The Alpha Trion/"Young Warrior" Challenge

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In this video Chris tries to create a new challenge, similar to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge (in his head). This video is the introduction of the challenge and Chris encourages everybody to try it. After introducing the Young Warrior Challenge, he goes on to play with his Alpha Trion and Sentinel Prime toy figures, pretending that the latter is Donald Trump and uses the toys to express his loathing of the 45th President. However, his hatred is slightly dulled down from literally wishing death upon Trump on social media, likely the suggestion of a Facebook friend. Chris also goes on to say how he is looking forward to communicating with official people about having Sonichu and Rosechu figures made. It seems that Chris is still oblivious to how no company is ever going to merchandise Sonichu.

Chris endorses several times in this video.


The Alpha Trion/"Young Warrior" Challenge
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Stardate 30 November 2016
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Alpha Trion/"Young" warrior challenge explained
Call it the Alpha Trion challenge, or it can be also known as the Young warrior challenge. Uh, which, I'm- I'm issuing it to everybody
Unlike the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge before it, this challenge never caught on


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Soundwave Review[3]

Alpha Trion on[4]


Hello everybody; this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again, and remind - and just saying once again about the Patreon that I am st- uh, just started up, the link is in the description of the previous v-video uploaded before this one. But, anyway I am doing this video because I have heard on Reddit earlier about how successful the ice bucket challenge was, and I- yeah, and regardless of how everybody is... getting a new challenge where they're- they might still be dumping very cold water from buckets on their heads, and also more recently I've heard getting backpacks thrown upon them by crowds or standing still to be mannequins.

[Chris pretends to be a mannequin briefly] Well, we're going to do something different today it's inspired and brought to you by emgo gay- emgo 3 1 6 I think... the link to his channel will be in the description below this video as well as big bad toy store dot com! I have just received this in the mail today from a- from a very nice gift, and a (???) since the Alpha Trion video, is the helpful- is the fun advice that he- emgo did the voice for Alpha Trorion. [Chris puts on a strange voice before returning to normal] Here's one example I remember firmly well because I liked that video from the soundwave video [Chris does the same voice again] Hear me now, and understand me tomorrow! When the gerbil retreats into its bunghole, the moon shall fall into a vat of tapioca [laugh] and then Megatron says [Chris goes into a monologue with himself], you know what's weird (???) You know what's weird? I understood that. That made sense to me. It would. What's that supposed to mean? Did someone leave the front door open again? I'll put that video link in the description below let ya'll enjoy that. Anyway, so, yeah, so from there the old theme of YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAoung warrior... has been around since.

So, I'm issuing a new challenge, becau- uh- see how long everybody can go, go on saying that. Just- you can call it the Alpha Trion challenge, or it can be also known as the Young warrior challenge. Uh, which, I'm- I'm issuing it to everybody from this video introducing it, but initially you can have the Alpha Trion figure, available in stores or from big bad toy store dot com! I'll put that link in the description below! OR, if you can't afford the figure you can get the image of his head, his face and draw it onto a piece of paper and put it over your face... and then, shortly after the Young warrior you can make up your own sound advice, and stake that, or take advice from an actual relative. [Chris screeches "Young Warrior" for over 12 seconds] I'm starting (???) to help out with the Patreon, to help out with our financial homes here. Anyway, YAAAAoung warrior! I love that line. Hear me now, and understand me tomorrow! That makes-that's definitely reflective true.

And for my first piece of sound advice, we're going to take the... destroyed sentinel prime, or should I sa- or shou- or more accurately described it, the nearly destroyed Donald Trump, because I still feel that way about him. So, to pretty much- announce the peaceful alternative that I would have preferred instead of wishing death upon him and Mike Pence presented by Alpha Trion [strange voice] YAAAAAAAAAAAA- wha?, you're not so young, you're old Donald Trump! And Mike Pence is no picture either, Anyway, Young Warrior! Hear me now, and understand me tomorrow! Relinquish your position that you will be taking in January and take Mike Pence with you and allow Hillary and Kaine to take the rightful presidential position! Otherwise, until you do, or if you don't everyone will be praying for your death (???) to happen before the coming January in 2017.

So, relinquish your [Chris briefly returns to his normal, high voice] office patrol. Well then, as- as Donald Trump, presidential (???) I hereby relinquish my role in office, and I take Mike Pence with me, and I give it to Hillary Clinton! Hooray for America! And the LGBTQ, and everybody else... Grr. (???) but you know what? I'm not their president! But my name will always, Not my president! [Chris returns to normal voice again briefly] He's certainly not my president, Donald Trump. Anyway, I shall go back to my finances and allow the presidential debate that I would never be capable of dealing with, and let Hillary Clinton take the role. Thank you Alpha Trion for your s-helpful advice. Where's my soup? Jimmy?! JIMMY?! [Chris returns to his normal voice]

Okay, so anyway, that's one example. I put it upon everybody else to offer their- rant- their individual examples for the Alpha Trion YAAAAAAAAAAAoung warrior challenge! In favor of helping me out at home towards getting backing to creamfield creatively inspired- to make Sonichu and Rosechu some more. Some more figures and hopefully actually get face-to-face in person, NOT over the internet or Skype communications with official people and actually have things going progressing with that. Thank you very much, and have a good day.


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