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During the fall of 2008, between the Blanca Saga and the Julie saga, Chris produced little content for the immediate enjoyment of his trolls as he became engrossed in LittleBigPlanet. After a short while, however, he revealed what he had managed to accomplish to craft with the level editor, and uploaded a variety of videos to YouTube showing off his creations. Upon the release of LittleBigPlanet 2 in 2011, he again retired to his monitor to make more content.

Sonichu Episode 1 LittleBIGPlanet Level

Posted 27 October 2008. Chris presents his very first look at the Sonichu level he created, based on the events of Episode 1 of his comics. The video has no voiceover from Chris; it's possible he was unable to configure his microphone at the time. If you look closely at Chris's Sackboy in the silent videos, you can see that the mouth is moving. This only happens when one is speaking into an in-game microphone, though Chris obviously took a while to figure out how to record it.


THIS IS IT! The Level I have put together over the BETA and Published just in time before my Beta Expired.

**Note, I have made a few changes, because due to the recent Server issues, my level got messed up on the PSEye-taken images, as well as ONE of my triggers. And, I've added a Race Feature that will be promoted in the next-uploaded video. Enjoy.

**Please Heart My Levels After Finding Them.**

Sonichu EP1 LBP Level Race

Posted 28 October 2008. This video demonstrates a feature in the Sonichu level where the user can unlock a race mode, requiring the player to complete the level within a three-minute time limit. Again, there is no commentary from Chris.


Here it is, the Optional Race-Dash through Sonichu's Origin, and how to start it up. Enjoy.

**Please Heart My Levels After Finding Them.**

A New Sonichu EP1 LBP Level Secret

Posted 29 October 2008. This video is a re-upload of the 27 October one, with nothing new revealed in the footage. Chris may have been trying to gain the attention of a LBP forum by reuploading it.


I felt randomly inspired to add a NEW Hidden Secret in my first Sonichu LBP Level. After this update, I promise that any new Publishes onto the LBP Network will be New Levels; I still have a Lot of keys to turn. Enjoy this Covering Secret.

**Please Heart My Levels after finding them.**

CWC's Aqua Teen Hunger Force-Styled Burgertime Level

Posted 14 November 2008. Chris plays through his intensely dull remake of Burgertime with no commentary. Note that by now Sackboy is dressed as Sonichu.


Based off the First two levels of the Midway Classic, in reverse order, and styled after the Aqua Teen; watch me play it through for y'all. It, and the Sonichu Episode 1 Level are available for Play on the LittleBiGPlanet Server, only on Playstation 3.

CWC's Sonichu Costume for Sackboy.

Posted 14 November 2008. Chris shows off the Sonichu skin he has made, and demonstrates how to recreate it.


I have done it! I have created The Sonichu Costume from stickers and costume pieces. I approve, with a thumbs-up, for my Loyal Fans to put together of the costume for themselves. Enjoy. :)

CWC's LittleBiGPlanet Collector's Case

Posted 14 November 2008. For the first time in three weeks Chris's voice is heard on YouTube, as he explains his collector's case concept. Being an autistic packrat, Chris greedily hoards every single prize he creates or obtains in LittleBigPlanet, far beyond the expectations of the game's designers. Since his LBP profile literally cannot hold all of his winnings, Chris developed the admittedly clever (if somewhat pathetic) idea of creating a private level in which to store his excess crap.

Chris also thinks "you should all know him by now" (no matter if you're a LBP or Sonichu fan - everybody automatically knows the legendary comic maker and video game modder, right?) and you should praise and credit Chris for this wonderfully original and technically highly demanding innovation. (Never mind that people did exactly the same thing in MUDs in 1990s, let alone that these exact things were common on the LBP server before it even got out of Beta.)


This is a USEFUL Accessory to have. It is currently available on the LBP Server, and copyable to Your Moon.

Are you tired of after having collected NUMEROUS ITEMS from the Published Levels that the message pops up and states, "Your Profile can't be saved; please delete some items, stickers or levels." Hopefully with this Customizible, Addable Collector's Case I have craftily constructed, you won't have to worry about that any more.

