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At the event, wearing the Sonichu medallion and holding the Love is Love comic.

UVA Remembers Pulse was an event held by University of Virginia students in June 2017 to pay tribute to the victims of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting.

Chris attended, bringing with him Sonichu paraphernalia: the Medallion, a SLGBTQ Sonichu drawing, the cover page for Sonichu 12, a framed photoshop drawing of Chris and his parents mingling with Sonichu characters, and a short written piece which he read during the open mic.

News interview

He was interviewed by the local NBC station, which quoted him in an article and on video.[1] Incidentally, this is the same station that interviewed him about the Sonic the Hedgehog Watch & Win Sweepstakes.

"Do not hate. Hate is not so good and to be paranoid is a bust. Feel love that comes from us and try to feel love that you can offer at least from within yourselves, for yourselves", Christine Chandler, who attended, said.

UVA Students Hold Memorial Service for Pulse Nightclub Victims
Stardate 12 June 2017
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Poetic Letter
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The event

The organizers wrote the following description for the event, stating its purpose was for the community to reflect on the tragedy by creating tributes for the victims in the form of art.

The student body at the University of Virginia encourages a gathering of the entire Charlottesville community to pay tribute to the 49 victims who lost their lives a year ago at Pulse nightclub. This Pulse remembrance event will be a time for everyone to join in solidarity and give honor to those who lost their lives to senseless violence. It is a time for reflection and a time to promote equality and diversity in our community.

** We will gather at the UVA Rotunda steps facing University Avenue **

Reflection on Pulse: An opportunity to create art and share tributes to the 49 victims.

UVA Remembers: A ceremony honoring the 49 victims and celebrating diversity and equality. Reading of the names and an open mic for all to share.[2]

Chris, on the other hand, decided to write a piece on his transgender identity.[3]

Chris read this aloud to the crowd.
I feel for y’all, my friends, family & allies in this lifetime of ours. Lost and confused is this point of our lives where we are meant to be; where DO we belong in our local communities; with minds gone blank like a fully erased paper? We are left with the remants of what we had thought of, before impulsively lost in time. I, too, was there during the times y’all were bullied, broken, and beat up bad. The times we’ve sought for new friendships to later, maybe, find truest love from one within. And, yet our efforts were mistaken for something sordid. The love, or lack thereof, from those who raised and taught you as y’all grew up. Left with time for ourselves, we’ve searched within our own personal depths. Soon enough, we not only have found ourselves, but we three, Child, Teen, & Adult, combined, worked out our ideas, taking our time; we continues onward in our life from how we were born, towards who we are meant to be this whole lifetime. I will continue onward, the stronger soul; woman that We ARE, for being boy was a lingering downfall. Someday, I will find our destined Sweetheart & Truest Love, while feeling the Love from within; from Child, from Teen, from Me.


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