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As the name would suggest, this video was uploaded by Chris to announce his opening of a Patreon account. To commemorate the occasion, Chris made a drawing of the Patreon icon. Upon realizing his PlayStation camera flips the image, Chris gratuitously turns his drawing over in an attempt to compensate.

Chris’s expectations of Patreon are baffling to say the least. He sets the outrageous goal of a quarter million dollars.

Notable is that Chris says his mother blames him for their appalling financial situation. However, most of the Financhu Crisis is Barb's fault, as shown by the fact that she is the one who got served with court orders to pay over $20,000 of debt. This video serves as yet more evidence that Barb is fine with manipulating her autistic son for her own selfish reasons.

As for Chris, he wholly expects other people to solve all of their financial woes — even worse, he expects this while offering worthless rewards in return. After years of people lecturing him about his abhorrent expenditure on useless crap, Chris finally addresses the elephant in the room—that his room is in fact filled to the brim with expensive children’s toys. Humorously, Chris dramatically outstretches his hands and declares that everything his room is off-limits to his patron supporters.

Chris can't offer much for right now—he's serious about that.


Patreon announcement
Stardate 30 November 2016
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Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
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Now accepting Donations on my Patreon Page[1]


"Hello everybody on the internet! This is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again with a n- important announcement. To try to help out with finances here at home, I have set up a Patreon account which there's a link- there will be a link in the description down below. And here's the... icon and... you know, with the light shining through it... I can't help the reflective way it goes backwards. Anyway, I'm on Patreo- I'll be on Pa- I'm on Patreon now- by the time I set this video to public, link will be in the description below. The large donations made through the will be greatly- greatestly appreciated. The goal is two hundred fifty thousand dollars, the fifty thousand extra is allowance for future savings account and what-not. But anyway, the big goal is the two hundred fifty thousand dollars to off the mortgage, all our debts, and what-not, so I can recover from that strife, because that has been a [intelligible expression] around here. My mother keeps bothering me about a lot of it is "my fault" and yadda yadda ya. Hm. Anyway. On Patreon. Everyone that donates can request a video and will be able to add me onto their Skype. And... the larger the donations the quicker we can get to the goal, the faster I'll be able to feel creative again, and actually be able to do better gifts towards- for- towar- everybody, because I can't offer much for- much for right now, and I'm serious about that. And that's regardless of everything in my background here, mmmk? OK."


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