You're Always Pretty

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You're Always Pretty (leaked as hyigybybbhgy.flv) is the second video Chris's mother has ever appeared in; she previously appeared in ChandlerFamilyChristmas2004. In the video Chris and Barb solemnly make small talk while eating junk food. Chris throws her some strangely inappropriate compliments, and it is implied that they have been fighting and not speaking to each other, although there is no clear reason as to why (though this was early in the Tomgirl Saga, where Barb was still resistant to Chris's new changes. According to Chris's Facebook page, it may also be because he got caught flipping the bird to a Jerkop). The video was leaked on 25 February 2012.


You're Always Pretty
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See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
A non-sequitur from Barb


[Barb and Chris sit at a table eating fast food from McDonald's. Chris has apparently just brought out his camera and set it down. For some reason, Barb is wearing Chris's old pair of Pedo-Glasses with the blue Crayola Model Magic bridge. Tears for Fears' "Head Over Heels" plays in the background.]

Chris: -Oh.

Barb: [Laughing like Jabba the Hutt]

Chris: Yeah.

Barb: You got your digital camera?

Chris: Yeah. Just a little something there. Uh...

Barb: Who- who're you gonna take pictures of?

Chris: Uuh...just you.

Barb: Oh.

Chris: 'Cause I love you.

Barb: Oh, okay. [Laughing]

Chris: Yeah... [Pause], you having fun tonight? Aaaare we having fun right now?

Barb: I'm eating.

Chris: Mmm'kay...y'know, you're very pretty. You're always pretty!

Barb: Thank you... See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, have no fun! Hm?

Chris: What?

Barb: [Chuckles]

Chris: Yeah. The shirt I picked out from Goodwill the 'udder day. Yeah. I am free as a bird! And this bird you cannot change!

Barb: Enjoy your food.

Chris: Yes- [turns off camera]

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