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On the evening of 16 March 2009, Chris posted an Apology to Emily. Emily was mentioned in his previous video, and Chris had just stood her up on what was intended to be the original Emily Date.


Apology to Emily
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Stardate 16 March 2009
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Apology to Game & Hobby Place
I called out for you, but, uh… no response.


[sighs] Hello. This, uh, message is for, uh, Miss Emily.

Mmm… I'm sorry—uh, I’m so—I apologize deeply for, uh, missing our meeting earlier today, but, uh, yeah, my—yeah, my mom, uh, w—was in disbelief, but yeah, also, my father was in full belief… and, uh, still conflicting—all the conflicting prob—all the conflicting opinions and whatnot just made me feel unsure. But I promise—I promise-- Emily, I promise… [shows “promise ring”] I will—in the—in the next chance that I—next opportunity we g—uh, we schedule a meeting, I will definitely make it.


Well, anyway, again: I'm sorry. And I did wait at the church for you for half an hour. And I did pop—and I did drop by the, uh, mall… in front of the—in front of the—at the Chick—in front of the, uh, Chick-fil-A there. And I sh—and I called out—and I called out for you, but, uh… no response. So, I just didn't know what to make of that… at that point, as well.

Anyway, uh, call me back, and, uh… hopefully, we will get a chance to meet in person… on the next chance we get, and I just won't, uh, inform my mother about it.

Alright. Have yourself a fun spring break. I'll see ya in a couple of days.

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