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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during June 2017. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. William Elliott Waterman and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Pride month

2 June 2017, 12:15 am

It is Pride Month, 2017! Take each day to get to know someone in the SLGBTQ Communities

A moment later, he clarified:

Trump Not Included, for the Obvious Reasons.

Chris's MLP mark

3 June 2017, 1:59 am

Chris posted results of a web quiz.

Mlp quiz result.png

He used this design for Miss Night Star.

Lost the C-ville Best Of poll, mad at trolls

3 June 2017, 2:11 am

I did not make the finals. Thanks a lump for over-voting me out, you Trolling Stupids.

Forgetting his promise to Etsy donors

4 June 2017, 7:28 pm

The Free Sneak Peeks are Over Now. The only way to see the pages of Book 11 before it is fully completed is to make monthly pledges on my Patreon. Plus a chance to get copies of my books, each personally autographed.

He linked to Patreon. Two years ago, before stress caused him to stop working on the comic he was paid to do, he had promised Etsy donors he would feature the Sonichu pages for free on Facebook.

Big ol' Sonichu binder

5 June 2017, 4:22 pm


Show of Interest if you'd like: Who would like to see my Big Ol' Sonichu Binder, divided into Volumes of Christine Weston Chandler's Art Books? I will dedicate lots of time on it if this Facebook Post, AND this Twitter Post, each receive 1,000 Likes and Hearts, Respectively.

There are a LOT of undocumented pieces, even rough drawings, that would be included in these volumes of art books; pages of the books planned to be 8.5"X11" in size. Look at how thick these books of mine are! That is a LOT of art content.

Binders full of sonichu.jpeg

Did they get my drawing?

6 June, 7:43 pm

He commented on an Equestria Daily post.

I tried to add one; did they get Night Star?


7 June, 6:31 pm

Chris saw his own post from 2015 and commented:

Difference being blue hair and bigger breasts today from then.

Adding to SLGBTQ

9 June, 6:49 pm

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post.

That's a fair idea, but if black and brown, they ought to include white too. Or, even better, would be to add an "S" to the "LGBTQ" acronym.

Mourning for Adam West

10 June 2017, 5:30 pm

My Mother enjoyed Adam West as Batman while raising my brother, #ColeSmithey. "Na, Na, Na, Na, Na" forever, Adam West.

Batman forever.jpg

Comments - Waterman in red, Chris in blue

... he's old enough to have seen that show?
No 90s kid is THAT old.
William Elliott Waterman 90's? #ColeSmithey was born in the late 60s.
William Elliott Waterman I Know, he is a Seinor Citizen. Admittedly, I just recalled he turned 52 a year or two ago, so he is more a 70's child.

Chris solicits fan ideas for Sonichu

11 June 2017, 9:08 am

I do apologize very much for not getting back to a Lot of my fans and inquiring business(?) proposals. More often, I realize that I do need a group of reps or whatever to do these trade and outsourcing deals for me. About the Sonichu and Rosechu merchandise of any sort, made by people besides myself. I am still busy drawing and writing for my books. But my sincere response here is one that you all can and may tell everyone, including yourself, who wants to make a better Sonichu game, fanfic, fan art, etc, that could be considered official.

Keep it centered on the Sonichu-centered material, character details and stories I have created in my books, and details that only I have personally shared, including Count Graduon and his army of revived corpses to make Jerkops and Janekops, and mechanical creations that Skysoar makes, including more Metal Sonichus and mechanical Jerkops. New villain characters are acceptable, as long as it was created either by scientist or magical creation or resurrection. Always remember the content should be kept clean, NOT to make it "M"-Rated. It should be something that is cool for a seven-year old ("Y7"-Rated). And this is Regardless of the times I, myself, have created towards the "T" or "M" rating, including the Extended version of Book 8; I was under varying ideals and still figuring and searching out the "what's". Keep Common Sense in those detail sortings. And also being eloquent and poignant in wording is valuable. As far as the games, a simple 2D Sonic-Platforming or 3D Sonic-Platforming, Without copying or reusing past Sega Levels, but inspired by such, is a good place to begin and continue from. And nothing a hater would make, including deaths of me and my hero characters; no or little blood too. And always feel free share the final product with me for consideration on my personal and verified social media, text messages or US Mail. And of Utmost Importance, all of these items are to be made with Love, Care and Respect.

