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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during February 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. Tweets are archived from Chris' new twitter account starting 9 February. The old twitter account can be found here.

Drama-Free Zone

9 February

There Will Not Be Amy Drama Here!

Chris Christens the New Account With a Selfie

11 February

You are in the right place for me; I am jumping the shark from @CWCSonichu to this one, and this fresh selfie is the proof. If you’re seeing this, then you are one of the first of many, many positive followers.

Have a Great and Safe Day. ⚡️💙⚡️


Go Shawty, It's Ya Birthday

13 February

Today is my Sweetheart, Cryzel Rosechu’s, Birthday!

She is a very awesome gal; super kind and sweet, a powerful healer, and then some, and a personality that shines bright over even darkest days.

Happy Birthday, Honey! 🎂 ⚡️💙⚡️


A Moment With Gary Stu

16 February

Stay Tuned for something completely different in a short while. Meanwhile, here’s Gary Stu.

A little bit of Gary Stu [1] via @YouTube

A Significantly Longer Moment With Dr. Wolf

16 February

Listen Up, because I’m only Recording This Once!

Chris Doesn't Care About Who Blocked Him

21 February

I wish to go on record now that I am soo over the whole blocking mess. I have no concern over who blocked me, and those people can live their lives as they will. I am Through with them all.

Chris White Knights Himself

22 February

@BronyCon tweets:

Do you know of someone who would be a great Community Guest at BronyCon 2019? Those that have gone above and beyond in their work for the fandom who we can honor at our event or who might have ideas for this year? Fill out the form below and let us know!

And Chris Replies:

Perhaps someone who could be better understood and appreciated by those in the Brony Community who misread that individual as Intimidating, Insane, Scary, Creepy, Offensive or similar adjectives?

👉😕 ⚡️💙⚡️

Birthday Girl! 37th Annual Christian Love Day

24 February

Happy Birthday to me.

I just woke up at about 5:30 am, EST, which was the time I was born on the snowy February 24th in 1982. ⚡️💙⚡️ Rough night. Off and on sleeping. Little in dream time. 😪

Here’s the cake; I made my wish; my mother sang the Happy Birthday song. Yay! 😊


Chris's 37th birthday 1.jpgChris's 37th birthday 2.jpg

Chris Explains Some Random-Access Humor

24 February

Please, feel free to screen cap and share the following in this Tweet:

I ended up sharing a partial joke in the “Stone Age” line; I figured it was a simple joke. The whole joke is,

“You don’thave[sic] to tell me twice! But during the Stone Age, you’d tell a caveman more than twice.”


Chris WILL NOT Go on Dr. Phil

24 February

By the way, on further thought of the question, I wish to go on record to refuse to be on Dr Phil. I have seen a few episodes of his show, and I don’t care much for him. He comes off as pretentious. And I do not need such Drama that is a freaking talk show like that.
If anyone should be offering their non-biased responses to my thoughts, I dare say it simply Must be Dr. Wolf’s creator on an actual Moment With Dr Wolf episode or more.

I have spoken. ⚡️💙⚡️

I mean, I’m not going to push anyone or anything, and I have been seeing a psychiatrist at Region 10, if that helps ease everyone’s minds at this time.

A fan responds in the comments:

Chris you should go on doctor Phil. He could be a very good person to vent and talk to! I'm sure you two would get along great!
I said No Phil.

Chris Fills Out A Survey

25 February

[Archivist's note: This is over many tweets, shortened to one box for readability]

I got this from a fellow Brony. My brain is taking a holiday after a rough night last night, so I’m gonna just do this thing.




From the current name of Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, and the CPU, Blue Heart, of the Commodore Consoles.

-Chris Chan, and Chris, are acceptable to me; as long as y’all remember the correct pronouns with me.


-Just turned 37 yesterday.


-Human height: 5’11”

-Sonichu height: 3’5”, plus 7” long ears.


-Female, and Bisexual

Favourite Sound?

-Good Guitar Notes

Favourite Smell?

-Mint and Apples

Any Siblings?


-Joseph Cole Smithey

-Dr. David Alan Chandler


-Carol Suzanne Chandler

Do you drink?

-Not often, but consider myself on the Social Drinker level


Loving my partners:

-Cryzel Rosechu

-Magi-Chan Sonichu

-Sylvana Rosechu

-Mewtwo (the cloned one)

Any Phobias?

-Fear of being Not Liked or Rejected and Pushed-Away (Verbally or Physically) by those I like

Cats or Dogs?

Three dogs



-Patti (Reincarnated Anthromorphic Dog OC)

Many cats outside

Inside cats



Reincarnated Anthromorphic Cat OCs





Any Scars?

-Yes; physical, emotional, and mental

Books you would Recommend?

-Any Goosebumps or Fear Street Book from R.L. Stein.

-“My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” by Kibi Nagata

-My “Sonichu” Book Series.

TV Shows you would Recommend?



-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

-(Sat AM) Sonic the Hedgehog

-(Original) Teen Titans


-Golden Girls

-Keeping Up With Appearances

-Are You Being Served

-Classic Paddington Bear

-Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Senpai


-My ears each have three piercings

-No tattoos

Which Concerts Have You Been To?

-Classical Music Concerts

-Sally Rose Concert

-Fridays After Five Concerts

What would you name your kids?

-Future Daughter:

Crystal Weston Chandler

-Future Intersex Child:

Ricardo Weston Chandler

If you could instantly learn any language, what would it be?

I have plenty of Spanish, so for an insta-learn, I’d want to say all of the languages, but the top choice: Japanese.

Moon or Stars?

Why not both?

