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This article is about the begging video from 21 November 2016. For the series of begs from July 2016, see HELP, PLEASE!!!

Help, please is a video uploaded by Chris on 21 November 2016. It is yet another lazy attempt to solicit donations through YouTube—apparently because his mortgage is due. Chris dispassionately admits his appreciation for all the handouts he's received over the past year and a half. He ends the video by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Chris made this video hours after he and Barb had paid their property tax of $616.52[1], further demonstrating his and Barb's weak budgeting skills, especially considering that Chris has spent at least $2,245.88 on toys in 2016 alone[2].

Posts made by Chris[3][4] revealed that, around the time of this video, he had purchased both Pokemon Sun and Moon, and a Transformers toy[5], adding to $90 of frivolous expenses. He had mentioned going to Target for the Transformers toy on the 18th, which is also the release date for the Pokemon games. Three days afterwards, he made this video.

A troll responded by donating one cent[6].

Chris reacted, tweeting, "We need Donations larger than a penny apiece. Please try to give us $10 or a Lot more than that."


Help, please
Stardate 21 November 2016
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Chris: Hello people of the internet, Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again... The mortgage company's biting our butts once again. Uhh, hopefully we'll be able to scrounge up enough- scrounge up the money locally but... We sure could use a lot more help. So... I mean, I am very thankful for all the kind donations that I have received from y'all within the past uh, year and greater... More than a year, Long ti- well few years. But we really could use your- use some more help now. So, just what you can; send it to me via PayPal...Please. Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving.


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