Thank you; please pass the paragraph of mine, word-for-word; Not Edited or Altered whatsoever, to your peers of fan-goods crafters and artists. Also, I sincerely and wholeheartedly apologize for having heavily criticized the Sonichu and Rosechu Merchandise that while personally unofficial or knock-offs, they are still merchandise that everyone has and are making and sharing. I realize this is a practice that Should be happening during the times before Official and Manufactured Sonichu and Rosechu Merchandise and such business deals, have been personally made with my consent. Thank you all again. And y'all have great and safe days. :) 💖

Autism perk

12 June 2017, 3:50 pm

feeling positive.

A Perk to having autism: you can easily overhear a distant conversation in a small building over music.

UVA Remembers Pulse

12 June 2017, 6:55 pm

I'm here. :)

Chris at UVA Remembers Pulse.jpg

Poetry piece for UVA event

12 June, 10:18pm

feeling positive.

Here is my poetry piece for the Pulse Remembering party at UVA yesterday; I made it a letter to myselves. It is also a letter, I feel, anyone can put themselves into, easily swap the genders, even for going from straight to gay, or whatever your pleasure. I read it loud and proud to more than thirty people, with positive receptions.

Poetic Letter for UVA Remembers Pulse.jpeg

Quoted by news crew

12 June, 11:09pm

Too bad the NBC29 crew didn't stick around longer; they could have recorded us citing poetry and reading some of the names.

He linked to a news article in which he was quoted on both text and video.

He added:

I was trying to quote Christine Rosechu from my SLGBTQ poster, but I messed up. Oh, well; I was quoted, and I pray this inspires love for other people at least from the love that you have for yourself. I'm proud of myself.

Photo highlights

12 June, 11:12pm

Chris uploaded 40 photos. For the full gallery, see this link.

Some highlights from what everyone chalked in front of the rotunda today.

Sonichu 11 pages up to #70

13 June, 5:23pm

Up to Page 70 completed now.

He linked to Patreon.

Silly Punchy

16 June, 8:41pm


By the way, that is a wood floor plank behind him.

Silly punchy.png

Enjoy the new pages

18 June, 3:05pm

The new pages from last week are up. Enjoy "Spike, the Banana Punch." LOL

He linked to Patreon.

Criticizing a park's name

19 June, 6:56pm

He commented on CVille Pride post.

"Emancipation" Park? That is a Terrible name for a park.

Defending Caitlyn Jenner

19 June, 7:03pm

He commented on a LGBTQ Nation post.

I do not think her joke had anything to do with gay people; I think she was literally talking about actual guns and how some people shoot with them. Some people over-think or over-examine even the simplest of things. Ugh.

I miss my dad

19 June, 9:45 pm

He saw his own post from 2016 and commented on it:

I miss my dad every day.

Ranting about Sonichu's age

20 June, 9:53pm

feeling annoyed.

Let's talk about a topic that may likely be confusing to, well, Everyone. The Ages of my Sonichus and Rosechus. Simply Put: it is Inconsistent Cartoon Logic. Around the time I specified the Main Eight's ages in Book 8, I was under a LOT of unwarranted Questions about their Bloody Age in relations to the content/miscontent of what I drew and wrote Beforehand. UGH! I was Still Testing the Waters of the story typings, parodies, what works/doesn't work.

It is Very Common amongst the Beginning Book Authors. Even in Televised Cartoons and Video Games, I dare put unto you all: Ash Ketchum is STILL Ten Years Old? Sonic the Hedgehog is Still 16 Years Old? And Stewie Griffin is Still ONE Year Old, while during the "Family Guyp" Series, Megan has gone from 16 to 18 Years Old. Twighlight Sparkle and the Mane Six are teens to adults, while Celestia and Luna are like a THOUSAND Years Old. Even XJ9 - Jenny, while built a few years prior, her Mindset Is TEENAGER.

**[[Stress sigh|Sigh and Groan]]**

I feel the best way to answer this ANNOYING QUESTION to EVERYONE is to NOT Think or Overthink About It. We, the Artists, Creators and Writers, specify an age to a character, at least I feel, when it can be deemed warranted. We do not have to Consistently Celebrate Birthdays, or let our characters Age canonically or not, in our works. The Obvious, Simple, NOT to Overthink, Straight-Up Answer, from ALL OF US Creators, is...


