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The following are a series of posts by Chris on Facebook in October 2014.


  • 1 October - Chris provides yet more thrilling news about his medallion production.
  • 1 October - Chris issues death threats against Sega for their alterations to the color of Sonic's arms.
  • 1 October - Chris offers opinions about Britney Spears and relationships.
  • 4 October - Chris apologizes to Catherine.
  • 5 October - Chris gives an update on his medallion sales.
  • 8 October - Another medallion update.
  • 9 October - Chris wants someone to buy his mother's car.
  • 13 October - Yet another medallion update. Chris is in financial trouble.
  • 15 October - Another medallion update.
  • 16 October - Chris does research on sluts and sex.
  • 18 October - Chris gives a movie review.
  • 19 October - Chris asks for an invitation to a Halloween party.
  • 22-23 October - Chris rants about eBay problems.
  • 24 October - Chris sends positive messages to the oppressed of the world.
  • 25 October - Chris offers opinions on GamerGate and autism.
  • 27 October - Chris hopes to see Temple Grandin.
  • 28 October - Chris complains about eBay and the stresses of adulthood.
  • 31 October - Chris visits a gay bar.

Posts by Chris

Medallion Listing Update

1 October 2014

My, My! The Medallion Listing ended with the last quantity number sold. No worries, people, I will have it relisted ASAP, when eBay refreshes my monthly Listing Allowance.

In the meantime, everyone can still get a Medallion for Free with purchase of a Framed Piece, Commission with the Works, and a Colored Commission. And I will now offer a Two-For-One Special through the B&W Listing; Free Medal with Purchase of a B&W Commission, and y'all may request a Medallion in lieu of a Commission Drawing. That is like buying Two Medallions for 1 2/3 of the total price.

I will extend the offer until when I am able to Relist the Medallions. I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences, and I thank you all for your understanding and patience.

More Medallion Listing Updates

1 October 2014

Alright! I had 21 Medallions Molded and near ready! I ran out of Leather Straps again, so I was forced to stop at 18. So 18 Medallions were given their Tracking Numbers and shipped out this morning. I pulled another all-nighter last night, and I slept from about 6 or 7:30 AM to 3:50 PM. I am taking the rest of today and tomorrow off, and I will mold more medallions on Friday and the weekend. The next planned shipping day will be this coming Monday. And I have not forgotten anyone; I keep a hand-written record from all of the sales, so I am good there, and I update it shortly after new sales have been made.

Thank you all for your patience, patronage and good will.

Chris Rips Sonic's Arms Off

Chris uploads a couple of pictures of himself frowning deeply and brandishing a plush Sonic. Of note is the filthiness of his receding hair and the fact that despite being made for a female, the shirt he is wearing does not properly contain his breasts (or indeed the rest of his torso). He issues a death threat to every single person working at Sega.

1 October 2014

Sonic's Arms Are Not BLUE!!! You all continue to make me most Angry with this Most Criminal Of Changes In History EVER!!!

You Either Recall EVERYTHING of the New Sonic Boom, RIGHT NOW, or I will Seriously (not) RIP HIS ARMS OFF and Seriously (WILL) Watch You All At SEGA DIE from this Heinous Of Crimes EVER!!!

Chrischan oct14.jpg Chrischan oct14 2.jpg

William then called him out for his ridiculous overreaction:

Chris, you're not serious.

Chris replied:

I AM!!! And I have already messages the Sonic the Hedgehog Page with these photos and the same message.
Do I look NOT Serious?


It's ridiculous. Why do you think sega will care if you're going to (not) rip the arms off of a sonic plush doll?


I am making MY Statement on the matter!


Sonic Boom is just another dumb cartoon, like Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, SatAM, Sonic X, and that underground drivel. It means nothing to the canon of the character design in the games.




