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This page covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page in October 2015. He also returned to his protest group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!, to close the book on this saga.


  • 1 October - Chris offers Amiibo to trade on a collector site.
  • 3 October - Chris is considering making an autism Amiibo.
  • 4 October - Chris gets banned from the Facebook collector site.
  • 4 October - Chris tells William Elliott Waterman that they look nothing alike.
  • 8 October - Chris provides a checklist of his current and planned Amiibo.
  • 9 October - Chris apologizes for showing hostility towards a fan in public.
  • 9 October - Chris plans a jerkop Amiibo and provides some backstory on the relationship between Slaweel Ryam and Count Graduon.
  • 15 October - Chris links to a Super Smash Bros. video and defends his play style.
  • 16 October - The autism Amiibo is unveiled.
  • 17 October - Chris displays new versions of the Angelica Amiibo.
  • 18 October - Chris begins a contest to guess the name of a new Sonichu character.
  • 20 October - The new character is announced, a replacement for Robotnik.
  • 23 October - Chris writes that new Sonichu #11 pages will be revealed the coming weekend.
  • 26 October - On a busy day, Chris uploads the new Sonichu #11 pages, announces the sale of a print version of Sonichu #1, links to a video thanking his fans, and reveals two new Amiibo prototypes.
  • 28 October - Chris tacks on two new pages to the end of Sonichu #1, revealing that Sonic and Amy Rose are not TRUE and HONEST.
  • 30 October - Chris remarks on a video purporting to show that Super Smash Bros. is an autistic game.
  • 31 October - Chris posts new art showing his Sonichu characters dressed up for Halloween.

Chris's Posts

Autism Amiibo

3 October 2015
Mii 8.jpg

New Offer on the Cwcville Shopping Site: Enter Coupon Code: FREENUM0BOOK, upon checkout to receive a Free copy of Sonichu Comic Book #0 with purchase of any of my Custom Amiibo Figures (MUST purchase both a figure AND the book on the same transaction in order to use the coupon code. Expires December 31, 2015).

I am considering making a Custom Amiibo Figure of my perception of the face of the mental condition Autism. **NOTE: the face is NOT of any individual person or persons, nor and especially NOT of any person, living or deceased, who has, or had, suffered from Autism of any form. The figure will be made directly with a single Mii Brawler Amiibo figure. Also, on the additional difference, I would fully promise to donate the $10 of each figure sold towards Autism Awareness at my local Virginia Institute of Autism to help the children and adults, aside from Mii, :), who suffer from the social ability-degrading mental condition.

If this post receives at least 100 "Likes" before Tuesday, October 6, I will move forward with the idea, and make a listing on my shop on Etsy of the figure. http://www.etsy.com/shop/CwcvilleShopping.

Thank You.

**Disclaimer: the Prototype of the Autism Mii figure has not yet been made, and an image of the figure will be uploaded after its creation.

Chris also posted this on the "Autism Awareness" page as a visitor.

Amiibo Checklist

8 October 2015

I will make a picture checklist of my figures in the near future, but in the meantime, I will type it out.

I also feel it advisable to point out an obvious fact that some may have missed in all this: These Figures May be the ONLY Official Sonichu and Rosechu Figures I will be able to make ever. And these should Not only be appreciated for their Collectability, but also for their playability in Imagination and actual Play Time (with regard to the caution that should a portion break or fall off, it should be reattached, carefully, with Krazy Glue.

Now then, a current-to-my-knowledge Official (updatable)(non-picture) Checklist of Sonichu, Rosechu and CWC (Amiibo) Figures (regardless of figure base chips, or alternate variations).

Collect Them All!!!

