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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during March 2017. Posts are sorted by date and linked to the source material from Facebook. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. William Elliott Waterman and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Selling Bob's stamp collection

1 March at 1:16 am

I am selling my father's stamp collection (it's mostly UN First Day Covers); still Very Collectible and can become more valuable in years. Lots More Covers to be added; check out what I've listed and please buy.

He linked to one of the listings.

Rainbow stamp

1 March at 1:19 am

I do like this stamp of a rainbow flavor. #LGBTQ

Rainbow stamp.jpeg

Updated cover photo

1 March at 10:24 am

Chris liked the rainbow stamp from the previous post so much that he made it into his Facebook cover photo.

More stamps for sale

1 March at 10:46 am

More from the collection will be added intermittently, so stay tuned and buy for your stamp collection.

He linked to his Ebay page, and to his I'm selling my father's stamp collection; come on down and buy some of it video.

Stamp trivia

1 March at 12:58 pm

I just added some more covers onto eBay; surprise to find Four stamps on one cover, since word is that the stamp limit on an item sent through the UN is Three.

Stamps scroll.jpg

He followed up with a comment:

Good for you if you can understand what it says on the scroll in the upper left; I do not know what it says.

(The text on the scroll is in French and reads "We, people of united nations, resolve to preserve future generations from the scourge of war.")

New profile photo - Fight like a girl

1 March at 2:20 pm

Fight like a girl meme.jpg

Promoting Ebay page

1 March at 4:07 pm

Go to my eBay for the available and to-be-available stamps and covers from my father's collection.

He linked to his Ebay page.

Message to Number 45

2 March at 4:41 pm

With what I am seeing from the UN's stamp and cover collections, if You-Know-Who (Number 45) saw these, he'd make a Tweet. Love for the United Nations for supporting the races and the LGBTQ.

He linked to his Ebay page.

Offering personal stamp album for $1,000

3 March at 8:51 pm

I'm adding my one-of-a-kind Beginner's Stamp Album; past And present Self Signatures.

He linked to the listing.

Not planning to buy a Nintendo Switch yet

4 March at 6:03 am

Just, for the record, I am not planning on getting a Nintendo Switch, at least until if and when I can afford to. I am still confused: is it meant Mainly to be a TV or Handheld console?

Shared link on trans issues

5 March at 12:04 am

Blue Apron

7 March at 7:15 pm

I just got and made our first meal from Blue Apron: Soy-Glazed Chicken. The packing method is well done and organized. Wrapped in a cool foil lining in a box, the meats were surrounded by large ice packs. And they have a recycling program for the trash. Anyway, all of the premeasured ingredients were enclosed, the instructions were worded good, and it all came out real good.

Try it for yourself, and get three free meals with a two meal purchase, thanks to ScrewAttack with

Blue apron.jpeg

Better at eye contact

8 March at 12:58 pm

Chris reacted to his own post from 2013.

I have an easier time giving eye contact now; darn, it did used to be more difficult to do.

Happy Women's Day

8 March at 1:01 pm

Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all of the ladies. And I want to extend my heart and soul in support to everyone in the Women's Day Protest. We will not stand for any bigotry or discriminative behaviors, including those from the world's leaders.

People should be more open-minded

8 March at 11:54 pm

Chris shared a post from LGBTQ Nation and reacted to it.

He has a good response, even I can use it for myself:

I have seen millions of people, mixed of skin colors, country backgrounds, differing sexual identities and orientations, cross-dressers, various levels of intelligence, varying religions, and many more, in media and in person; I never thought of myself different from and other than who I was, am, and continue to be.

The BIG picture is people fear that they do not understand, or their base knowledge of that fear was an out-of-context misunderstanding. People should take a few minutes with an open heart and open mind to learn about that which they fear or are concerned about.

Trump is detached from reality

9 March at 12:18 am

Chris shared a comic image criticizing Trump.

Trump personality disorder.png

International Women's Year Stamp

9 March at 4:35 pm

Found a new stamp to Really Like! We Women deserve another Year to be Celebrated! #InternationalWomensYear

International womens year stamps.jpeg

He linked to the Ebay listing for it. He also updated his Facebook cover photo to feature that picture.

I Am Woman

10 March at 10:08 pm

Me too. I Am Woman, and nobody else is going to tell me otherwise or mislabeled.

He linked to an article.

Shared memory on social anxiety

12 March at 12:11 am

He saw his own post from 2016 and shared it.

Shared post on dental work for Ellie Quinn

12 March at 12:14 am

He linked to a fundraiser.

Shared memory on prospects

12 March at 9:42 am

He saw his own post from 2015 and shared it.

Keep an open heart for bisexuals

13 March at 10:11 am

We all should always have an open heart for bisexuals.

He linked to an article.

He also posted to the article's comment section.

I empathize with you, Beth. I was ignored by others and mistreated for a while. And I'm counting the internet Trolls and bullies in that. I have seen kindness in the LGBTQ community, and yet I am also aware of the few out of them who feel misunderstood and left out, and feel upset. All that aside, people are people. And I can tell you to simply continue with your life, Continue to hold your Bisexuality Proud and Loud. There are people who have open hearts for bisexuals, and I am one of them.

Bonus for $1,000 stamp album

13 March at 2:05 pm

Bonus Added: Ten randomly selected UN covers, and a set of seven commemorative used stamps in set bags.