Just ignore it. Sonic Boom. Is. Not. Canon.
You sound like Richard Kuta and Spax3 right now (they destroyed their own lives by complaining about sonic's voice and eye color).
What about Sonic 2006? That was canon. Look at what it did to Sonic's reputation for the rest of time after it was released. Why don't you complain about that game?


Gaming content does not matter here! And neither is Cannon or Not Cannon (I Really Hate that definition of Cannon).

And for your information, in my normal mental state, I would not rip the arms off; I prefer not to lie. But the Blue Arms make me feel SUPER ANGRY, that I WOULD RIP THE ARMS OFF OF IT!!!

And, I corrected the arm color with Model Magic. NO LAUGHING!!! >:(

I Love You, Catherine

Chris makes a remorseful post for his sweetheart Catherine with a link to an accompanying video. In it, he apologizes for having characteristically assumed the worst of a male friend of hers and reveals he is in an "open relationship."

4 October 2014

I deepestly apologize to Catherine for the recent mistakes that I have made. I apologize to Colin for assuming him to be as bad as a rapist, as well as, more accurately, a womanizer who takes advantage. And I apologize to Shaina for getting her involved as a back-and-forth messenger, and I thank her for all that she has done there. And I most deeply thank Catherine for continuing to care about and love me, as I care for and love her very much. I still am learning about how to behave in an open relationship, and I promise to learn from my mistakes to become a better Lesbian Transgender Sweetheart and Partner for her and our future in our relationship together.

And to the Person (Troll) who has found the "Three-Quarter Woman" Mix CD, Please mail that back to me, well packaged and marked fragile, to my home address of 14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545, so I can return it directly to Catherine as soon as possible after having it returned. Thank You.

Kim Wilson then replied:

Christian Weston Chandler It takes a man to apologize for his mistakes. Good job!

William agreed:

I don't even know who these people are (and you labeled that guy some serious things), but good job manning up.

Blake Sonichu Medallion

5 October 2014

I may be confused, but I feel need to check: has anyone ordered a Blake (Black Sonichu) Medallion recently?

Please PM me on my eBay Profile Immediately to verify, and so I can properly list it next to your name an address on my hand-written records. Thank You.

Have a good and safe day.

Finished Molding 15 Medallions

5 October 2014

Good news, I have just finished molding 15 Medallions. I had three more that were unable to be shipped last time, because I ran out of leather strap material. I will be painting starting this coming afternoon, and I will have a total of 18 medals to ship out. And, by the way, I was already more than halfway through the total count of over 70 medallions. After getting the remaining nine, plus 10 for my special friends, made and shipped by the end of this week, I will go back to the Commissions, and have them drawn up and ready to be shipped hopefully the following Monday.

Also, I will tell everyone who is getting the Number One Medal, which is a Silvana Rosechu Medallion for my Best Customer.

William then replied:

Is it me? Silvana is one of your greatest creations. That, and maybe a yawning squirtle medallion would be awesome.

Shipping the Medallions

8 October 2014

I have shipped the recent lot of medallions yesterday, plus two photographs. I am feeling groggy in my head right now; I've been wrapping my brain on other more local issues to me.

Anyhow, I am taking a break for the few days; I will try to get some drawings for commissions, including Mr. Smith's drawing request (his new medal was shipped yesterday as well). I will mold more medals on Thursday, and paint them over the weekend, sending the next lot, and hopefully the lot that will make me up-to-date on the over 75 medals (well over half to three-quarters done now). The next planned shipping out date will be Next Monday. I apologize if this comes as an inconvenience to some or all of you, but your patience will be rewarded. Thank You, as have a good and safe day.

Owing eBay 300

"WACS: Real American Heroines"
9 October 2014

Hey, everyone. I owe eBay 300, due AFTER THIS COMING WEEKEND!

Please HELP! Buy My Drawn Pieces! I still have like FIVE OF THEM AVAILABLE.

