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Brought to use[sic] by Sonichu, his PLAYSTATION 3 History level is a definitely[sic] must see. Complete with a series of mini-games and innovative mechanisms, we were enthralled by the amount of content and PS3 features the level was able to highlight.[bad grammar] We especially like how Sonichu took full advantage of the PLAYSTATION Eye by presenting a detailed lineup of various movies and games from the PLAYSTATION / BlueRay[sic] family.
Media Molecule, bringing honor to the country that invented the English language

PS3 History Level is LittleBigPlanet level Chris made in during his period of solitary confinement in November 2008. The level was created in response to a contest Media Molecule was holding called the "LittleBigChallenge", the goal of which was to create a level celebrating the second anniversary of the PS3. Never one to turn down a contest, Chris made a level that sucked off the system, and it was promptly featured on the LBP site.[1] Chris came back into the limelight of the community when his nudes were leaked on the LBP forum.

The level did not win the contest, but did earn honorable mentions, which granted Chris the Metal Gear Solid level pack for free. Note that Chris mistakenly claims he bought the PS3 in March 2006, when he actually puchaced it in 2007.


Prize bubbles coming down... they're all the icons. Yayyyyyyy!


All of the numerous typos have been transcribed to the best of our ability. The text of the speech bubbles have been marked like this. [Various activities have been marked like this.]

[Sonichu sackmonster standing around in the main menu]

Hello, LittleBigPlanet community! And everyone in the Sonichu and Rosechu fanbase. I'm here to introduce the level I've submitted to the LittleBigChallenge.

[Chris chooses the level to play]

This is it. So... go here, and heart it. I'm gonna play it for you once.

[Chris loads the level. Sackboy materialized on top of a gigantic PS3, with pics of Chris and what appears to be ransom notes.]

Right, so there's a lot of talk.You don't have to go through all of it.

Photo of Chris, thumbs-up: Hello, LittleBiGCommunity! I have created this level in tribute to the Playstation 3's 2nd Year
So, let's pop the Preffered Hi-Definition Blu-Ray Disc in, and I will tell my story of me & PS3.

[Sacknichu steps on a button which makes the PS3 to load the disc.]

But I basically tell my story.

[Sacknichu leaps down in front of various Guitar Hero boxes.]

Before I got my PS3, I've been rockin' with Sonichu, Sonic and Guitar Hero.

[Sacknichu lands on the bottom, next to increasingly smaller Guitar Hero controllers. There's a red heart with the text "Please heart this level".]

That's me and my PS3. Opportunity to jam on my guitar. [Sings something?]

[Takes a snapshot, then runs forward to collect the first prize bubbles, a grave portent of things to come. Yet another ransom note reads: "Sonuchu & Rosechu are not property of Sony Computer Entertainment or Media Molecule". Sacknichu arrives to a PSP, which also has a photo of Sacknichu on screen.]

I was also playing my PSP. Make LittleBiGPlanet Remote Play compatible; It Can Work.

Right, so like I said...

[Passes a Sonic 2006 box and a crude representation of the figurine mentioned.]

In anticipation of my Planned Purchase of my 60GB PS3, I had reserved Sonic the Hedgehog.
And here's the Limited Edition 15th Anniversay Figure to prove it. :)

You just run through all the text I put in.

[Skips through the next text bubbles in rapid fire.]

I have ordered, from the start, Blue Blu-Ray Cases, because look...
The Discs are Blu-Ray, so BLUE is TRUE for PS3 Discs, and...
It's THINNER than the Clear Original PS3 Disc Cases; MORE SHELF SPACE for MORE GAMES.
I get a set of 25 cases off of eBay, but if you can find them in your stores, good.
And from the people of Adult Swim(tm), "Robot Chicken" had their Video Contest with a PS3 to win

Unless you wanna see 'em all.

[Leaps up to a ledge in the PS3 Tetris rack.]

But look, my pixelated PS3 is being put together, Tetris style. ... It completed, and look what else comes down!

[Sackboy barely has time to flinch as Tetris-block-shaped prize bubbles fall on him. He goes down to collect the rest of them. Doing so, he triggers yet another few text bubble which he quickly skips.]

And featured in my entry Video, I built one from Lego Bricks and Pixelblocks.
Would have made one from WOOD if it was HARD enough. :D


You get pixelated PS3 this way. As well as the real one I put together from a- a worse ver- a worse version of someone else put together.