Just Back-Up Your Items in Prize Bubbles for later use in each of the individual small boxes in each 4X4 Box of rows of 5 or MORE.

It's Your Call; Build YOUR LittleBiGPlanet Collector's Case YOUR WAY!


'Ello. Y'all should know me by now. Um, all the people on the Li'lBigBed-, LittleBigPant community, as well as all my Sonichu and Rosechu fans. If not, my name is Christian Chandler, OK. Anyway, I'm here to introduce a level I've just created. More of a concept, really, and a useful tool. [The sackboy jumps up, and the camera zooms out.]

Anyway, I present to you a Li'lBigPlant Collector's Case. [Sackboy flies to the right, then to the left.] You could make ro-, rows, and boxes for, uh, puttin' all your things in. See the problem is, uh, you get too, you ge-, have y-, you ever had the problem where you get so many items off the uh, online levels, that it tur-, ends up, messes up your uh, pro-, you g-, you get the message saying that it's too large, can't save it to your profile? Well, hopefully that case will be able to solve that little problem.

Alright, so I'll tell you what to do. First off, uh, come on these parts, uh. You got three main parts where you could play with. This level is copyable, or if you want to save time, you can put it together yourself. Anyway, uh, you got three main parts you can find them on the first box [pronounced "bots"] here. Er, that, all the other boxes are empty, so it's just a straight pad when you first play it. But anyway, we got the bottom row, we got the starting row here, it's a set of five four-by-four boxes for each row. [Sackboy takes a tour of the bottom row before going to the upper row] And uh, we got the upper row, which uh, comes with, uh, which th-, only the upper row comes with the uh, sponge that comes up and down. [Sackboy bounces up and down, the travels to the bottom row] And then we got the, the.... [Sackboy returns to the "sponge" in the upper row] W-, which by the way, the upper rows are reusable. [Sackboy makes an about-face back to its previous spot in the lower row] And uh, we got all the reusable bottom rows as well.

[Sackboy tries to fly over the shelf] So uh, basically the setup is, uh.... [Inventory appears. Chris shuffles through a bunch of items] What you wanna do is, uh, after you get all the uh, levels, add the, all the uh, parts here.... [Chris selects an item marked "Collector's Case Row"] You can add on. So, y-, you, so you can add more uh, items into your case there. Which by the way, uh, if you're, uh, you place them...well, make sure you place the rows on top of each other...wanna make sure they line up. So flip 'em around a bit. One top of another. [Chris places a row floating a few inches above the top row, not lining them up at all. Sackboy then travels far to the right to select a computer monitor and place it on top of the second row.] As well in the uh, bottom row. [Chris selects another item called "Collector's Case Bottom Row"] And the uh, bottom. So, place that down there. [Chris once again places the item floating above the ground, before realizing his idiocy and placing it in the proper spot] Just a beggin'.[?] As well as there on the uh, upper row. [Chris repeats the same with the misplaced top row, slamming it on top of the row below it]

Right, so basically the idea of the whole collector's case here is backing up all your i'ems so that, uh, when you get to that point, just back up all your items into each of these little boxes, and when you fe-, when you feel like you need, you need na-, you need one of those items for a level you wan-, you're working on, you just come back into the uh, level, you just come back to your own version of this level after you add your items, and go get 'em.

[Chris selects the Popit cursor, selecting a chain and giving stats no one cares about] Anyway, also, with the uh...I put chains on all the in-, on all the inside boxes because you want go left or right among the boxes, but they're all set at 41.5 by 5, maximum-minimum, and should be at four seconds and timed, and pause at two seconds.

[Chris selects the longer chain to the Sackboy's left] But also with the pistons, they're all set for, uh, maximum 115, minimum 35, and four and two again, making sure they're stiff. So anyway, what you wanna do with the, uh, all this here, uh....Aight so I'm just gonna take a small item here, and put it up there.