And, in my case: The Main Eight are more than Twenty Years Old, may as well be Over 21 NOW; Cera, Christine and Roberta are TEENAGERS (CLOSE to equal 17 years old), and Sandy and Zapina Rosechus are in the Fourth Grade, despite Sandy being less than a year old, physically, but mentally equivalent to the typical Fourth Grader Age.

Once Again, Take each character's age at Provided Value, unless we later say different. Shut The F*** Up! UGH!!!

And you may Quote Me on all that to Everyone.

Comments - Waterman in red, Chris in blue

I know this is about setting the Pride Festival in 2009 and having Robee evolve and explore his sexuality when he's chronologically... oh dear, according to the date and age of Rosechu in this, he'll be 2? That's even younger than I guessed (5). You just wrote a thesis paper here in response to not wanting to hear this criticism, but I am telling you, all of this damage control, covering your ass, and defensively sidestepping the issue is not going to stop the negative reactions if you proceed with this plan of action. If it has any affect at all, it's only going to do more harm than good. Stephenie Meyer tried this with the issue of Rensesmee and Jacob's ages. It did not help her. It would have been an easy issue to fix if she did not adamantly REFUSE to change anything in her vision. The absolute best and easiest solution would be to set book 12 in year 2017 or later, when the children are chronologically teenagers. There are already bad reactions to David Rotgar reproducing on the same day he was born. I don't have a problem with it, but as I said, he's a lot more of an animal than the sonichus and rosechus. Sonichus and Rosechus are too anthropomorphised —too human— to get an easy pass. You are arguing in defense of Status Quo Is God here, my most hated trope, and its the thing that ruined The Simpsons for me and many others, when the series could have turned out better off if Matt just let Bart and Lisa age so the characters could be three-dimensional; and you are saying Sonichu and Rosechu are 21-ish, while their kids are 16-17-ish, which has very unfortunate implications. I am telling you, if you don't make (very EASY and MINOR) changes to what you've planned (a simple CHANGE OF DATE), it's going to end badly. And keeping a straight timeline and consistent aging is very, very simple to do. It is much easier than complicating it into a convollhuted mess by only picking and choosing what you'd prefer to age and what you don't want to age. I don't think of this as spoilers, as you just had Magi-Chan drop his future sight on it (and I don't really know that much; just guesses. You're the mastermind behind this series). You can delete this comment or hide it if you don't want it getting out, but I'm telling you this to help you as a friend and advisor, and I think Jessica Quin and whoever else is helping would agree on at least some of these points. Take it or leave it. This is your decision to make. (Love what you've drawn so far! <3)
Once again, Mister Bill, I am NOT leaving a Nine Year Gap between stories. Why? Because that makes it sound like Cwcville was Lost In Time; Frozen, if you will. Like as if Nothing has happened between August 2008 and Now, when in Reality of the dimension Cwcville is in right now, ALL of this and that Has Happened in its history. My characters Have Character Growths too; I was under depression for too damn long to be able to draw and write about it all sooner.

Also, yes, I guess the formatting of my answer may be thesis-like, but I am not avoiding the issue; I have just addressed it with the reasonable counter-points. I am just saying that I feel unable to completely satisfy your damn logic. Give me time to show the character growth in my family, and you may feel satisfied from all that. Alright? God, please help me ease these questioning minds that doth protest me. AND it shows that I have put a LOT of Sincere Thought into your question, William Elliott Waterman. Would you rather I give the matter Little Thought and feigned a dumb answer?

Update postponed

21 June, 8:02pm

Minor Update: This Sunday, I will be attending a Pokémon Card Game tournament after church; the uploading will be postponed until Monday the 26th. Stay Tuned.

More on Sonichu's age

22 June, 12:14pm

Another detail I will add to my earlier "thesis", as VBB called it, about the ages of my Sonichu and Rosechu characters (human's ages not counted in this, by the way, so at least My age is consistent). Anyway, I consent which is what age, determined by their being I evolved or evolved Pokémon, and what Level they each would be at (since we all know a Pokemon's level can max out at 100).