[Chris walks forward while speaking, and skips the following bubbles quickly.]

March 17, 2006. I was able to afford and buy the 60GB Playstation 3, I've also got Wi-Fi @ Home
Also, August of '07, I was one of 10 winners in the Parappa Contest with my winning Video.
I won a copy of the PSP version of the PSOne classic, a charm, HIS hat, and 5 PSP-1000 Skins.
I would like to take this moment to remind y'all who play this level of Real Music Heroes...

And I talk about Parappa the Rapper and UmJammer Lammy.

[A blurry Parappa and Lammy is shown, and the speech bubble is actually shown for a while.]

Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy!

The original Singstar and Guitar Hero.

[Sackmonster runs forth, leaving a trail of skipped bubbles in his wake.]

I have read that Parappa was the VERY FIRST to introduce Button-Press-Syncing & Music Games.
Without Parappa, we would NOT have D.D.R. or Singstar, or even Guitar Hero without Lammy! :)
I talk a lot about Rockin' with Guitar Hero, but I don't play for a moment without remembering.

[Sackboy comes to a stairway by a gigantic Umjammer Lammy figure. The bubble is quickly skipped. Chris begins his journey up the stairs.]

Um Jammer Lammy; the ORIGINAL Guitar Hero! She should be a Guest Star in a G.H. Game w. Parappa

Yeah, so let's put Lammy and Parappa in a Guitar Hero game as guest star characters.

Take the hint; Rock with Lammy & Parappa on Playstation 3!

Take the hint, Activision or Sony.

[Sackboy goes up stairs, collecting a prize bubble on each step.]

Right, so lotsa prize bubbles are bein' collected! Uh oh...

[...Chris said, for no particular good reason. Checkpoint. Chris comes to the XrossMediaBar(tm) contraption he built.]

And we are at the XrossMediaBar I put together for each individual icon. And here's another photo opportunity.

[Sackboy leaps down to an eye-shaped hole full of prize bubbles.]

Life of the PlayStation!

[Sackboy makes a huge grin and waves to camera as Chris takes a snapshot.]


[Sackboy ambles upward with the help of two ladders placed on top of each other, leaping from rung to rung and failing more than a few times.]

Two ladders, but I think you know which one to choose to go up on.

Not too easy, but the time... but you figure it out.

PS Store icon says: All Guitar Hero Adds, All PSOne Classics, Tekken 5 and MORE, Only @ the Playstation Store!

Welcome to the PlayStation Store! Yayyyyyyy...

[Sackboy wanders about and grabs a few prize bubbles. He skips most of the following bubbles, only leaving the last one on screen for any period of time.],, the Playstation Blog, +
Sonic, Guitar Hero (3, Aero, W.T.), E.O.J., S.C.IV, Folklore, Motorstorm, Mirrors Edge, L.B.P. +
Transformers, Family Guy, Sex & the City, Samurai Pizza Cats, Sailor Moon, PGSM, ATHFCMFFT, +
Britney Spears, C.W.C., Guitar Hero ALL. Soundtracks, Sonic CD with "Sonic Boom" of Pastichi, +
All Sonichu & Rosechu Images, including my Comic Book Pages, as seen on! +
Me, My Sweetheart, and Ohter Countries. I can fly quickly to the Japan Store! :)

Prize bubbles coming down.

[Huge prize bubbles come down.]

They're all the icons! Yayyyy....

[Sackboy dutifully collects bubbles, inadvertently trips a speech bubble, which he skips.]

To move ahead, Head HOME.

You wanna make sure you get that today, but if you move on, you got... head home. Make sure you collect your prize bubbles! All the icons on the PlayStation 3 XrossMediaBar.

[Done grabbing all of the prize bubbles, the Sackboy leaps among the icons.]

Also, over here, you'll get 20 bubbles out of the trophy.

Here's a tip. More bubbles. Get 'em on your way down.

[Leaps to the right, collecting bubbles from top of the icons.]

To going home.


[Drops on the lower level again, by the checkpoint. He leaps around, and inexplicably, the PS3 guitar is shown, with a rather Spartan speech bubble on it.]

Gitar says: -

And there's my PlayStation 3 Guitar. Custom painted.

[Sackboy entertains us by leaping up the ladder, again failing at jumps multiple times.]

