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ReBrick was an online social platform where people shared their Lego creations, operated from 2012 to September 2018 where it was merged into Lego Ideas. It's not surprising that Chris couldn't ignore a purpose-built place to show off his plastic crap. However, since he apparently couldn't maintain his attention span long enough to add all the galleries he intended, his page was a cluttered jumble of broken links.

As a first step, Chris created a Flickr account in June 2014 as "Super Sonichu," since the idea of ReBrick is to just add links to images on other sites. He uploaded 236 photos of his Lego creations which he had taken over the past three years. On 24 June, he made his ReBrick account, and added his Lego Manchester High School video and over 140 images. However, Chris never figured out how to organize the images into galleries, and before long he lost interest. As of February 2015, he didn't do anything with neither his Flickr or ReBrick accounts since June 2014.

Because Chris never completed his plans and ReBrick closed its doors, what's presented here is an approximation of his vision, based on a synthesis of what he managed to upload to ReBrick, and the photos on his Flickr account, which he had organized into albums. In some cases, only a sampling is displayed, since he filled some of his albums with dozens of incredibly boring photos. All the photos were uploaded to Flickr between 18 and 23 June 2014.

Chris's Profile

About me: SONICHU1982

I am an all-around, good natured, high-functioning autistic, heterosexual tomgirl artist.

I am the Original Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu, and the city of Cwcville, VA.

I do enjoy building with Lego bricks and pieces to where I can better it with my imagination. I built a stud-to-stud replica of Heartlake High School, as seen in the 3rd episode of the Lego Friends show, and I am still improving on that.

In the links section of his profile, Chris linked to his video, the Brassieres For Males Facebook page, and his Facebook profile.


My Lego House

Chris finished this house in July 2012 and proudly announced it on Facebook. He took the photos on 25 July. There are a total of 25 photos in the album.

Lego (Friends Manchester High School; October 18, 2013 Dedicated to MHS and my Class of 2000.

The 46 photos in this album are stills from his video. He produced the images on 18 June 2014.

My Friends

Chris took most of these photos on 4 August 2013, when his obsession with organizing his 15th annual high school reunion was revving up. Three months later, he would realize that most of these friends were "hired help." Nevertheless, he added these photos of their minifigs to Flickr in June 2014.

Meled [sic] Portions from January 2014 Housefire

The first two photos were taken and uploaded just one day after the fire, indicating what Chris's priorities were following the disaster. The rest were taken on 27 February. There are 30 photos total in the gallery.

My family and I had a housefire January 10, 2014; my Original School building suffered in the flames. Fortunately MOST of the pieces and structure along its west, north and north eastern walls, as well as INSIDE the first two stories were quite salvagable and reusable. So, just for show, here are chunks of the original building that did not survive. The School was fully rebuilt in February, 2014.

Billboard Person from Melting Chaos

These three photos were taken on 5 March 2014.

After my house fire on January 10, 2014, I recycled some of the Lego pieces that melted and created this art piece of Chaos from melting flame. I call it, "Billboard Person from Melting Chaos". By Christian Weston Chandler, February, 2014.

Rebuilt Manchester Lego High School

Between 3 and 25 March 2014, Chris took photos of his rebuilt high school, even though elsewhere on Flickr he claims that it was finished in February. He took many more photos in June, of "additions" to his original plan. This project was clearly his top priority after settling into his rental house. Photos indicate that he constructed it with a combination of new pieces and salvaged, sooty ones. There are 62 photos in the album.

I have even made a few additions, with more in mind, but not yet built.

Staff of my High School

After finishing the school itself, Chris proceeded to make no fewer than 22 Lego minifigures of his high school staff. These included, for some reason, his mother, Infomaniac (a Lego character), Doc Brown, and Virginia Sanford, who was one of his middle school teachers. Most of these were taken on 31 March 2014.

Sonichu and Rosechu Minifigures

Chris took these on 20 June 2014. There are 26 photos in the album.

The current Full set of my own Sonichu and Rosechu minifigures, including the original Sonichu and Rosechu (Prime) minifigures, and Blake (which the three are old by up to 14 years; I don't recall when I originally crafted each of them respectively).

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