Take for example, firstly, Sandy Rosechu; as she evolved in a short time after being born, she would be considered, mentally, still a child, even after having evolved, since she is still at, let's say, Level 8, thus putting her mentally in the Fourth Grade. Zapina, although not revealed yet, could have evolved from a Rosey shortly after being born (still TBD), her Level being close to Sandy's, she ended up in the fourth grade too. And even though her Level has gone up to 14 in Book 9, her mentality remains at the earlier Level when she evolved. Until they have more time under their belts, or grow taller in height and possibly puberty, they both are still kids.

Now, the leading couple's trio of children: Cera and Christine Rosechu and Roberta Sonichu: as each of them remained Roseys and Sonee for an extended time, their potential rate of mental, emotional and physical growth would increase when they each evolve to their Rosechu and Sonichu forms. We can safely put the three of them at around Level 15 to 17, thus classifying them in High School and Teenager types.

This formula is considerably fair, compared to a two-stage evolution Pokémon, let's say, Torchic to Blaziken. Torchic is young, and does not evolve to Combusken until a late Teen Level, and then a Mid-thirty Level to evolve to Blaziken.

On a General Viewpoint, this is the formula I am using to base the current ages of my Sonichus and Rosechus. Alright?

Thank You.

With that, I will leave y'all with another free sneak peek, relative to this topic.

22 june preview.jpg





No, Cera was evolving here. Roberta is Robbie; Robbie changed her name to Roberta Sonichu.

Promoting Sonichu book sales

22 June, 3:13pm

Be the First to get Sonichu Book 11, Guaranteed, by pledging $20, Minimum, before July 1st, 2017. Also, to those who pledge $50, they each get Three Books (11, 0, and 1), and the number grows the more you pledge. Thank You All, and have a Great and Safe Day!

Facebook game

25 June, 10:53pm

Chris shared a game from elsewhere on Facebook.

Go ahead and do this for me. Do Not tell me the search term you used.

Facebook gif game.png

He added:

Sonichu 7 Blingee.jpg

I still love Cole

26 June, 4:31pm

He saw his own post from 2016 and commented:

#ColeSmithey @ColeSmithey I do have love for him, despite the differences that conflict.

Promoting Sonichu 11

26 June, 9:39pm

Pledge and Pay at least $20 by the end of Friday, June 30, 2017, to be among the very first to receive this book, a Long Time in the making, and delayed due to depression and life problems. Thank You All!

He noticed that people were rating his post "sad" and added:

Why the "sad" faces in response? I am still the same soul and person I was back then, only much better and more self-confident.

Meeting yourself from another dimension

27 June, 9:34 am

That feeling you get when you meet a different version of yourself from another dimension or world... WOW!

He added:

Including your own (or even cutie-mark-generated) MLP Character, yourself as a Lego Minifig, yourself digitized in any video game you like, etcetera.

Simultaneous Mega Evolutions!

27 June, 8:22pm

Simultaneous Mega Evolutions!

He linked to "Sneaker Peeker" on Patreon.


28 June, 10:37am

After I got my Mega Stone, I thought about attaching it to my Medallion. But when the stone touched the medal, it merged in. Now for the long while, mine is more unique than ever. The ChrisChanSonichite sure left an impression; smack-dab in the middle of it.

He linked to "My Sonichite" on Patreon, then added:

That ol' Cherokee Magic. Ha-cha!

MLP movie trailer

28 June, 8:06pm

He linked to a video.

So Totes Awesome!!!

Facebook slideshow

28 June, 8:24pm

He linked to a slideshow video generated by Facebook.

Sonichu 11 completed

30 June, 2:50pm

**EVERYONE, Be Sure to get your $20 Minimum Pledges in before Midnight, Easter Standard Time, Tonight, June 30, 2017, to be Guaranteed to be among the very first to receive a copy of Sonichu #11!

Celebrating completion of Sonichu 11

30 June, 3:41 pm

He saw his own post from 2014 and commented:

Facebook picked an appropriate image for my victory of finally completing Sonichu #11. Yay! 📝🖍💖😊🌸🏳️‍🌈🖍

Attending Sally Rose band

30 June, 5:22 pm

Chris's Facebook posted that he had attended the event. He rated the post "love."

Part British, French, Irish, Italian, and Cherokee

30 June, 11:10 pm

LOL! It got the Irish right, I am part British, French, a bit of Irish, and Cherokee. I do not know about Italian. Just LOL to that.