckersville, VA. I have him crashin' at a house across from mine, where he has relatives who are the "Black Sheep" of the family.

To change the subject a bit, and to throw good news that I feel good about, I've alerted everyone on GameFAQs.com of my Sonichu and Rosechu Merchandise in ModNation Racers, but I've also Contributed Uploaded In-Game Photos of my good stuff; they are ALL there in their own Category. I invite you to check them out and download at your leisure.


I'll check in with you later, Jackie.

Y'all Stay Safe and Sweet.

Do you know someone who was gay at summer camp? Also 'fantasies'

July 27, 2010 - 8:43pm

Hey Chris! I got your messages from your yahoo account. I can't wait to see what you post on there! It seems like those trolls are pretty excited to get "Jinkies" onto their forum so you shouldn't have trouble introducing yourself. Keep me informed of what they say and we can talk about what direction to go.

That's a pretty detailed story that you came up with. It's funny you say Junior's birthday is July 16, that's my dad's birthday! Where did you get the inspiration for that whole story? Do you know someone that something like that happened to?

Hey, since we're on the subject of sex... I'm kind of curious, but do you have any sexual fantasies? Like, specific fantasies? I know we should take things slow, but I think a person's sexual fantasies are an intimate way of getting to know who a person really is.

Like, my fantasy is this... I'm very curious about anal sex. I've never done it but I wonder a lot what it would be like. I've only told a few of my close girlfriends about that, Do you have anything like that? :)

Anyway, I took a look at your modnation racer stuff, I can't download because I don't have the game but I like the stuff you made. Your Sonichu car is very cute :)

Write more later,



Chris is okay with Jackie assfucking him

July 28, 2010 - 3:49am

I've just finished watching "Pink Flamingos" twice (with Director, John Waters', Commentary during second watch). All things considered, it is a comical flick, and I was able to enjoy it (even though I averted my gaze in the dick shots and that part with the dude at Babs' party while they played "Surfing Bird" in the background. Obviously John is gay, but I did not hold it against him in listening to his opinions. I felt sorry for the chicken that was killed, but then I learned it was a chicken that was going to be killed anyway. I also saw something else in that movie, the heavy topic of being Trolled like Babs was, yet justice WAS done to the Trolls (The Marbles) in the end.

I'll log in later to talk with the trolls. We'll see what info I can dig up. You have the password info as well, so you're welcome to pretend too, just keep it between 7 PM and 6 AM, please.

Mostly, I made up the stories behind Junior, including this one. Although I did get the ray of inspiration from remembering Peter's Parrot in that one episode of "Family Guy" that repeats "I had a gay experience at camp".

I've had the question of sexual fantasies posed to me before, and there are a few. One is having sex in a swimming pool (to emulate a dream I had of being lost in a water-filled labyrinth where I was intercepted by a woman and we made out and had sex). I am game for anal sex, as long as you're my partner, and you wore a strap-on or used a butt-plug in me (as long as it is not penis-shaped). I also would like oral sex, swing set, pole dancing (me, you or both at once), three-way (with two women), role-play, and others I can't remember right now. Feel free to suggest other sex-play topics, and I'll let you know if it's cool with me or not.

It's no problem; we're not having sex yet, so we can talk about it freely; you and I are close (metaphorically until we meet in person when we'll be a LOT closer). ;) You turn me on with your kindness and understanding, and your pretty self adds well to it. I want to kiss you, Jackie.

For now, it's a compliment, but don't hold back when after we hang out for a while and you want to kiss me too.

I'll TTYL.
Stay Sweet and Safe,

July 28, 2010 - 3:55am

I forgot something

XOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


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