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Chris plays the apology card.

Apology to Game & Hobby Place is a video that Chris posted on 16 March 2009, and the second video where he apologizes to the The GAMe PLACe for his inappropriate behavior that led to him getting banned from the store for good. After apologizing, Chris states that, on top of missing his time there, The GAMe PLACe was the only place in town where he could purchase Eye of Judgement cards.

Unsurprisingly, this video did not get him unbanned from the store.


It's been OVER 9 Months; Please Forgive me Forget the incident, and allow me back my past Responsibilities at Pokemon League. Also buy and play UFS and Eye of Judgment.


Apology to Game & Hobby Place
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Stardate 16 March 2009
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Saga Game_Place_sagaGame_Place_saga The GAMe PLACe
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Apology to Emily
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Please allow me back in...


Also, on another note, uh, I wish to apologize to Michael Snyder for that mistake I made over nine months ago that got me kicked out of The GAMe PLACe.

I miss my Fr- I- I miss my Friday nights over there... and I want- and I wish to, uh, come back, and- and also, in addition to that, y’all are the only place in town that has, uh, Eye of Judgment cards.

So, uh... please allow me back in... and, uh, you have my phone number, so... call me and let me know if I can come back... and also resume my, uh, responsibilities to the Pokémon League. Definitely, that's, uh, big- that’s the big... input there. That’s the big one.

All right. Take care.

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