Wave One

001 - Sonichu

002 - Rosechu

003 - Blake Sonichu

004 - Wild Sonichu

005 - Bubbles Rosechu

006 - Angelica Rosechu

007 - Punchy Sonichu

008 - Magi-Chan Sonichu

009 - (Pre-2011) Christian Weston Chandler

010 - Chris Chan Sonichu

011 - (Post-2011) Christine Weston Chandler

Wave 2

012 - Slaweel Ryam

013 - Count Graduon

014 - Cera Rosechu

015 - Christine Rosechu

016 - Robbie Sonichu

017 - Simonla Rosechu

018 - Sandy Rosechu

019 - Zapina Rosechu

020 - Silvana Rosechu

021 - Jerkop/Janekop

Wave 3

022 - Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc

023 - Metal Sonichu

Bonus/Extra (and undecided at the moment) Figures

??? - Autism Mii

??? - Barbara Weston Chandler

??? - Robert Franklin Chandler Jr.

Chris Gets Spooked

9 October 2015

I am typing this up right now to make a valid point. I was out shopping a bit, and there was rain and distant lightning spooking me. Out of nowhere, just as I was getting out of my car, someone from a red car Shouts, "I love you, Chris Chan!" It spooks the crap out of me! I already had a LOT on my mind, and I did not care for the loud surprise, and after five seconds, because I felt offense at being shocked by the scare, I gave the finger as I was going into the store. While I realize it was wrong of me to give the bird, it does stand that while other people do have other things going on in their minds at the time, no one should ever shout at a person unexpectedly without a greeting prior. Had I have the warning, the verbal gesture could have received a more positive, less offensive, response. I apologize to that person in the red car for giving the bird in response.

A gal-pal recommended:

I think you should feel honored someone recognized ya, hun!

Chris replied:

Yeah, but initially, it WA/ as heavy a shocker at the time it could have sparked a freaking Heart Attack.

Jerkop Amiibo

9 October 2015


Update Your Checklists, as I have just done so. I have decided to definitely add the Jerkop/Janekop into the Sonichu and Rosechu figure set. AND these will be practically, but not literally, "a dime a dozen". I have decided to use Mario or Luigi Amiibo Figures for their bases, and already being Human Forme, I won't require a secondary figure for these.

AND, the disposable Jerkop/Janekop...**Story Detail Piece** ahead, and possibly **SPOILER ALERT!**...

Are considered in reality without individual identity, and here is why...

Originally, while Graduon was still ensphered and wielded by Slaweel, the people were brainwashed and under remote mind control. Being confined and without a body, Graduon's powers were limited, whereas With a body of his own, he could do as bad as reverse aging on deceased bodies, then import a small portion of his (magically) regenerating soul into the soul less bodies and amass his army/crew of soldiers. And without identities, they would literally be a neutral character set in any event. That is Why Jerkops and Janekops would be considered, not literally, disposably a dime per dozen.

After the prototype(s) have been made, a new listing will be created for them.

Also, Definite SPOILER ALERT...

After possession of the metal body, Graduon does not bust Slaweel out of jail, nor enlist her for his new regime.


William wrote:

I think the animal crossing villager has a closer resemblance to jerkops.

Chris responded:

I agree, but the Villager Amiibo figure is more difficult to come by. I can perform just as well with the tough edits on a Mario or Luigi, or Mii Brawler figure to make better resemblance to any Jerkop or Janekop. And between the Mario and Luigi figures, that does allow me to make more multiple customizable figures of a Jerkop or Janekop less expensively.

Another friend asked:

Why isnt the standard jerkop black, like most of the others in your comic book?

Chris replied:

You're thinking of the Jerkhief character. The majority of the Jerkops and Janekops are white, and Graduon does not discriminate in origins of the people and bodies; very diverse.

Still Flogging the Amiibo

Chris linked to one of his new videos and wrote:

15 October 2015

Enjoy some Demo Videos of the Mii Characters available to play against with a figure that is able to feature that Mii in their Amiibo Base (this includes both Christian and Christine Chaldler [sic] figures, Autism, Slaweel Ryam and Count Graduon. And Jerkops/Janekops and Reldnahc Naitsirhc figures coming soon.

