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The following page contains Chris's Facebook activity in July 2012.


  • 1 July - Chris gets the power restored.
  • 5 July - Chris upgrades his phone.
  • 8 July - Chris gets his Wi-Fi restored.
  • 10 July - Chris's arraignment.
  • 11 July - Chris will get revenge on the trolls.
  • 13 July - Chris finds a good restaurant.
  • 16 July - Chris just can't understand why he can't attract women.
  • 20 July - Chris provides details about the trial.
  • 20 July - Chris makes a house out of Legos.
  • 22 July - Chris finds more evidence of his infamy.
  • 25 July - Chris enters his dogs in a contest.
  • 28 July - Chris is lonely.
  • 29 July - Two of Chris's friends from church are moving away.
  • 31 July - Chris reflects on his e-fame and the trolling.

Chris's Status Updates

The tree crisis

1 July 2012

This is the tree; not only sitting on the lines, but a major traffic hazard too. And it is still there Now.



The tree is finally down, and the power in Green Lea here is back on @ 4:00 PM
Too tired to feel more celebrative.

Cell phone

5 July 2012

I had to upgrade my cell phone, because its battery was no longer holding its charge for long during calls, and they no longer make the battery for it. It is official, I now have an 8 gig iPhone

Oh, BTW, can anyone recommend a GOOD iPhone App for blocking specific phone numbers and "Restricted/Unknown" phone calls?

Anna replied:

I don't think they have that technology yet


Really?! You're telling me that there ISN'T an App for that?


Correct, the apps and the phone are two separate functions that can't run simultaneously. It's something you'd have to bring up with your carrier; sometimes they can do something about it, but usually not.
What I mean by "can't run simultaneously" is that the separate apps can't interact with each other or any other function on your phone.


8 July 2012

I FINALLY got my Wi-Fi restored and returned @ 12:30 AM today. It was like hell having to cope with the lack of Internet.

Chris pleads guilty

10 July 2012

Court is adjourned; we indirectly pay the bribing, lying Snyder through insurance; mom and I are on probation with a parole officer for a...

...year; we pleaded guilty on the plea agreement; I disagree with that greatly, because Snyder, the bastard, will be using that insurance...
...money to throw a trolling stupid party with liquor and shit, very likely; I really loathe him, and I wish he would just die already.
I feel tired, disappointed, emotionally distraught, and sad.

Kim replied:

I'm really sorry the entirety of this case didn't go the way you wanted. :( Fortunately enough you and your mom didn't get a more serious sentence. At least now you don't have to worry about anymore court dates and hopefully all this can be considered to be in the past so you can move forward with your life.


Actually, we DO have court dates still in our future; one in 11 months from now, and another two years from then. All Probation-filled; supervised for one year and unsupervised for two. And there are additional details that I am not thrilled about either, aside and including Snyder getting paid; recommended, pending, future evaluations of social and mental status just for starters. My mind is sleepy and blank at the moment on the other details. I will get back to you on those later.

You WILL be brought in

One day following his arraignment, Chris updated to confirm that the account of his trial given by Cyan and Indigo was generally true.

11 July 2012

Yep, the trolls know most of what went on in the court room yesterday; it is confirmed that two of them were in there, going by the online names of "Cyan" and "Indigo". Rob recognized them both, and informed them that their trolling stupid presence is noted and known. I have also found their transcribed, personal reports on the Cwcki Forum, and they have a 23 second video on YouTube of them driving by the courthouse and holding up the day's "New York Times" paper, titled "CyanIndigo", same as their account name. And they quoted me in calling Snyder "thieving and lying"; I had actually said "Bribing and lying".

Anyway, we ALL know of them, and they will be brought in regardless of currently being in Or outside of Virginia or even the United States of America.


13 July 2012

I am at Lord Hardwickes in Ruckersville, about to try the Greek chicken gyro, after having done back killing work for my mother at home. I feel near instantly pleasant after being seated and ordered. I think it is the atmosphere within the restaurant; it is good.

Come on down and enjoy it for yourselves; I recommend the Rubin Sandwich or the Sailor Sandwich; both of which comes with a side of fries, chips, cup of good soup, or a salad (salad at $2.49).

Facts Only

16 July 2012

Here is an open question for Facts Only. Are there More Adult Females than Adult Males in the Charlottesville, VA Population? If Yes, then Why the fuck do they ignore a good looking person like me when I am out and about?! |:(

I realy [sic] hate the male population for taking away the majority of the past-single females for me to choose from and making it difficult to tell the paired up from the singles.

Anna offered a criticism:

I can tell you that girls find a gentleman a lot more attractive than someone who uses foul language at the drop of a hat...schooling your language is one thing you can do to help.

Kim offered:

When you're out and about, make sure you open the door for people(men included, be that's the polite thing to do!). And if that person is a lovely lady, compliment her. It'll help build your confidence to talk to people more.