(singing) Jumpin' up the ladder... (normal voice) doing all the XrossMediaBar icons. [??? Igloo-enno choppy bay!]

[Sackboy reaches the top and collects the prize bubbles on the PS3 guitar.]

Make new friends on the PlayStation Network.

[Sackboy runs up the guitar's neck.]

Jump at the last bubble here.

And Now, the Titles among my Collection that Truly Shows Off PS3's Potential!

[Sackboy leaps on the next area from the end of the guitar's neck. There is no prize bubble here, despite Chris's claims.]

...aaaand here.

[Sackboy leaps on a moving platform that passes some game covers: Sonic 2006, Sega Superstars Tennis, Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band, LittleBigPlanet, Transformers (2007 Game), Transformers (2007 Movie), SoulCalibur 4, Heavenly Sword, Mirror's Edge, Folklore, Sex and the City (Movie), Eye of Judgement, Motorstorm, BioShock, Resistance: Fall of Man, Spider-Man 3 (Game), Stranglehold: Collector's Edition, and Warhawk.]

Take a ride and view some of the games in my collection. And... do a little dance. [an attempt at jamming along the music] Hot chicks! In the three games! Uh, make that four. It's Sex and the City. Whoop-de-do. Yayyyyy! I'm straight, don't doubt me!

But, we must REALLY Tip the Waiters of Every Gamestop and all those Stores who carry...

[The picture inexplicably shifts to LittleBigPlanet box, shown alone in its splendor atop an electrified, blue six-pointed star. Chris takes a moment to savor the awesomeness of the sight.]

LittleBiGPlanet! YAY!!!!! :D

LittleBigPlanet. LittleBigPlanet. Yayyyyyy!

[As the Sackboy continues the journey, a store clerk waves at the player. Sonichu games are on display on the store counter. The clerk laughs like a ninny.]

Clerkette says: Hello, welcome to Gamestop. The C.W.C. Certificate?! Yes, Sir!

Check out the chick at the cash register, at your local GameStop.

[The view abruptly changes to show the cashier from another direction.]

And with all those games, you get a FREE Guitar and Playstation Eye Camera; Power 2 the Players!

[Sackboy, meanwhile, is going downhill on the moving platform, next to boxes of Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles and Sonichu's Adventure.]

And a couple of games that Sony has decided to do for me. Not yet anyway.

[Sackboy passes a shrunk and tilted version of the aforementioned GameStop counter.]

Clerkette (shrunk using dark magic) says: Thank you for shopping at Gamestop; your receipt is in the bag. Have a Great Day. :D

[The platform comes to a stand. Sackboy leaps over a block of ice on top of a huge shopping bag with PlayStation button symbols.]

And yes, there is a receipt in the bag.


Make sure you check it out. Close-up.

[Sackboy leaps in the bag to collect items within. The bag topples over.]

You'll get a copy of the receipt, and the prize bubbles as well.

[Partially obscured and hard-to-read ransom note: "PRESS THEN JUMP ASIDE!". View switches to show a crude block with text "160 GB HDD SATA". Next to it lies another PSP.]

Black Friday of '07, I bought and upgraded to a 160 GB SATA HDD for my PS3...

[Sackboy leaps forward.]

But Mid-October of '08, I've upgraded to 320 GB; learn how to get more Memory for your Buck here

More bang for your buck with more memory.

[A green "hard drive" slides out of PS3, almost crushing Sackboy, who cleverly dodges it. The other "hard drive" slides in in its place. The PSP drops off from the heavens.]

Make sure you jump off, because that button is on the directional format.

[Wood blocks keep sliding back and forth, turning Sackboy into a pancake.]


[Sackboy emerges from the checkpoint, and manages to not get crushed this time.]

I'll win a prize for acing the level. A Sonic trophy.

[Sackboy jumps around, trying in vain to jump over the PSP, always falling through because Chris is not on the same depth-level with the PSP. Chris finally realizes his mistake.]

Of course you want to jump onto the PSP. Move on at this point.

In the long run still, I have grown and learned more with my Playstation 3...

[Sackboy leaps and grabs hanging icons, swinging from icon to icon and getting slathered in PS3 praise.]

I've ventured to other cultures from my home...

And now you can swing on the XrossMediaBar icons.

LBP error message: Your profile cannot be saved because it is too large. Try deleting unwanted items from My Pictures, My Objects, My Costumes, or My Levels. [OK]

[Chris messes up and begins his swingin journey again.]

