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Chris's in-game avatar

Chris tempts his audience into purchasing his merchandise via silently playing Skylanders while his television plays History Channel's reality series Pawn Stars in the background. He misspelled the "Kaos" character's name.

A Kiwi Farms user provided an explanation of Chris's plan[1]:

If you use the Skylanders app to make your own character (like Chris has done with the blue haired person here) you can then pay to have them professionally printed by the Skylanders company. $14.99 for a card, $24.99 for a t-shirt and $49,99 for a figure. Chris is probably looking to resell at a profit.

So Chris is saying 'watch my blue haired character fight in this video, and then pay me to order some merchandise of it through the app'. He says he is not using the app's 'Chirp' feature because 'Chirp' is a way of transferring and sharing his creation. Doing so would let people order his character directly, cutting Chris out of the loop and whatever price hike he has in mind.


CWC vs Koas
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Watch me battle, and y'all can have me on a shirt, a trading card, or as a figure in a jar. I will have them shipped to you directly. Autographs will cost $20 extra. I am not sharing my creation app chirp. Text me for details (434)-760-0848.


*Cough* C'mon (inaudible)... *Cough*


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