BMW: Buy My Wheels

9 October 2014
Barb's junker.

We are still selling the BMW; Call Barbara at (REDACTED) to buy it; ONLY If you have $15,000 Cash, And you are Serious and Sincere about it.

1996 BMW Z3 1.9

Chris Forgets That It's Columbus Day

13 October 2014

UGH!!! Who's dumb: Me right now! I've pulled another all-nighter painting, certifying and Almost Done wrapping the Medallions, and I Just Realized, Today is Columbus Day; the Post Offices are Closed for the Holiday!

I will ship out everything tomorrow. An after that, I will take a couple of days off, and then I will catch up with the Commissions (except for Mr. Smith's request, which has been drawn up; That will be shipped tomorrow, so that case can Finally be Closed, and I'll have access to that $30 that has been Stuck in Limbo for Weeks now)!

Aside from that, I Still require another $200 to be able to pay off the $300 Bill on my eBay, and that IS the Minimum Due, on the 15th! Which is why I have made the offer in the post below this one.

So, Please Help Me Here. Thank You, and have a good and safe day.

Too Successful for His Own Good

13 October 2014
Facebook 13 Oct..png

Right: I have just learned the Ironic reason Why my due amount on eBay is that high. Because I made a LOT of sales the past month, counting when I was sinking in having to pay the insurance to drive the Focus, and delays in shipping the medals and things that week. UGH!!! Among the worst weeks of my life there.

Anyway: All I Need to keep my head above the water NOW is the sale of ONE FRAMED PIECE at $150. I know I said $250 earlier, but I was more tired and shocked then, clouded my better judgment; I'm less tired right now.

Again, PLEASE Help Me! Even selling Five Medallions among Five Customers would help me a Lot right now.

Receiving Salvation

13 October 2014

Thank you! My head has just been brought above water on the eBay payment! I am going to be able to pay it off, as well as ship everything later today. :)

You all have a great and safe day.

Please Pay for More Commissions

15 October 2014

I have just shipped out all of the lot of the medallions. I still have a few more to make, but I am Mostly Caught Up. I will take a few days off, and then catch up on the commission drawings over the coming weekend.

Any New Orders would be most appreciated. I will extend the offer of buying two frames pieces, or a framed piece and a Framed Commission, get $50 back. The offer will last until November 1, 2014.

And now, with Ken's Suggestion: Buy a Medallion, and you are welcome to request of Robbie Sonichu, Cera Rosechu and Christine Rosechu, as well as either Equality Symbol. So, come on over to the Medallion page, checkout and let me know of your requests within the "Additional Details" field upon checkout.

Thank you, and have a good and safe day.

The Anti-Carcinogenic Properties of Hanky-Panky

16 October 2014
Facebook 16 Oct.png

Sex Prevents Cancer?!


Vinyl Scratch Should've Spoke

18 October 2014

I just watched ‪#‎RainbowRocks‬ on Discovery Family; It was Very Good. Octavia Spoke! But Vinyl did not; Big Bummer! ‪#‎Nowhacking‬ would still make the best voice for Vinyl. I am a Fan of the animations made about the two of them. Their musical relationship is Delightful. And I Loved seeing ‪#‎Derpy‬ on stage, playing a saw; Cute, Sweet and Delightful!

Happy Halloween, Also, Any Parties?

19 October 2014
See how fun-loving I am?

Happy Halloween! Dress Up and have Fun!

Now, can anyone recommend any legitimate and good Halloween Parties in Charlottesville, VA, please?

William complained:

Does my little pony and legos have to pervade everything you post? Maybe you can find some new interests. Like the Harry Potter Books. They are very much in the spirit of halloween and a good complement to pokemon as the sonic games and cartoons are to Mario. I know of a halloween party in Augusta, Maine.

Chris retorted:

I put the two together, because my Lego Ghosts were out of reach, and I wanted more than the singular Jack-O-Lantern. Oh, My Gosh! What the hell has been screwing your mind up? Weed? Basement Loneliness? WTFH is Wrong with You?!