See details on each figure listing; Only on Cwcville Shopping on Etsy.com!

William offered a critique:

Christine, I have a complaint about the battle; you made three alter-egos of yourself battle one stand-in for autism. A 3 against 1 battle is totally one-sided and unfair. Am I supposed to applaud you for ganging up on that autistic amiibo? You know what would be really impressive: Make 3 Autism amiibos at Maximum CPU level battle one Christine — yourself, the player, not another CPU — which will show the tremendous challenge of overcoming autism and your total awesomeness at succeeding to win the match! I want to see your mad Super Smash Bros. skills, girl! It would also be cool if future Sonichu comic fights had difficult adversaries to Sonichu and pals and they don't always win easily, if you get the hint. ;)

Chris replied:

The point is to BEAT and Recover from Autism, so the symbolism of the battle is to the point and accurate towards the cause.

Billy tried again:

You can be overpowered and still win. Did you read the ending of the fourth Harry Potter book where he had spider venom in his leg, loss of blood from a cut open wrist, was cruxiated by Voldemort, outnumbered by over a dozen adult death eater wizards, and still beat voldemort in a wizard duel? Then he managed to escape with his friend's body from the portkey, and that polyjuice'd death eater in disguise tried to kill him when he was down (after boring him to death with a long villain exposition speech to give dumbledore enough time to run in and stupefy his arse). That's a real heroic victory. It wouldn't be impressive if Harry just... used imperio on all his minions and ganged up on voldemort with dirty tricks. It would make him look like a villain.

Totally missing the point, all Chris had to say was:

I hardly cared much for the Potter. I never read the books or seen the movies.

Chris also completely side-stepped the circumstance that he was writing this immediately upon returning from court after being convicted.

The Autism Amiibo Revealed

A representation of autism, in more ways than one.

Chris linked to his Etsy page and wrote:

16 October 2015

I've made the prototype figure for the Autism Mii. It comes with removable headband as featured in Super Smash Bros, covering its blushing cheeks underneath its eyes, and above its mustache and mouth. Its nose is on its chin.

Buy One Now to support Autism research and recovery in VA.

Also, use Promo Code: FREENUM0BOOK for a free copy of Sonichu Book #0 with purchase of this, or any figure. (Expires 12/31/2015; must have both in cart)

Now With Lumpier Breasts

17 October 2015

Check it out; I've figured out the alternate variations for the Angelica Rosechu figure, and it allowed me to reduce the price of the Palutena base version by $25, so any version of her is available for $50.00 plus shipping. Doesn't the Halo version look delightful? :)


Fifty of These Goddamn Things

18 October 2015

**A Golden Opportunity** Announcement!

I have just realized that on the Sonichu Amiibo Figures that I have made, we are closing in on the Fiftieth Sonichu Figure Made. There are a few more to go until then, but I have decided on an idea.

The Fiftieth Sonichu Figure will have its base, and the shoes, Totally Painted Gold (in lieu of the tradional Battery-Charge Blue). AND, as this will be the first milestone figure, the person who orders the Fiftieth Sonichu Figure, will also receive a Rosechu Figure, as a free one time bonus.

So, WHO will get Sonichu Number 50? It Could Be YOU.

Good Luck.

The Answer is Pittsburgh Pirates

18 October 2015

Also, including in Book #1, which will be made available in less than a couple of weeks on Cwcville Shopping, the previously borrowed Robotnik character will be replaced with a newly created Robotics Scientist (who followed in Robotnik's footsteps, but is not related). His name has been thought up as well; I am announcing a little contest for those who are interested. The prize is a Free copy of Sonichu Comic Book #1 (ONLY One Winner will be slected, and One Prize will be distributed).

In the Comments Below THIS Post with the hints I am providing; the First Person who Guesses the new character's name, or is the closest, will receive Sonichu Book #1, free of charge.

The hints are follows:

-His Full Name is two words, and totals to three syllables.

-His first name is the same as one of the Nicktoon Characters.

