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"Thank You from Christine Chandler" is a video uploaded to YouTube by Chris on 25 October 2015. It was his first personal appearance in a video since the previous October, when he had produced two videos, one voluntary and one involuntary. It's also the first video in which he identifies as "Christine".

The video contains a message of thanks from Chris to his fanbase for donating to his Etsy page and helping with his financial problems. He also promises that he will update Sonichu soon. Unlike previous promises to update his comic, he made good on this one, uploading thirteen new pages of Sonichu #11 the day the video was uploaded.

Notably, Chris's room is much cleaner than it appeared before his January 2014 house fire. Additionally, the video lacks the green tint his videos normally have, implying that he actually lit his room before filming. Also helping matters is that he shot it on his iPhone--although since he filmed it in the vertical orientation, it suffers from horizontal video bars. Presumably in an attempt to deter trolls, he disabled comments and embedding for the video, proving that Chris can learn.


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Thank You from Christine Chandler
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 25 October 2015
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Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy, ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
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‘Ello! I wanted—This is Christine Chandler coming to you live house here. Anyhow, I wanted to thank, personally thank errybody on the internet for considered support for my books (holds up Sonichu #0) and works and my figures (holds up Sonichu and Rosechu Amiibo) and whatnot, and helping me out around here to recover from a whole bunch of the other stresses and whatnot. Hm. But that’s aside. But anyway, uh, the your, the your, I just wanted to let errybody know that donations are greatly appreciated, and I’ll continue to honor my promises as I have stated in uh, my listings on Etsy and everything. And I’ll include a link in the description where y’all can buy a figure, my book, or donate some more. Hm. (removes glasses) Anyway, it’s all going good and well. Just wanted, it’s just my little video of gratitude, so, more new content is coming up. Stay tuned between my Etsy page, my Facebook, my Twitter. So... (thumbs up) thank you all very much! That’s gonna be a very long page in Book 11 with all, with the names. And I’m very proud to’s probably more than one page. That’ll be really good. Anyway, okay, everybody have a good and safe day. Thank you again.

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