Chris replied:

When it comes to what I say, it depends on how I feel. Who does NOT make a curse, censorable or clean, when he/she feels really bad mood, angry or frustrated with life. And I do Very Often hold the door for many people.

Trial clarification

20 July 2012

Let me make a thing or two clear about the trial. I have already stated that I actually called Snyder "Bribing", Not "thieving", in that statement of mine. I have also read Cyan's and Indigo's story from their P.O.V.; it is mostly valid and true. Only the few minute details that stand corrections.

Importantly, there is NO Community Service assigned at all at first and yet. It is mainly having the parole officer; maybe a court-ordered volunteer, class or evaluation gig towards social improvement (making new "friends"/meeting people) for me.

And when Rob introduced me to the Judge as an "Adult High-Functioning Child"; I did make a silent comment between me and my mother in response. That statement was an Oxymoron; it is invalid. I mean, I AM an adult; do not call me a child. The statement should have been, "High-Functioning Autistic Adult", "individual" or "person."

And Anyway, I still feel like I Have Lost, Because Snyder is getting PAID; indirectly from me and my mother through our Insurance. HE WON, that God Damn, Bribing Bastard! I wish him dead from either a heart attack or gunshot murder. |:(

*sigh* But I digress.

And Another thing, I was Really Tired and Sleepy at the early parts of the trial, up to when I stood up to talk to the Judge, but I DID pay attention and listen to every spoken detail the whole time. And I had rested during that early time to conserve my energy for when I had to stand and talk.

I think that about covers it from my perspective.

Lego Creator

20 July 2012
Lego house 4.png

I have been busy building the past week or so, and after building these four Lego Creator Buildings, I have taken and placed components, parts and pieces to build a grand house for my Lego Self, and his Sweetheart, Olivia (Lego Friends), complete with furniture and such mostly from the four Creator sets and a copy of of Olivia's (Parent's) House. I also had to use a few additional bricks and plates from my collection, and I added a few choice pre-built items to the yard and inside; my Mario Kart, my old, original Airport torso with blue legs in a closet, favorite sword and shield, and a few Sonichu stickers, carefully moved from combined bricks to the white walls. I will upload the photos of my new house in due time.

And this is my car; the garage was widened by two pegs for it to drive in fully.
Lego house 3.png
One day, I WILL rebuild my Lego Cwcville City. Blame "Hurricane Jacklyn" who manipulated me into most regretfully destroying the original Lego City of my Creation. |:(

Chris doesn't like being famous

22 July 2012

Dang. I make one post in response to what I heard on Tesh's radio show, and suddenly, mine becomes the most commented thing on his wall ever.

Dog Contest

25 July 2012

I have entered my pups into Z-95.1's Dog Days of Summer Contest. Starting August 6, Please be sure to visit the site and vote for my Clover and Snoopy. :)

Clover and snoopy.jpg

Chris's Lego House

25 July 2012

Take a look and behold; this is my house, and there is a PS3 attached to the HD TV in there too. LOL

Chris's Lego house.

Lonely again

28 July 2012

Feeling lonely, again...

Saying goodbye to friends

29 July 2012

I'm at church; my fiends, Lauren and Alex (Stella knows them as well), are leaving for Pensylvania; the church is throwing them a farewell party. They are good people and friends, Lauren and her husband.

I Really Hate seeing good fri off, and I Really Hate leaving them too.

One troll is tired of Chris

Chris uploaded a screenshot from the CWCki Forums and commented on it.

31 July 2012
Imgur 1.jpg

Reclusive...yes. Mentally ill...if you count Autism. Bitter... Maybe, because I am paranoid, tired, emotionally and mentally in and out.

Point is, Thank God and Jesus! At least ONE Troll is Finally tiring of me. And I would Never have done that Mr. Popo piece of shit video, or MOST of those other videos, if I was not manipulated by any of those freaks on the Internet, Ever. |:(

BTW, this Gloria Tesch, I did a search, and found an Encyclopedia Dramatica page on her; this is an open discussion topic for agree or disagreement. So far, I am seeing here that this girl is another victim of the trolls. Hey, at least she is Trying, in the creation of her books, just like I had. And now I am stale in creativity and feeling lame. Currently, pending other facts yet to be learned, I feel sorry for Gloria being trolled. If she has not learned of this yet, my best advice I can offer to her is Never Google her own name or her book title/character name Ever.

E.D. is back up

31 July 2012

Shit, though, E.D. is back up. |:(


Imgur 2.jpg

Chris continued to reflect on his e-fame:

I also should have never put Sonichu on the Internet at all; I am not a person who "comes up with daily content".
I never should have even tried, especially on the "content" that I was manipulated into fabricating.
None of those crap videos are me; they never reflected who I was or am ever. I have been greatly misunderstood and raped by those Trolls.