Kenneth Englehardt suggested:

Sometimes one or more of the local radio stations may host a Halloween party. Have you checked with one of them in your area?

Chris replied:

That's an idea.

Kim asked:

Why is weed relevant?

Kenneth opined:

I don't think he literally meant that weed had anything to do with this. It was just said in the tone of being angry.


And he gets it right in one guess.


Yeah, but being specific about weed is retarded. It's very dumb.


Whatever; I felt it appropriate to William's "pervade"/perverse comment. And the Party I am looking for has to happen in CVille, VA.

Hold Back the Money

22 October 2014
EBay screwjob.jpg

Yeah!!! I have been slapped by their computers, because of all these 17 Damn Complaints, thus having my recent $60 Sale Withheld Against me Now! eBay is Screwing Me Over AGAIN, because of Y'all's Impatience and Ignorance!!! Mr. Smith Included!!!

Waiting for Someone to Pick Up

Chris is inconvenienced by phone operators and naturally blames it on his customers who are providing him with his livelihood.

22 October 2014

I have been on the phone with eBay for over two hours now, WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO PICK UP!!! I would not be feeling this pissed off and waiting this long, if I had received the positive Feedback I deserved for working my ass off for you all, with the All-Nighters I have pulled Making, Painting and Packing those Medallions for you all! Ugh!!! - |:( feeling annoyed.

eBay Issues Resolved

23 October 2014

Yeah, it is mostly sorted out now; please do not let my inconveniences defray you all from ordering. Your Business is Very Much Appreciated. :)

Snoopy, Cereal, and LGBTQ

Chris tactfully deems the fictitious sentiments of a cartoon dog and the bottom of a cereal box to be highly relevant to the plight of systematically oppressed people the world over.

24 October 2014

For the LGBTQ, and ‪#‎HRC‬; Snoopy, with Schultz, says something appropriate for all of us.

And Lucky Charms says something awesome on their box bottom too.

Both of which brings a smile to me, and I hope they bring a smile to y'all too.

Have a good and safe day.

Chris Discovers GamerGate

Chris discovers the GamerGate movement after reading the Wikipedia article on it. GamerGate as a movement could warrant having its own dedicated wiki, but for the sake of precursory knowledge and context, GamerGate is argued by its supporters to be a movement against corrupt journalism and favoritism in the games industry regarding coverage, and by its detractors as an inherently misogynistic movement which only seeks to exclude women from the video game industry.

Chris deems it to be the latter, and decries the trolls, cyberbullies and JERKS whom he believes to be participating in GamerGate. Owing to his recent identification as a woman, it can be safely assumed that this statement was motivated by egotism and his desire to play the victim.

25 October 2014

I have just been clued into the topic of GamerGate. After finding its page on the Wikipedia, apparently female gamers and creators are getting a bad rap, and it has been made worse as of just this last August.

I, personally, see no problem in women and girls playing or creating video games, and being their own avatar of choice of either gender, creature or whatever. I, myself, really like playing as my own female avatars, including, but not limited to, my own Mii on my 3DS and WiiU. (The Tomodachi Life photo amongst this set is actually a cap from SSB3DS, NOT Tomodachi Life).

Anyway, this form of misogyny amongst the Gamers, as well as the DAMN Internet Trolls and CyberBullies who are taking part of this GamerGate as well, Plain Pisses Me Off as well!

This Cruelty to women and all people in general Must Be Stopped and Put To An End! I stand with you all, my Sisters and Gal-Pals, very much.

Thank You.


The Cure for Autism

Chris rants about finding the cure for autism and equates having it to being cursed. He also personifies autism by creating a Mii for it and proceeds to beat it up in Super Smash Bros. It seems that his habit of personifying his enemies and beating them up in video games isn't just limited to people, but also includes neurological disorders.

