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Chris announces that Facebook has temporarily banned him from posting for a week. Though he avoids mentioning the reason, it is due to his repeated death threats against Donald Trump on that platform, although Twitter is still allowing his posts.

Eleven minutes after posting this video, Chris tweeted even more demands for his 2016 wish list.


I Tweet AND Post Simultaneously
Stardate 15 November 2016
Subject Matter WebsiteWebsite Twitter and Facebook
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl, Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
Shirt I'm Done AdultingI'm Done Adulting I'm Done Adulting
Feelings of the election results
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/CWCSonichu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CwcvilleGuardian

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Attention everyone on the internet, I am making a short announcement. Because of, uh, Facebook giving me the, uh, removing posts and block me from posting again, 'cept this time lasting for... less tha-- a few d-- a couple of da-- a day or two has passed, so it's less than one week now. But anyway, in the meantime I will be posting onto my Twitter during the days if and when I am unable to post on my Facebook. So please do atten-- pay attention to those pot-- to those tweets, because also as you'm are-- may be well aware, we have simultaneous back-and-forth posting between Facebook and Twitter, regardless of which one I tend to make the post or tweet on. Thank you, have a good day.

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