To Mr. Smith

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The "Angry eyes" Sonichu in question.
Chris's passive-aggressive commission to Mr. Smith.

To Mr. Smith is a video uploaded to YouTube by Chris on 26 October 2014. Chris apologizes to an eBay buyer, Mr. Smith, with whom he was having a dispute over the sale of a medallion. After Mr. Smith had filed an eBay claim against Chris, Chris had revealed Mr. Smith's personal information on Facebook. Chris apologized, but in a demonstration of his typical lack of remorse, he sent Mr. Smith an "angry" Sonichu medallion instead of a regular one. After more vitriolic communication, Chris agreed to send a normal medallion as well as a commission. While the commission was intended by Mr. Smith to simply portray him with Sonichu, Chris turned it into a mockery, with a bucket of ice about to fall on Mr. Smith's head. At that point, Mr. Smith demanded that Chris make this video.

This is the second video taken in the Rental House that Chris and Barb lived in after 10 January 2014. Chris's eerie, puke-green camerawork is still apparent, as in his previous video that month. Chris has again chosen to play some godawful orchestrated music that sounds like it belongs in the sappy love scene of a 1950s sitcom. It's possible that this strange choice of soundtrack was added in an attempt to indicate sincerity, since he is generally unable to show legitimate emotion in a convincing way. The sloppy editing, disgusting appearance, lack of post-production, inconsistent message, and overall low quality of the video show that Chris has made this forced apology in the laziest possible manner.

This video was taken down soon after upload, but fan archivists preserved it. The cinematography, combined with the old music and the somber tone, have drawn comparisons to the content of the album Everywhere at the End of Time, which is about dementia.


To Mr. Smith
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Stardate 26 October 2014
Subject Matter WebsiteWebsite eBay, OtherUnknownIcon.png Mr. Smith
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy, ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business, CatherineCatherine Catherine, Sonic BoomSonic Boom Sonic Boom
I Love You, Catherine
Brushfire Video
I'm hurting. It hurts. Errything hurts. A lot hurts.


["A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" plays in the background.]

To Mr. Smith, I'm very sorry about...sending you the medallion with the...[rubs his eye] angry face. And...I should just treat you like the other customers and give you the original face in the first place. [sigh]

Well, you did get that, a, th-, the second one and I apologize for...drawin' with the want of droppin' a bucket of ice on your head...because you...sent my finances down the drain a sinking ship. Anyway, I'm very sorry. [sigh]

I'm hurting. It hurts. Errything hurts. A lot hurts. Goddamn stressful life! [groans and sighs again]


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