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Re-Calling Ahuvia is a video uploaded by Chris on 23 August 2011, and part of the Calling Out series. In it, Chris calls out Jack Thaddeus once more. As the time ticks down, Chris reveals more information about him, including the fact that he was a communist, which Chris hates (probably because of Bob). He further proves his ignorance by conflating communism and Nazism, even though the two are, economically speaking, polar opposites. Like his previous Jack Thaddeus video, it was removed for hate speech.

Re-Calling Ahuvia
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Stardate 23 August 2011
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Calling Out "Julaaaay" - David
He is a communist! And we do not like communists within dis country!


*Sigh* Hello again, thee Internet. I have heard d- have not seen any response from Mr. Jack Thaddeus, as also he's known as Ahuviya. So therefore, I will reveal a little bit more information about him, starting with another portion of the photograph. [Camera pans shakily to the TV screen. It takes a moment to come into focus, revealing the upper left portion of a face, and then jerks back to Chris.]

And, uh- let's see, what else do I have here on de stanssss... [Chris seems to read from something in his hands offscreen] He was definitely responsible for hacking my- hacking da network accounts. Probably had a hand in that blackout a few months ago. [A brief pause while Chris looks at his notes again] And, uh, he blackmailed me into humping... my c-console. And, uh, pa- he pasted the disgusting ads on da Cwcipedia... as well [Slurring and hissing] asss otherss trollin' schemess within the past couple of years. Uh, let's see...

[Looks down again] Hmm...

Oh yes! [Looks back at camera, raises voice in a faux dramatic fashion] He is a communist! And we do not like communists within dis country! [Waves his right hand about, pointing upwards while glancing to his left] We are Republican, Democrat or neutral... And I am neutral, so I can go either way, but I do not exactly care much for [Raises voice and waves finger emphatically] COMMUNISM! We do not like to stand under one ruler. It is very unruly and... sssssssstupid! [Pauses and stares]

[Chris begins to sing a half-assed rendition of "Der Fuehrer's Face"[1] I will give a heil! [raspberry] Heil! [raspberry] [In a sing-songy manner] Right in der Führer's face. Da da doo doo doo doo doo d'loo da doo doo doo da da [Chris and camera both bob enthusiastically with the tune] Heil! [raspberry] Heil! [raspberry] Right in der Führer's face. [With his song finished, Chris settles the camera]

Oh, yes, he is also a big fan of, uh- bonding... bondage, ssssadoism, machotism and disciplinary fetishisesss. And he is in the process of a sssexual change. He is going to have his... [Pauses, looks uncomfortable] wiener chopped off. I would ne'er do that, which I believe I have mentioned earlier; that is the one thing in being a tranny that I disagree on with him... And he's definitely never gonna be a female truly in that sense, in female [loudly and deeply] dominance. He has to get a real woman to come in in order to do that. [Pauses again to look at his notes]

He still lives in Pennsylvania. Still a homo. [With a dramatic voice like an announcer at a boxing match] Twennnty five years old! [Attempting to sing the name operatically] Ahuviyaaaaa.

Stay tuned.

Ahuviya's Response

Advice for Chris-chan from Ahuviya Harel
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Stardate 28 August 2011
This is my response to Christain Weston Chandler's recent videos deriding my Gender Identity and decision to transition to desired gender from assigned birth sex...

☭ A Moment of Zen, Chairwoman Harel and a Friend on CWC ☭
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Stardate 28 August 2011


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