-His Initials are R.S.

-His last name flies with the jets, and Rainbow Dash.

-His last name sounds similar to the name of an evolved Pok'emon.

I will announce the Name, and upload his image onto here shortly before I create the book project on Lulu.com, right before the book becomes available, before Halloween.

Good Luck, and have a great and safe day.

Not long after making this post, Chris realized that his authoritarian rules about who can comment on his Facebook page restricted the contest's eligibility to his few official friends. He solved this problem by adding that people could also "Message me on Etsy.com."

Billy asked:

So, is this just a name change, or are you actually erasing robotnik and redrawing a new character design into the comic?

Chris replied:

Removing Robotnik; New Complete Character.


As for the name... I'm guessing... Ren Starmy?


Not Starmie.

Billy made several more guesses, including:

Ren Skyzor.

Chris confirmed:

You got it in pronunciation; his name is Ren Skysoar.

Introducing Dr. Ren Skysoar

Ren metal.jpg

Chris shared a photo posted to his Etsy account along with:

20 October 2015

Billy got the name; it is his choice of Who now gets the free copy of Sonichu Book #1. Time to suck up to him. LOL

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Ren Skysoar.

He added:

And Skysoar's head DOES look like a Strawberry; a funny accident in drawing that adds appeal to him. Besides which, a Strawberry diet sounds a Lot healthier than an all Egg diet.
Welcome to the Cwcville area, Ren "Strawberry" Skysoar. LOL

On the same day, Chris uploaded 15 "new" retconned pages of Sonichu #1 to make the transition from Robotnik to Ren Skysoar.

Oh Boy, More Pages!

23 October 2015

I am coloring in the new pages I have drawn for Book 11; look forward to seeing them in the album on here Saturday or Sunday.

Have a great and safe day.

Sonichu: The Force Awakens

On 26 October, Chris uploaded 16 new pages of the ongoing tale of Sonichu #11.

Sonichu #1 Now in Print

Chris linked to a new offering on his Etsy store and wrote:

26 October 2015

Sonichu Book #1 is up on Cwcville Shopping; ready to be printed and autographed (or shipped directly without an autograph). Buy and continue the collection; enjoy.

Thank you, and have a great day.

You're Quite Welcome

Chris linked to a rare YouTube video along with:

26 October 2015

Thank You All for your continuing support. :)

More Wave 2 Prototypes

26 October 2015

Two new prototype figures completed! Simonla Rosechu and Silvana Rosechu. Two left for me to make to officially complete my own Wave 2 Set. Enjoy viewing these for now. I may add the newer figures onto my shop mid-November.

Thank you all for your continued support. :)


An ignorant fan asked:

I like the tail with the stinger, on that one, can it inject poison into its victims?

Chris corrected:

No; it's a Drill, like the ones on her arms that open and close.

Billy asked:

How come silvana has a pikachu tail like a male sonichu?

Chris replied:

Billy, Read Sonichu #8.

Church and State in Cwcville

In two private messages, Waterman asked Chris about the ongoing plot of Sonichu #11:

25 October 2015

Wait... Cera was the oldest? Shouldn't she have evolved first? This is so weird.

27 October 2015

There's something I've been wondering I think you need to address... why was Kevin in that school play? Isn't he Jewish? Why is there a Christian-themed SCHOOL play at all? What happened to the separation of church and state? Are you an antidisestablishmentarianist, Christine Weston Chandler? These are questions we're dying to get answers to.

Chris responded:

Firstly, there was never any separation between church and state. Can't Townsville have its Mayor and still be part of Its church and state? Or perhaps, my idea of "Mayorship" or whatever you wish to refer to it as, was minimal, lack of better, or something. Kevin had volunteered to be part of the play, to explore the other aspects outside of his family's. It's a general Christmas Play; I have only some info on how a play, improved based on past interpretations with human-capable memory of said plays.

