I'm Sorry, Dude

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I'm Sorry, Dude is a video apology made by Chris to his gal-pal Kim Wilson's boyfriend. Chris had posted "Don't Trust Any Homos Over There" only two hours prior, and Kim's boyfriend's brother was a gay soldier who lost his arms in the Iraq War. The veracity of this claim of Kim's was never explored.


I'm Sorry, Dude
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Stardate 15 June 2009
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Don't Trust Any Homos Over There
CWC Update 1 July 2009
Stephen Fry was a homosexual, but y'know he did a good job being a narrator on Little Big Planet. And I respect him for that.


Uh, I dedicate this video to uh, Logan. Boyfriend of my gal-pal, Kim. Yeah, anyway uh, I've--I just wanted to uh, apologize for uh...offending you in anyway, I mean, especially like, y'know, when you consider the uh, past videos I did, and uh, like, y'know, the recent one-- Yeah. Shout out to uh...y'know, his uh, brother...who is a homosexual himself, but he fought in the war. Poor fella lost both of his arms. But, y'know, he did his thing and he fought in the war, I respect him for that.

And you know I respect uh, some guys who might be homosexuals themselves, but they ac-- accomplish other things like Stephen Fry who was a homosexual, but y'know he did a good job being a narrator on LittleBigPlanet. And I respect him for that...Uh, so...yeah I don't know why I uh...I guess I was just mad at the uh, majority of the male population that uh, which uh, y'know which the majority can be cruel an' mean, but uh, y'know, some of the guys like uh, Logan, uh, can be--or some of the uh..opposite, like y'know, they're good guys.

They're just doing what they can. And uh, y'know, also like y'know, his brother is a good guy, he did what he could in the w--in the uh, other--in the Iraq, but yeah, I mean-- I mean no disrespect, I mean no disrespect Logan, and I apologize...I tell you what, uh y'know, I can make it up to you, if you want, I can treat you to a drink one night, or afternoon.

Or like, y'know, or we could just hangout or whatever...and uh, also Logan, I want you to know, y'know, just for the record that the videos I did in the past, that might portray me so wrongly, you know, I was like, I was leading on false beliefs, to uh, do those, like y'know, the trolls pose as woman, or like y'know my ex-quote-un-quote girlfriends. I say quotes because y'know, some of them were actually guys instead of women...Okay. Well, you take care and...again, I'm sorry for offending you.

Take care... Peace. [Peace sign]

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