He linked to the listing and updated it.

Shared article on Trump supporters

15 March at 3:00 am

He linked to an article.

St. Patrick's and an Autobot

17 March at 11:17 pm

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

St patrick's.jpg

Buy more stamps

17 March at 11:20 pm

Brought to you by Mr. Bobby C's Stamp Collection; come on up, and buy some stamps/covers to help support the Chandler family here.

He linked to his Ebay.

Five songs to describe life

18 March at 1:01 am 2017-03-17 22-02-09.png

Please buy stamps

19 March at 3:26 am

feeling concerned.

Please, Buy My Stamps. My mother and I can Really do with the money.

At 3:35 am, Chris uploaded a copy of his I'm selling my father's stamp collection; come on down and buy some of it video to Facebook.

It should be noted that Chris had made $85 in sales then quickly spent $90 on toys.



I thought I read that you spent some money on lego sets after you sold some stamps. What kind of bills did that help pay?


For your information, I did NOT buy any lego sets, and the money went towards our debtor payments.

Kim Wilson:

Christine Weston Chandler I think you're confused.

I've seen some of your purchases listed, and all the account information seems to check out.

So so everyone knows: Christine Weston Chandler does generally spend money on legos and toys, but when there's spare money, it might go to bills.

Just to clarify your post.

More stamps

19 March at 10:12 pm

The featured cover from the set of covers just added onto my shop is one of the 25th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1973

He linked to his Ebay.

Pakistani transgender cartoon

20 March at 12:59 am

Is this cartoon translated to English yet?

Explaining Son-Chu's design

Chris posts about reading the Son-Chu article on this wiki and explains his design inspiration for it.

21 March at 8:13 pm

I've read what y'all thought were the inspiration Autobots behind Son-Chu: Jazz and Hot Rod? That is funny. Actually, when originally conceived in my noggin Years ago, I was binging on Transformers Animated during the time, and the only Autobot in mind that inspired the design was T.A. Bumblebee, in reference of how to make the breast part look like the hood while still having the original car hood in vehicle mode (albeit differing color). The remainder of the design actually came from Two past color Custom Autobot pages I designed and printed before then on Jazz and Hot Rod were FAR away from my mind at the time. As for why I made a fresh drawing and uploaded it on St. Patrick's Day, regardless of the holiday, will be revealed soon.

Sonchu explain 1.jpeg Sonchu explain 2.jpeg Sonchu explain 3.jpeg

Damn you, Trump! Give PBS its money

23 March at 1:03 am

Damn You, Trump! Elmo, Cookie Monster, AND Telly?! What next? Big Bird? Give Public Broadcasting their money, you Mean One, Mister Grump.

#SaveElmo #SaveCookieMonster #SaveTelly

Not-clean joke

23 March at 2:17 am

I have one not-clean joke to add:

I like going to the restroom; every time, I win with a Royal Flush.

Look like Ariana Grande

24 March at 1:42 am


Ariana grande cwc.png

For some reason, that message was posted 10 times in a row.

Transgenders in locker rooms

Chris read an article on a lawsuit filed by a male student (Joel Doe), who claimed discrimination because a transgender student was using the same locker room.

24 March at 1:54 am

I say to Joel Doe, Suck It Up, kid. If a lack of a penis on someone bothers you, look at someone else who has one. After all, a penis is an outward-grown clitoris.

Trump meme

25 March at 1:47 am

Trump gets into Mack truck; Optimus Prime and Megatron GROAN in grotesque.

Personality color quiz

25 March at 2:40 am

Me gusta azul.

Personality quiz.jpeg

Raffle for new merch

27 March at 10:55 pm

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Special Giveaway Starting This Week**

I have created the Prototype of a new piece of Sonichu Merchandise, with custom package; I am feeling in good mood to make two more of this item, which I will reveal by the end of the week in a new "review" video.

Entry is automatic with the purchase of one of the stamp and stamp-related items from my eBay shop; Limit one entry per individual name and address set. Purchase is required for entry. If you miss out on an item in the shop, more Will be added.

The Prizes are as followed: One Winner will receive One of the new figure, as well as one Christine Weston Chandler Skylander Imaginator custom Figure. Fifteen Runner-ups will each receive one Skylander Imaginator-Functional custom Card of my Christine Weston Chandler character.

BONUS: if the Stamp Album is sold, that buyer will automatically receive the third of the new figure, as well as one Christine Weston Chandler Skylander custom Figure, And one functional card of the same character.

Random Drawing: The Giveaway time will between March 27, 2017 and April 31st, 2017 at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time; 3:59 AM Pacific Time. The Drawing will take place, personally, on or around May 1st, 2017. All Prizes will be shipped out respectively during, or before, the month of June, 2017. Chances of winning will depend on number of entries received.

Raffle1.jpeg Raffle2.jpeg

He followed up with another post the next day.

28 March at 10:00 am

You have a chance to win a Skylanders figure of myself (official Sonichu merch), or one of 15 character-included cards, and the new character figure (to be revealed later this week). Buy one or more of the stamps from my eBay shop for entry, Today. Or, even better, Automatic Win with purchase of my Beginners Stamp Album.

He linked to both his Ebay and his Skylanders Imaginators Leader Christine W Chandler: random Review N' Stuff video.