And every individual creature or person has their own natural rate of growth; it is not uncommon to have a sibling born on the same day with the others, even to be the Second of the three, to have a Growth Spurt before the other two.

I am also aware of the definition of "antidisestablishmentarianism": to be opposed to the withdrawal, or reluctance, of accepting state or church support and establishment.

I feel it is important for a city to accept the support of the state it is located in. And there are churches in Cwcville.

What the hell have you been thinking? I encourage everyone to be their own person in their respective individual rights and ways of thinking.

Definitely unlike the meme fan art against me, I am Not anti socialist, nor anything like freaking Hitler at all. I do not atone for what he tried to enforce at all.

And I will thank you not to mislabel me as such as well.

Thank you.

More Issue #1 Retcons

Oh noes!

On 28 October, Chris added two brand new pages to his Sonichu #1 album, giving a new twist to the appearances of Sonic and Amy Rose.

Ironic Autism

Chris shared a YouTube video and a link to his Etsy page and commented:

30 October 2015

Isn't it ironic that I would come up with an Actual Autism Character to a game that could be considered in the mind of an Autistic child, in theory? I think it's neat.

Sonichu Finally Goes Trans

31 October 2015

Happy Halloween from Cwcville!

The leading family are theming with Equestria Girls. Sonichu, Rosechu and Robbie are wearing wigs. Christine had her hair colored special for her Twilight Sparkle outfit. I think Robbie looks awesome with the rainbow hair. Cera looks sassy as Applejack. And Sonichu and Rosechu look great as Canonical Friends in the MLP universe: Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody.

Stay Safe while Trick-or-Treating, escorting the children on the outing, or while partying.



Posts by Chris on others' pages

Amiibo For Sale

Chris posted the following on the "Amiibo Trade & Collectors" page.

2 October 2015
Amiibo Trade.png

I now have for trade, NIB, Greninja, Lucario, Captain Falcon, Fox, Dr. Mario and Charizard Amiibo figures; ALL US Versions. I want to trade for the Skylanders/Amiibo: Turbo Charge Donkey Kong With Barrel Blaster, and Dark Hammer Slam Bowser With Dark Crown Cruiser.

Considering their Rarity, I will trade Fox, Lucario, Greninja or Captain Falcon for one pair set of DK with Barrel Blaster, or Dark Bowser with Clown Cruiser. I will trade Charizard and Dr. Mario, as a pair set, for either DK or Dark Bowser figure and vehicle pair.

Please, PM me for serious trade acceptance/offer.

Also, if you like my custom character figures, visit my shop on Etsy: etsy.com/shop/CwcvilleShopping to make a purchase. No Trades for Custom Figures. Enter Promo Code: bogo30off, to buy one of my figures and get a second one for 30% off. (must buy first figure at $50 in order to receive offer).

Bann Has Happened

Chris apparently got his ass banned from "Amiibo Trade & Collectors" for some hostile posts. Someone commented on his Amiibo:

I know you tried but that's not worth 50 at all. And official? You're just merging 2 already licensed characters.

Chris countered:

4 October 2015

I got news for you: LOOK AROUND! LOTS of other people are doing their own characters from pre made characters as well. There are easily a Captain Toad with light up helmet, Pikachus in varying costumes, AND even Mega Charizards X and Y, Mega Lucario, and I will bet Mega Mewtwos will be popping up as well after THAT figure is released.

Step Off, Hater; You've Got Served, Chyeah!

Someone else commented:

this is going to go over many people's heads.

OMFG, wait. is this actually cwc himself? nah, it can't be...[incomplete]

Chris replied:

CWC, HERSELF, Yes, I Have Transitioned and Identified myself as Female. Feminine Pronouns, Please.

No Resemblance


On 4 October, Waterman posted a new photo of himself. Chris commented:

4 October 2015

Good photo. I think I had stated you looked like me in the face; this photo makes me take that back. You look totally different from me.

Waterman responded:

Thanks Christine.

Chris was referring to a post from October 2013.