[Chris opens his inventory and selects, of all things, a big fat picture of himself named "CWC Approves", putting it outside the shelves] Now what you wanna do first off, uh, for it, I recommend it....Take a picture of just the item. [Openly engaging in another act of self-aggrandization, Chris takes a picture of his own picture. An error message tells him off by saying the photo is too large.] See, that's what I'm talking about. That thing. [Defeated, Chris removes the photo and moves the Sackboy to the inside of the shelf] That, see....Let's do away with that. Find an empty box. Just use this one up here.

[Chris places his newly-made photo in said box] Put your little sticker in the background of the uh, item you put in, you wanna, however you wanna save in that box. There you go. [Chris selects a prize bubble, but hesitates as to where to put it] Then you wanna grab yourself a prize bubble, put it all the way into the back there. And you wanna make sure that you got a, just a little, just high enough that you can jump for it, on the bottom row, or uh, you know, you can swing with the uh, ball and chain there, to get on the upper level. 'Kay, you don't want uh, to reach enough by default if you don't wanna go for that item right away.

Then of course, uh, you know how it works. It's, uhh, you know how it works bec-, assuming you've uh, 'ssuming...if you're watching this, you've put together a level of your own...sumpin' like that. So you put your prize, put your prize in the hole. [Chris places the prize bubble in the box. It is a copy of the same photo.]

And then, uh, you can do this, you can tie it to the ceiling with uh, string, or...hold it back, hold the back, hold the uh, L2 button while you got it there, and just glue it. It'll stay there. So it'll be there for you when you come, when you uh, need it, and pick it up.

[Sackboy flies to monitor, then to the end of the bottom row] But course, uh, when you got you-, when you put together your own version of this thing, wanna make sure you have the scoreboard, at the end of the bottom row. But anyway, anyway, the sky's the limit. You can go as sma-, you can make this 'lector's case of your own. You customize your own way: use a number of s-, use your own stickers, all the i'ems, whatever. Do what you want. It's your call. Anyway, yeah. The sky's the limit, for up to the ceiling, and, between walls. Individual one-by-five rows that you could just stack horizontally or vertically, but you want to make sure you end with a scoreboard.

[Sackboy flies to monitor again] You could back, you could back up the, uh....You could, you could back up your own version, with all your, 'ith all your items, on the LittleBigPlanet server, where at that point, uh, [Chris blows the mic] you wanna make sure you, only you can access it, so other people won't go stealing from it. You can also back up every item you use for your own custom levels that you put together. So it really works!

So uh, I'm the one who thought of it. Christian Weston Chandler. So, uh, you know, you can thank me for it. And of course for Sonichu. [Sackboy swings his head around as if convulsing in seizure] Alright, so, that's b-, that's the update, so, hope you all enjoy it, and y'all take care.

CWC's Personal LBP Collector's Case

Posted 14 November 2008. Chris shows off his own personal collector's case based on the template he explained in the previous video. He is also extremely proud of having invented a shelf.


Take me as an Example for how to organize and store your collected Toys and Stickers, as well as Toys and Stickers you've created for yourself. Also, to keep items you don't want changed dramatically, safe with a LOCK that requires the KEY, which you may provide ONLY to a Few, or Not at All.


[Smooth jazz plays throughout, drowning out Chris’s mumbling. The Sonichu sackboy faces the viewer.]

‘ello again, out there in LittleBigPlanet network and on the internet. After uh, showing, after uh, the uh, show, after the showing of the basic, the basic plain collector’s case, I’ve decided to put away my toys. So, let me show you what I did. And also I added something new, that I will mention later.

[The sackboy flies to a level of the case.]

So here’s my case. And only I can access it, because I fixed it, so that nobody can copy it, and only I can access it. [The sackboy flies around and shows off various rooms in the case. The word “CWCVILLE” appears at the top of the case.] So anyway, yeah, basically uh, just uh, a bunch of Sonic stuff, and other random things. So I just uh, put ‘em in boxes. [zoom in] Oh, look at this, look at this, this [?] at this point here. [?] stuff like that. [inaudible] toys. [announcer voice:] At LittleBigPlanet! All the objects are like toys.

