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New Address is a video Chris uploaded on 27 September 2010. In it, Chris addresses Lars to tell him that he has lost Jackie, who has recently become Chris's girlfriend. He then proceeds to boast about how he will satisfy Jackie's every desire, in an effort to make Lars jealous. The video concludes with Chris warning Lars that if he tries to mess with Jackie, he will have to deal with Chris.

This is the third video in as many days where Chris has worn the same shirt. The video is also a fine example of Chris's "smug voice", in which Chris attempts to lower his voice, stretching out certain vowels in the process.


Dude, I will throw you and knock you out as swiftly and easily as I threw that JetSki. Yeah!!!


New Address
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 27 September 2010
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls, ViolenceViolence Violence
Performance Style SmugSmug Smug
Saga JackieJackie Jackie
Shirt BrickFest 2000Brickfestshirt.png BrickFest 2000
Anti Troll Movement Video1
Lars Is Jivin'.MP4

Now she's with a real man. I will satisfy her needs, and her desires.


Hello, Lars. I got your email, and I gotta tell you, you're a dang loser for hiding behind a picture of a black man. A dang photograph. Anyway, it's over! It's over! You've lost! You're history! You're kaput! You could've-you had your chance with Jackie but you gonna- YOU LOST, BUDDY, YOU LOST! [Holds up toy boat, jabbing it at the camera] You just kept concentrating on your daaaayng boats all day and all night, ignoring HER needs, and her desires.

[Licks lips] Now she's with a real man. I will satisfy her needs, and her desires. And if you ever wanna be happy with yourself, you [Flashes the finger] GROW UP! You grow up! And you stop thinkin' about yourself, YEEEEAAAAH! [Raises arms] You grow up, stop thinkin about yourself, YEAAH! [Throws the miniature toy boat he's holding. It hits the ceiling and lands on the floor behind him. Chris flinches and ducks to avoid his own projectile. Stares aimlessly for a long moment.]

You mess with me and her, you're, you're gonna deal with me definitely. Down to the last sweat, or breath.

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