And you want to make sure you've got plenty of room for all the shopping you just did in this level.

I've grown more techonological, more so than with Nintendo...

[Sackboy falls on the electrified floor and explodes. Back at the checkpoint, Chris forges ahead to try yet again...]

It's a double-[??? life]. Bubble-[??? life] is like three a bag. More power for your buck!

I've shared my Art...
My songs...
my voice and honest opinions...

[Chris finally succeeds on the first set of swings and lands on top of a PS3 controller.]

In case you don't make it, or if you're taking the paper airplane over there... touch stick it here, another one over here, all the way over there. For the five second delay.

[Chris goes on yet another set of swings.]

Surfed the Web within my Pleasure.
Swing with a PS3 store icon: Found a less costly way to get more games and movies.

[In a non-Freudian move, Sackboy tenaciously clings on the PS3 store icon while Chris babbles.]

Be sure to check out all individual story pe-- all individual talks, to enjoy whole story of my life with the PlayStation 3. Best choice. Among the consoles. Even lots better than the Hexbox.

And made some new Acquaintances and Friends.

[Chris grabs a piece that gives him a really fast lift to the platform above. Checkpoint.]

We will be number two choice. [Shrieks in surprise and terror] LOOK AT THAT! TRIP UP!

[Chris stands in front of a seemingly impassable wall, confusing the watchers]

Here's some- did whole bunch of prize bubbles that way, but I'm saving time, so...

[Sackboy turns other way.]

LBP error message: Your profile cannot be saved because it is too large. Try deleting unwanted items from My Pictures, My Objects, My Costumes, or My Levels. [OK]

...let's go this way and finish the level.

[Chris traverses yet another row of swings. The first is a USB symbol, which is what he's referring to in the next comment he says.]

And yet, at the beginning, during the "Console War", I feel that I have chosen Truly Wise.

Be sure to grab the circle or the arrows so you can grab the microphone.

Sony has truly helped this soul better his life, and many others as well.
And with every new update, the PS3 and PSP grow more and more better alongside me.
Plastaion isn't just a Station to Play, it's the station to Play and Truly Enrich Yourself.

It's not impossible.

Higher Definition equals Better Points of View.

Take your time!!!

Talking over the internet from a sancturious comfort is truly an enriching luxury.

Or just keep pressing forward.

Now I have put behind me my regrets of Life without Playstation.

Life without PlayStation.

And with Priceless Expierences, an honest sense of satisfaction,

We're talking about life with PlayStation!

[Sackboy lands on a set of magnificently disproportionate stairs, and begins mounting them.]

PSN message: Gigith achieved a score of 0 on level LBP's First Theme Park PHOTO BOOTH Studio - NOBODY's LV5 (PS3OL)
And a more mature winning attitude.

Winning att-roo-with trophies.

PSN message: Gigith achieved a score of 0 on level LBP's First Theme Park PHOTO BOOTH Studio - NOBODY's LV5 (PS3OL)

[Checkpoint, because Sackboy COULD die horribly in the last minute]

Sony's Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable are Truly a place I can call...

[In an attempt to sound dramatic] PlayStation 3 and Portable are truly a place that I can call...

PSN message: Gigith achieved a score of 0 on level LBP's First Theme Park PHOTO BOOTH Studio - NOBODY's LV5 (PS3OL)

[After ruining the dramatics by slowly bouncing up an increasingly irregular and crude set of stairs, Sackboy reaches a ramp and heads up.]

My Digital Home. :D Happy Anniversary, Playstation 3; you are Truly the Best Life Upgrade Ever

Digital Home. Yayyyyy! PlayStation Home. A digital home. Only on PlayStation 3! Coming soon, hopefully. Thank you Sony. Best upgrade ever.

[Sackboy reaches the end of the level.]

Level complete! 74% items collected. 98% +24 new items. 36849 points. Hi-scores: #1 Sonichu 67,536, #2 Sonichu1 49,210, #3 Sparradox 25,498, GuitarinGuy8 18,644, #5 Iuanfy 5,583

So. Let's win me that crown, please! [Note: The winner of the contest would receive an in-game crown] Heart this level! It's truly fantastic! From the creator of Sonichu and Rosechu. It took me a whole weekend to put this together.

Thank you in advance for hearting my level! And thank you to everyone who have hearted it already. Have a good day!

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