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"Don'tPintheOop" ("Don't P in the Oop", or thanks to how it's arranged "Don't Pin the Oop") is a video Chris uploaded on 30 October 2010. In this video, Chris gives a shout out to Gulliver, a relative of Jackie. He then discusses the matter of pooping himself and the resulting dirty underwear. It is discovered in this video that he has actually crapped himself in public on multiple occasions, not just at his house. Finally, he announces the upcoming execution of Clyde Cash, and how crapping his pants isn't as bad as having "orange faces".

Chris also mentions his computer being "busted" and that he is "going to get a new one." He has also replaced the white tape that used to hold his Pedo-Glasses together with a homemade CRAYOLA FUCKIN' MODEL MAGIC nosepiece.


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Stardate 30 October 2010
Subject Matter OtherUnknownIcon.png DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS, TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy, ReasonReason Reason
Saga JackieJackie Jackie, ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
Shirt Vert RedVert Red Vertical Red

So not really a big deal. I mean, the only way that people might notice is possibly is from a weird way you're walking or otherwise the stench.


[Chris is wearing blue taped glasses and holding a red clipboard.]

Hello, this is a video dedicated to a…

[Chris looks at the clipboard.]

…Gulliver. It's a shout-out to him, a relative of a girl, uh, of the woman I'm seeing. You know, it's okay to be different. Ya know, sometimes we have our accidents, we poop ourselves. Yeah, then we end up with dirty pants. Hey, I know I've had my accidents! They're mostly stress-induced!

[Chris pauses and appears to hold in a burp.]

And specifically of a recent event I had a near— I had a near inci— near accident. I just really felt it bad in my gut. And I'll tell you what caused it. It was the risk of losing my— losin' my girlfriend here because of, uh, things, cause of minor indifferences, especially a bein' able— me being unable to get on the PC because it's been busted. Lookin' ta get a new one. And I am going to get a new one.

But anyway, almost did, but fortun'ly, I was able to make it home in time. But there was another time where I actually— where I actually did happen to be where I pooped my pants in public. It was just stressed-sisduced an' it could be held, it just came out quick. I mean, it was a very uncomfortable ride home that day. But I managed to hold my— ta' keep my cool and cleaned myself out after I got back home. So not really a big deal. I mean, the only way that people might notice is possibly is from a weird way you're walking or otherwise the stench. But yeah, don't think of us as different, 's just something we gotta take care of ourselves because we can't right now. But we will take care of it when we get home or when we get to the nearest restroom.

And you know if you're tall— if you're tall enough to get over, just squat over a commode in the men's room then wipe yourself, maybe wipe your underpants, too. I have done that before myself. I actually done that in a public restroom. I mean, yeah, if you can't make it home in time and you can't make it into a restroom either, you can just squat and clean yourself. That's the best thing to go for there.

Hey, I mean at least our faces are not fuckin' orange…

[Chris performs a dramatic glasses removal.]

…like a certain Cashey Clyde that I know.

[Chris puts his glasses back on.]

Stay tuned for an execution of him in a future video!

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