Favourite Song Right Now?

-All-Time Favourite: Sonic Boom by Pastiche from “Sonic CD”

-Present Favourite:

Twist of Fate by @olivianj

Best Friend(s)?

-Magi-Chan Sonichu

-Cryzel Rosechu

-Sylvana Rosechu

-Mewtwo (the cloned one)

-My mother, Barbara Anne Weston Chandler

Favourite Sport?





What do you like about yourself?

-Physically: My Eyes

-Characteristically: My self-awareness and mental lucidity

What do you dislike about yourself

-Physically: this born penis

-Characteristically: Random Quotations and Ramblings from my brain when I am tired or exhausted

Someone you miss?

A number of specific individuals who I shall not mistakenly dox on here

Places you’d like to visit?




-maybe Germany, Scotland and Ireland

What was one of the best parties you’ve been to?

-“The Christory of Sonichu” Panel At @MAGFest 2018 😊

Do you want kids?



-Arts and Crafts




-Lego Construction/Building

-Video Games

-some Figure Collecting

-Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh TCG gameplay and collecting

-and more

Favourite Subject?

Mathematics, Art, and Computers

Least Favourite Subject?


Favourite Flower?

Lilies or Daisies

What are you currently looking forward to?

Getting myself, Fullestly, to Cwcville in Dimension C-197, or our combined Dimensions of 1C211987

Dream Vacation?

Ponyville In Equestria

Where do you see yourself five and ten years from now?

In our fully merged/combined Dimensions, helping all of my peoples, loves, family, allies, friends, in Cwcville, Comma and anywhere else I can be of good help, and with my daughter, Crystal Weston Chandler Rosechu.

Why did you join Twitter?

To branch out socially; something else to put some of my thoughts, art and media on to share.

Certainly NOT to be Hated and Harassed upon by the Internet Bugbear Bullies. ⚡️💙⚡️

How are Russel and Cynthia

28 February

I’ve just received a question on the current status of Russel Sonee and Cynthia Rosey.

These two characters are your children, right? What happened to them? So far we haven't seen them in any other comics or mentioned. I'm only curious.


Ah, yes. Russel and Cynthia are the children of my Cwcville counterpart, not myself, personally. They both are still very much alive, safe and well. Christine has been working hard in her responsibilities and workloads, which was why she had left them with Heather.
Russel and Cynthia have both evolved and are working with Christine and helping others out, while still being themselves. They both are finding their tough type niches, while still remaining heartfelt and kind. They found work in a car garage and taken up vehicular education.
They are also learning about the ins and outs of the military vehicles, so they can do some damage to a few of the enemies’ assets, quick as a flash.

Christine watches over them, but not in a helicopter parent way; she is very proud of the two of them.

Chris Drops Some Spicy Sonichu Facts

28 February

I am in the middle of another fresh drawing for everyone’s consideration, but I have another Factoid about the typical Rosechu, and some Sonichu that y’all may add to the Trivia Tracks:

Every Single Sonichu and Rosechu DOES have the red electric face cheeks.


The deal is that in most Rosechus and some Sonichus, the red cheeks are not as opaque, compared to their fur colour. So, it ends up being overruled by the fur, and appears hardly visible at all. But, the cheek sacks are there; no doubt. Electricity is also stored in their...
...souls and hearts, regardless.

So, yeah, to reiterate:

EVERY Sonichu and Rosechu has their Electric face Cheeks. ⚡️💙⚡️

A commenter questioned:

Wait so does that mean there’s multiple sonichus? Is he an individual or a species? 🤔

Chris Replied:

Sonichus and Rosechus are Pokemon; my Son and Rosey were Both the Very First In existence, from the ends of the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003. They Both are Individuals out of the species.

The typical wild, or trained, Sonichu and Rosechu have the limited vocabulary, like most...

...Pokemon do. They are capable of learning human speech. In fact unknown from the Pokemon Games, in our Sister Dimension, there does exist a Technical Machine, for each language, that teaches Pokemon vocabulary and speech. Meowth was a pioneer in wild Pokemon learning...
...to communicate outside of their native tongues. The TM’s availability is rather limited, though. It became Very Popular when it hit store shelves in 2007. And some Pokemon became quite the colourful talkers after a while listening to their trainers. And the sad truth is,...
...some Trainers actually remain feeling content with the lack of verbal communication between them and their Pokemon. 😔

Seriously Disappointing. At least, it Is a choice, and Options are good. ⚡️💙⚡️

More About Cynthia and Russell

28 February

Everyone, in the few years since the First Annual Pride Festival in Cwcville, I proudly present what results from the genes of a lady Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu; very well educated, tough, smart and athletic, here are Russel Sonichu and Cynthia Rosechu.

Russel and Cynthia mechanics 28 Feb 2019.jpg

Russel and Cynthia ended up getting tough oil and grease stains in their quills. She uses a very tough shampoo to get it out of her hair, and does a better job keeping her tail out from under the vehicles while working on them. Rus got an ear tip burned off while working...
...under the hood and chassis. He likes to chill and drive once in a while; they Both have legal and valid Drivers Licenses, and are savvy and great drivers. Though running still runs their course. They both are able to pull stunts, twists, drifts, drafts and turns, likes the...
...which of Salughter Race’s Shank and Vanellopie, both can appreciate and applaud. Rus and Cyn are both That Awesome of Drivers. And knowing both vehic and running stunts in a mad dash to take out that enemy jet with a wrench turn is quite an asset on the battlefield.


In Response to a now-deleted tweet, Chris writes:

My bad! I was going for a Checkmark gesture, but I drew it wrong.