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GameFAQs is a popular website featuring strategy guides for nearly every game that has ever existed. It also houses a thriving message board community. The userbase is basically a Y7 to PG-13 version of /v/, depending on which board you visit.

Chris has likely been aware of the website for a while, but he never signed up for an account or posted on the forums until November 2009. His posts are nothing unusual — he complains about Street Fighter IV and ModNation Racers and tries once more to plug Sonichu to the masses.

Chris's GameFAQs profile

Chris threads

LBP Crosstalk

ChrisCSonichu Posted 11/19/2009 4:35:06 PM

Has anyone figured out the Crosstalk between the two LBP games; How is it done?


ChrisCSonichu Posted 4/28/2010 9:25:30 AM

I just did this yesterday; got over $10 trade-in credit at GameStop on this. I was expecting the Save Data to carry over onto SSFIV from SFIV; I was WRONG. It ONLY unlocked 11 and 12 colors, true, but it created a SEPERATE [sic] Trophy Category and SEPERATE [sic] Save Game Data.

KEEP YOUR Street Fighter IV Game!

PSN: Sonichu

Spoiler Alert; Mystery Mods Linked

ChrisCSonichu Posted 4/28/2010 9:15:55 AM

I have just looked at the PSBlog,, on the Mystery Mod Karts revealed with Images. Then I went to; on the Pre-Order Tab, they had between Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop their characters of Ratchet/Clank, Nathan Drake and Kratos, EACH Character + Different Mystery Mod Images. Linking the Shaded Images with the revealed Mods on the Blog, I've solved This Mystery. It is certainly NOT a "Luck of the Draw".

On Amazon, It will be Ratchet & Clank + Woody. On Best Buy, It will be Nathan Drake + Lil Tinker. On GameStop, It will be Kratos + Mouse Trap.

That Leaves the FOURTH Mod, the Cowboy. Further investigating the Blog Page, they mentioned GameCrazy, so I went over there, and on the ModNation Racer description page,, they talk about THIER Exclusive Character and Kart, a "Nukular Set with Mauler Kart and Accessories". And with the process of Elimination...

On GameCrazy, It will be Nukular + Cowboy.

Now, my next question, since there was NO talk on the Blog or an Image for it, WHO or WHAT is "Nukular"/"Mauler"? Image Links or Info on this Character/Game would be appreciated.

Sincerely, Christian Weston Chandler,

Quicksilver9448 Posted 4/28/2010 9:18:44 AM

those pictures are just for show...the mystery mods will be completely random no matter where you pre-order from, the developers said so themselves.


Game on...

PSN: BlueRangerSuo

ChrisCSonichu Posted 4/28/2010 9:21:05 AM

PSN: Sonichu

**Check out MY Self-Character, Sonichu Kart, and Cwcville Track I created in the ModNation Beta on my Cwcipedia; ALL have been uploaded onto the ModNation Server.

PHOENIXZERO Posted 4/28/2010 9:33:40 AM

I take it you didn't actually read the comments? It's not an indication of what extra mod is going where, it was just an example.

Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy Pre-orders get their exclusive (Ratchet & Clank, Nathan Drake or Kratos) + Sackboy (will also be available for a limited time while supplies last for post release purchases) + One Random "mystery mod".


Not changing this sig until I get the chance to either personally ***** out Yuke's or punch Cory Ledesma in the face. ~11/13/2007

ChrisCSonichu Posted 4/28/2010 9:49:04 AM

Oh, yeah? Well, LOOK at the Card included with the Pre-Order Box at ANY Best Buy; YOU WILL SEE Lil Tinker's Shadow Image with Nathan Drake on THAT CARD as well. When you redeem your Codes from each respective character, don't be surprised when you find the EXACT Matching Mystery Mod as I Have Noted.

ChrisCSonichu Posted 4/28/2010 9:52:20 AM

And I will ask this question One More Time...

WHO or WHAT is "Nukular"/"Mauler"?

The FIRST character you'll create upon getting this game.

ChrisCSonichu Posted 4/28/2010 9:51:11 AM

Already Made MY Character/Kart/Track in the BETA

Character: Myself, Christian Weston Chandler (A.K.A. Chris Chan) Kart: Sonichu Kart Track: Cwcville, Virginia

They are ALL Uploaded onto the Server, and can be checked out on my website, the Cwcipedia,

PSN: Sonichu

How do I get the Doppel Fluch Trophy?

I am having a bit of trouble getting this Trophy. "Cause German Passenger to be saddled with two curses at the same time." I know how to get that dude inflicted with the Woman repellant Curse on the Train. The only other curse I can see probably possible is getting him turned into a cow, yet the only other thing I can get him to be is a Vampire.Can anyone shed some light on this topic, please? And be as specific as possible on how (if it can be done) to get him turned into a cow.The real Christian W. ChandlerPSN: Sonichu.

Not content with waiting for an answer, he decided to ask the question twice.

Extra Kratos/Gopher Codes

ChrisCSonichu Posted 7/17/2010 3:30:36 PM

I have two of them, and I am looking for the Cowboy and the Mouse Mystery Mods; I wish to trade. Please respond by sending me an e-mail to with your MNR Preorder Code (from GameStop, BestBuy or The code will be immediately verified for Validity and Mystery Mod Content; If satisfactory, I will reply immediately after with one of my two codes.

Thank You.

Also, please download my Cwcville 2.0 Track to help me get my Splines Trophy. Thank You again.

This thread was deleted by forum moderators.

Mouse Trap and Cowboy Mystery Mods Still Required

ChrisCSonichu Posted: 7/18/2010 1:59:00 PM

The PreOrder MNR PSN Codes are still good for TODAY ONLY; I have 2 Kratos/Gopher Codes to Trade. Send me your offer DIRECTLY through the PSN, Online ID: Sonichu. Or send me your offer through e-mail at

Thank You.

This thread was also deleted by the moderators.

Sonichu Images Uploaded

ChrisCSonichu Posted 7/27/2010 6:25:30 PM

Go check out the Preview Images under the MNR (PS3)'s "Images" Tab; they have their own category on the Front Page.

PSN: Sonichu

Come on in, download and play the Official Mods, Karts and Cwcville Tracks straight from their original Creator, Christian Weston Chandler (me).

Peace, Christian W. Chandler. July 27, 2010

Notably, almost all of the Modnation Racers reader screenshots feature Chris's creations.

PS3 and PSP Combination Content?

I understand that having BOTH the PS3 and PSP versions of ModNation Racers unlocks Content on the PSP version. How do I link the two versions to unlock the content?

When does it come out???????????????????

Question from steventaylor99 So When

From: batterybarn 4 months ago - Report Abuse

just came out today on PSN

From: ChrisCSonichu 4 months ago - Report Abuse

It is out NOW! Go download it.

The Beat Sketcher GOLD Trophy?

Obviously it should be a no-brainer, "Move the Cursor 10,000 Meters" around and around on the game screen, right? Well I have been waving my Move Controller back and forth over and over repeatedly, and I swear I must have gone beyond 10,000.


Are we supposed to draw as we move? Is it the Cursor Movement on a Pause Screen or Title Menu? Is there a way of tracking the progress of cursor movement in the game?

Someone, please tell me how you have earned your Golden Beat Sketcher Trophy?

PSN: Sonichu

Once again Chris decided to post this message twice, with neither getting any responses.

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