25 October 2014

Also, I REALLY Want to put an end to Autism, because it still bothers me with my own curse of the Mental Handicap. Where is that Cure for Autism? I want to do More than let it overpower me at my vulnerable mental blank-out moments, as well as just beating the crap out of it in Smash Bros.

Autism Speaks; so, Please Find The Cure!!!


Temple Grandin Excites Chris

27 October 2014
Chris shared this photo

Oh, My Gosh! Temple Grandin is coming to Virginia?! If I can afford it, I would Definitely Go there for her speech, and be delighted to meet her as well. I have enjoyed the movie HBO created of her life. She is a positive inspiration to all Autistic People!

He added:

And this is just crazy that I learn this shortly after talking about fighting Autism (at least in Smash Bros.)

Ultimately Chris will be unable to come up with the cash to attend the conference.

Chris's Poorly-Done Family Guy Screenshot

Chris took a photograph of his computer monitor playing the Family Guy episode "Baking Bad" on Hulu Plus, and posted:

28 October 2014
Family Guy mirror.jpg

This is now one of my Favorite "Family Guy" Jokes! Bringing in the reflection and tricking it!

Nope, He Doesn't Forgive Mr. Smith

28 October 2014

eBay is TERRIBLE! If it was Not the only default place to sell online with the such easy to remember name of eBay, I would take my Selling Business Elsewhere! They place Vulgar Labels of "Below Standard" on sellers, as Withhold Funds from getting into Your Own PayPal Account. I freaking Do Not Like eBay as a Selling Facility! I would give them Only Half a Star out of Five.

Do NOT Sell on eBay if you have not already started doing that already. |:(


Chris then linked to an Animation Domination High Def YouTube video called "Every Day is Scary," about the tribulations of adulthood.

28 October 2014

Yep! And when someone opens a damn case against me, eBay withholding funds from me, artist inspiration running slow, sensory overloads, the darn mind going blank, falling into the Red in my PayPal Bank, impatient greedy sons of b****es, leaving bad feedback sending me "Blow Standard", I need a Direct-to-PayPal selling page, eliminate the middle-man sage...UGH!!! It is All Too Much!


But then everything is better again.

28 October 2014

Spirit Plumber is generous. He has just loaned me some money to get me out of another financial jam that has [message cut off--incomplete]

Chris Hits Up a Gay Bar... Seriously

Chris dons some purple leggings, a dress made for someone half his size and a floral headband and ruins a Halloween party at the local gay bar.

31 October 2014

Groovy 70's Lesbian Chic enjoying the beats at Impulse Gay Social-Club!


Chris at a gay bar.jpg

William Elliot Waterman:

good halloween costume :)

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt:

Hot damn Christian. What an elegant tom-girl you are.

Club review

At 10:58pm, probably while he was still at the Impulse Gay Social-Club, Chris helpfully offered a review, giving it four out of five stars:

31 December 2014

The show tonight has been good; I've enjoyed the ladies here; great views. They could turn the speaker volume down a few decibels; that's what cost them that fifth star from me.

Comments by Chris

Britney Spears

On 1 October, Chris responds to a Facebook comment about Britney Spears on the website Women'sHealth, regarding an article headline in which Spears says, "I don't think you need a man in this world anymore."

1 October 2014

Well, I only Half-Agree with that headline statement. I feel disagreement on that, because to make the traditional couple, a woman and a man; well, he makes up half of it. Plus, Reproduction for Future Generations. And then there is the opposing side in the discussions between the two genders.

I Agree, because, moreover, Most Males in this world are Boring, Dull, Mentally Prehisoric, Immature, Inconsiderate of Others, Lack of emotion AND empathy, they don't care, they like to bully other people, regardless, and then even worse!

"What are you saying, You're a Male?"

I am a Female and Lesbian Spirit/Soul Trapped in this Assigned Male Body; I am a Full On Lesbian Transgender.