[zoom out] So anyway, I put all my Sonichu level stuff in here, and everything else. Very important trophies, I put them in there first, ‘cause I first talk about them. Yeah so all the comic covers currently. And uh, all the level parts uh, big chunks...and small. And I fixed this so that only I can access ‘em. I mean otherwise I wouldn’t, otherwise I would have made them, have made them, made ‘em [?] level by default.

And also the Aqua Teen stuff. I’ll fix that level later. I had a lot of errors when I put that thing together. And you know, some of the other stuff that I still have from when I downloaded from the internet.

[Chris accesses his inventory] Alright, let me show you something, uh....One thing that really ticks me off, I [?] with this little symbol in the lower right hand corner. You can’t back those up. They cannot be put in the bubble. It ticks me off.

[Sackboy flies to another part of the case.] So anyway, on with the uh, new feature I’ve added, I’ve uploaded. It’s basically a shelf. They have a [?] at the bottom and a thin cardboard [?] piece that [?] in the front, so that it is not hard to tell what [?]. It’s basically like a shelf. So here’s what, so here, I’ll tell you what to do with it. [Chris opens “My Objects” in his inventory] First you get out the uh, goodies bag [?] objects [?] shelf. So anyway, it’s a little smaller than the uh, size there. So basically you just uh, put it in, resize it, and put the prize bubbles in here. Now I’m a little freaked out with this, if I can fit....You put multiple, you can put multiple bubbles in the shelf, so good, good opportunity to put your stickers in there. And after you get all the bubbles you need you just uh, lift the shelf up, hold the L2 button, and glue it to the back of the, glue it to the back wall. Then you’ll wanna add a, a 2-way switch, somewhere in the back dere. Make it one time, that’s all. And make sure you hook it on both the uh, bottom piece and the front piece of the shelf. So that way, when you uh, pull the lever, [sackboy pulls lever] everything goes, and you get to the prize bubble quicker.

So anway, with that, that’s my set of shelves. [Sackboy glides to the right.] I got my keys in these four, right next to a bunch of stickers over here. So, nobody is allowed in my toybox, ‘cause I got stuff in here that other people, I don’t want other people to have. ‘Cause they might uh, mess it up and such. [zoom in to focus on the Sackboy] I’m not paranoid. But anyway, that’s my toybox. So, there you go. Take my use as an example for how to put yours together, but do it in your own way. [voice rises] And have it your own way! At Burger King! Or McDonald's! With the dollar menu! Y’all take care. Bye n-[cuts off].

LBC1-CWC's PlayStation 3 History

Main article: PS3 History Level

Posted 24 November 2008. An advertisement/walkthrough of his entry to the LittleBigChallenge, detailing the history of the PlayStation 3 and its impact on his personal life.


This is a Level that I have created over a weekend, complete with my telling of my life with my Playstation 3. It is Awesome; watch me play it once for you, then go to my Level, HEART IT, then Play it for yourselves.

Rescuing Kacey From Christian W Chandler

Main article: Rescuing Kacey From Christian W Chandler

Posted 3 November 2009. This video features two levels. In the first, Solid Chris rescues Kacey from Liquid Chris. The second level, called "A First Fun Date," was originally made for Julie to demonstrate that he could show her a good time. Kacey would chew Chris out for featuring her in a level he had made for another girl.

Collector's Case Tutorial

Main article: CWC's Collector's Case Tutorial

Published 27 January 2011. LBP2 introduced the ability to record one's own voice, so Chris's first major creation was a video of Sonichu explaining how to use his groundbreaking "Collector's Case" level. Chris really sounds like he's in his happy place during this video, in sharp contrast with his next piece of work...


This is the Tutorial Video/Animation for the very useful LittleBiGAccessory.

Autism Tutorial

Main article: Autism Tutorial

In February 2011, Chris made a set of seven levels in LittleBigPlanet 2. Therein, Chris whines about how much his life with Autism sucks and how he thinks he should get friends IRL. Needless to say, he blames everything on someone else, and eventually beats up renowned pediatrician Hans Asperger "for selfishly putting [his] ill name in association with autism".