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Update 2/16/2016 is a video created by Chris on the 16th of February, 2016. In it, he makes a redoubled attempt to entice his fanbase into sending him a PS4 (having apologised for doing this four days prior) by prattling about how he always delivers his Amiibos on time, which he doesn't. He then promises to have a live stream once he gets the PS4 (Note that he had already purchased Little Big Planet 3 despite not owning the system at the time), featuring his own commentary on the Autism Tutorial, and yet again nonchalantly uses a transgender slur. He rambles on about the Amiibo for a while longer, and then voices his support for Hillary Clinton (whom he compares to Sarah Palin), heavily implying he's only voting for her because she's female. The video ends with yet another plea for the PS4.


Update 2/16/2016
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Stardate 17 February 2016
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Welcome to the LGBTQ Group, Julia
Update: 2/25/16
Send me a PS4 and camera for that 500 dollar voucher.



Free #4 Book with CWC Figure Purchase (or Graduon or Slaweel) with Coupon Code: FEB241982

Couples and BFF Figure Specials extended to February 29, 2016.


Hello everybody, good day. Welcome to the Cwcville guardian channel, the official and main source for everything Sonichu and Rosechu and the city of Cwcville, Virginia. And myself, Christine Weston Chandler, the past now Christian Weston Chandler.

Uh... so yeah, this time we're doing a few updates... of which, um... among... among which to... definitely make the, uh... gift of the Playstation 4 console and the camera... to make more appealing. I still ge- I'll still- I'm still offering the five hundred dollar voucher which I could defiddedly, uh personally guarantee delivery as such. Now all that, we take a look at my history, I have been able to fulfill most every order within the amount of time- very much since I started on eBay and more recently I put a shop on Etsy.

Chris pauses briefly, reaching for a case containing LittleBigPlanet 3.

And, uh... also.. ahh... Let's do this! Alright. LittleBigPlanet 3 - the first video I live stream to my Playstation Four after I get it. I'll comment on the autism tutorial, all seven parts, that's counting the extra. To the Playstation 4 version of LittleBigPlanet 3. And after I figure out the livestreaming and everything more authentic than... the other... tranny. Let's just leave it at that. Hmm (Chris mumbles something under his breath) jeez. Anyways, so- Playstation 4! Fivefour five hundred dollar Playstation Four and... PS4 camera. Four five hundred dollar voucher. That first video being livestreamed of commentary on the autism tutorial.

Chris sets the case down on the desk, before reaching for the Playstation Vita and turning it's screen towards the camera.

Aaand speaking of Playstation let's talk a little bit about the Vita. I know they sayin lately in the stores that this poor thing is still... very functional between on the Playstation 4 and 3 with the remote play and everything. And there's still software coming out... for the Vita. So whahh iss... the software and the Vita system getting pretty much the bum's rush... defiddedly everywhere. I even found one... in a... short the distance GameStop nearby.. recently. So... bring back some more bring back Vita software! Don't give it the bum's rush! Keep it new, keep it fresh! Keep it real!... Alright? And also a fun fact: If Nintendo had not refused Play-... Sony's offer on that CD- uhh addatation to the Super Nintendo, there wouldn't be a Playstation. It's... or, there might not be. Otherwise if they had, it might have been (voice becomes high pitched) Nintendo Playstation! Whee! Hm...(voice returns to Fem Chris) Could you imagine the eShop and the Playstation shop being the same way? Heh... Amiibo functionality!

Chris taps the surface of his custom Sonichu Amiibo to the screen of his Playstation Vita, eliciting no response from the console.

On the Vita, wouldn't have been something. (Chris quietly hums.) I kid, I kid, I just a little bit uh... hm, what else, what else. Oh yeah, uh among the offers on the... quick bill shopping.

Chris holds up his custom Sonichu and Rosechu Amiibo up to the camera.

Still.. going on for a little while longer: the Couples Specials those sets for a discounted price. For the two, for the multiple figures- more than one. Still going up for a limited time. And to, uh...

Chris sets the amiibo back onto the desk. He reaches out of view, before reaching back and showing a solid three ring binder with more amiibo on top of it. He sets the amiibo down on the desk.

(under his breath) We gotta rearrange them, here...

Chris shows the front of the binder, which has an atrocious drawing of Christian and the Sonichu logo overhead.

Right. Before the, uh...

Chris opens the binder, showing the first page. The drawing is the same.

...the collaboration of all those sub episodes plus the few new ones to end that set is available on my- is available for print and distribution and everything.

Chris closes the binder, setting it under the desk.

But I have a special offer extended only up to from now to March 17th. Hmm... buy any... figure or figures... of myself... including but not limited to the, uh... current me, as well as the old me- short, or tall. I'd definitely recommend going for the spend the extra twenty bucks to get the little chip that picture my Mii. Cause you don't want to end up playing against a Link or a Toon Link. Yeah, between those and the... Yeah I knew there was (incomprehensible gibberish) the three pack featuring me and... Christian and Sonichu or... me and my parents! And also avai- and also available for that, uh... purchasing either Slaweel Ryam or Count Graduon as they are featured in the book as well. Jerkops and Janekops do not apply for this offer! There is a coupon code which is simply my birthdate: FEB241982... to get free book #4 with purchase of my pi-- my pictures of my figures. Of... you know, me, my family, as well as Slaweel, and Graduon. Between those and the book, they must be in the cart at the same time for the coupon code to work. Feb... 24... 1982. And I'll be sure to have the links and that typed up in the description below this video.

(mumbles under his breath)Hm... anything else I want to bring up...

Um... (voice cracks) alright, well we can talk tolitics (sic) a little bit, I mean... I hah... sincerely p-pray and hope that Hillary Clinton will... still be in the running for President on the upcoming elections, cause... I definitely would apply for Sarah Palin... back in eight years ago... 2008. That she had still been running. But now I have to end up choosing between McCain and Obama... and I watched both their documentaries and ended up with Obama cause I felt he was... relatable.. the sense of his suffering and everything... I could feel for that as well. But... I feel like American needs a woman's touch finally after all these years... So... Hillary Clinton! Stay in the polls! We want you for President! I want you for President! Cause if you're not running, I'd have to vote for the other... males.

(Chris shakes his head.)

I got nothing against them personally but, still. Thissa- This nation needs a woman's touch. And... (brief pause, staring into space) that's about all I have on my mind right now, thank you very much and have a good and safe day everyone... so, yeah. Couple's Special still going on... Free book with the purchase of... me. And, uh... Send me a PS4 and camera for that 500 dollar voucher. And the first video will be the autism video tutorial commentary... personally. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

Welcome to the LGBTQ Group, Julia Chris's videos Update: 2/25/16

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