Actually, let me rephrase it: I one-quarter disagree, and three-quarters Agree with that statement!

All of US People need to be able to find self-confidence in ourselves individually; I have found some in myself recently after coming out as a Lesbian Transgender, and mingling with my Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual peeps in the LGBTQ Community. Although, to feel totally complete, I still feel need for my Sweetheart/Heartthrob/Girlfriend/Partner, who right now is enjoying herself, and hopefully Staying Safe and Well. She is Very Strong Emotionally, and Strong-Willed, Very Smart, and she is Very Sexy and Beautiful in Looks AND Spirit/Soul with her Kind Heart and Everything!

My need for my partner to help complete me, and me to complete her; completing each other, for our basic needs for Emotional Supports and Strengths, may be conflicting to the Self-Confidence Britney Spears is inspiring, but it is just part of Who I Am as an Individual Person.

Friendships Are Most Magical for the same Emotional and Strength Supports we all individually require too. And all in all, it is a LOT Better being able to come home to your Sweetheart and Partner, than to have no one at home and feeling most lonely and further depressed. And I feel very sorry for everyone who are not blessed or lucky to have someone at home, Anywhere, who has your heart and soul and well-being under their care, as one would mutually of the other.

Love IS a Battlefield, but the battles are most worth fighting for!


This sparked a debate between two of Chris's friends on gender. William asked:

Why do males not feel empathy?

Kim disagreed with Chris:

You're kind of mistaken here. Statistically, there's no difference between men and women in the ways you describe. The problem for you Chris is that, due to your autism, you're not picking up on the more subtle ways females are disparaging you. They're laughing at you too, just in ways you're not picking up. Understand what I'm saying?

William responded to Kim:

Did you say males are un-subtle?


I can't really speak for other countries, but there's a trend in the US for women (particularly in high school) to be more subtle. I'm not really commenting on anyone in particular.


You still go to highschool? How do you know this? I got my high school diploma 9 years ago (in AMURIKA) and the world felt different then.
I just wanna know why I can't be an empath like all the harry potter fanfiction mary sues with empathy powers.


I went to high school a while ago. A boy in high school will call you a faggot. A girl in high school will use more elaborate phrasing to insult you, phrasing that Chris would have trouble picking up on.


What kind of idiot just says "faggot" and expects the other person to care at all?



Chris finally stepped in:

If y'all will pause the back and forth for a moment.
I would pick up on such in their tones for sarcasm. I have known More Women to not be mean or sarcastic. I did not say ALL Males were that bad; I said Most of them.

In any case, I speak from my own experiences and understandings. My intentions in my wording were meant to be for good and neutral; I did nor do not mean to imply anything of bigoted or similar nature. I am certainly Not a bad person like that at all.

I was only stating a reasonable set of points and facts in response to what Britney Spears was talking about; No More. End of Story.


And saying "most" is also incorrect. It's not sarcasm that you can't pick up on, it's deception at all. It's not that you can't pick up on it, it's that it's harder for you to pick up on it. So there's a huge percentage of deceptive practices you're missing.


You didn't answer my question. "Bad" is not equivalent to "no empathy." Why do you think men don't have empathy? How is that even possible? I couldn't even enjoy a good book without a sense of empathy.

But of course, Chris is too stupid for protracted rational argument, and had to bow out:

I prefer to see the positives in most people anyway; I remain civil and tolerant to everyone, unless they give me reason for ill will at all.

I am painting the medals right now, and my mind is already too riddles to be able to process this dispute further.

Breast Cancer Awareness

On 1 October 2014, Chris reviewed "Breast Cancer Awareness," giving it five out of five stars.

UVA LGBTQ Center review

On 16 October 2014, Chris reviewed the UVA LGBTQ Center, giving it five out of five stars.

Did he discuss his new piercing?

On 22 October 2014, Chris noted in his status that he was "Going to Queer Health: Thrive in the Center."