I am devoted to My Sweetest Ivy

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I am devoted to My Sweetest Ivy is a video made by Chris on 17 April 2009, wherein he apologizes to Ivy for various reasons via one of his blow-up dolls.


I am devoted to My Sweetest Ivy
Stardate 17 April 2009
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga IvyIvy Ivy
Shirt Vert RedVert Red Vertical Red
April 16 Fetish Vids
Matthew 5:27, CWC Confessions

I promise you my heart, my soul, even my virginity...


Ivy, I’m sorry I’ve made some mis-, I’m sorry I’ve made the mistakes of showing your picture off to some, to a few, trusted individuals in real life, and I’m sorry about'ta other mistakes I’ve made like, I've should have been drawing the comic, but I got caught up with other things from real life.

Ivy, I promise you, I promise you my undying love and devotion, I promise you my heart, my soul, even my virginity, and all my romantic ways and all my emotions, my undying emotions. They belong only to you.

I swear in the name of my lord and savior Jesus Christ (maybe?) [Chris blatantly gropes Kimmivy's left breast], I will never, ever, leave you. You have my undying devotion. I'm all yours, and I hope that you fee-, mmh, I know that you feel samely about me. So, let’s just try to keep it that way and Ivy, I love you so much. [Creepy french kissing with Kimmi]

Never leave me, Ivy. And I will never leave you. I love you too much.

April 16 Fetish Vids Chris's videos Matthew 5:27, CWC Confessions