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Apologies for offending people is a video Chris released on 12 February 2016 in which he apologizes for "offending" people with his childish demand for a Playstation 4 for his birthday he made recently, though who exactly he offended isn't apparent. He also extends this apology to every man and person with Asperger's that he offended.

The video contains the rarest of things from Chris; an admission of responsibility: "...that's not your problem, it's my problem." This suggests that he has matured a very small degree, and is starting to be comfortable with things being out of his control. Unfortunately, he keeps talking, and the sentiment rapidly falls apart.

As tradition dictates, the apology begins with an attempt at a sincere tone but rapidly dissolves into whining, blame-dodging and attempts to play the victim, with Chris equating the eight thousand dollars of taxpayer money he has spent on video games (many of which he has never even played) to people - gainfully employed people - making micro-transactions on their smartphones, which Chris, as a smartphone owner, definitely does himself - especially on The Simpsons: Tapped Out game, where he has spent over $1,000.[1]

Having apologized for demanding he receive a PS4 before his birthday, he concludes the video by issuing the exact same demand again, and reminds everyone that anybody who indulges him will be richly rewarded with copyright-infringing poorly made Amiibos.


Apologies for offending people
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Harry Potter is okay, too. He's okay. I got- don't really have much against him except that he was in competition with Pokémon so many years ago
Harry Potter, a novel series later adapted into movies, was never in competition with Pokémon's video games, card game, or animated series


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Hello everyone. Fresh update coming to you live from my house here, this is Christine Chandler. Um, well first off, I definitely want to make it clear that... my offer for... my services and merchandise for a PS4 console and with the camera for my birthday... Yeah, I did not mean to offend anybody by that. I thought it was a nice offer, you know. A whole lot of work, for value that's, uh, little bit more than price- than retail value of the items. I don't understand- really understand what was so off-putting with that, but I do apologize for offending everybody. And I would also like to apologize, since I'm doing an apology video right now, to every male and people with Asperger's who have... [lifts up phone and looks with it] Mmm... said hateful things to, and of, in the past. I still have my own personal-- my own subconscious feelings against the majority of the male population, but, that's not your fault- that's not your problem, it's my problem. And it's just in general, I'm still uncomfortable around males, it's... that's just me, it's not any of you. Alright? So, I'm very sorry about all the hurtful things I said in the past to- in regards to the males and people with Asperger's.

Harry Potter is okay, too. He's okay. I got- don't really have much against him except that he was in competition with Pokémon so many years ago, but that's a whole different plane right there.

But, I mean, yeah as I said in my Facebook post, uh, I mean, you should not judge me for how much money I've spent on video games and whatnot, especially when a lot of you, with a modern touch screen phone. Ya'll must have spent at least one dollar on impulse, on your app-store games and whatever. I mean nobo-- I mean, we're all guilty of doing something as impulsive. But yeah, I mean- yes, seriously though, I do mean no offense to anybody whatsoever. And I still will- I still- but the offer is still open, you know, as long as I've received the console and the camera... before- preferably before, or on, my birthday which is the 24th of February this year. And I will definitely go through on that, I mean, I picked issuing a voucher because I can't read people's nimes- minds on what they want and this way they get to pick and choose from the store and for what they want in exchange. [shrugs] I just thought- I'm just trying to do an honest thing, you know. Giving people- giving the person who gives me the gift. You know? I mean- I mean well. I have good intentions, I'm very serious, okay? Mmm. Alright, well, anyway, thank you all for your continuing support and... all that. Have a good, safe day.


Update 1/29/2016 - There is NO PewDiePie or Felix here whatsoever Chris's videos Welcome to the LGBTQ Group, Julia