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The Love is Love comic, a 144 page graphic novel produced in part by DC and many other graphic artists, was released in December 2016 to commemorate the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. It features characters from many fictional universes, including Harry Potter and Wonder Woman, as well as Parodies of real people.

Chris called the book "emotionally moving" and he highly recommends buying it. This is one of the only occasions where Chris promotes a product that is not being sold with the intention of profit. He then suggests the book be used as a teaching tool in schools, as "students could each pick one comic from the book and write an essay about how that made her/him feel and how it reflects to them."

Waterman, Chris living rent-free in his head and all, tells Chris his idea is dogshit. Chris gives a non-answer, and Waterman then questions if his account has been compromised.

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Teachers don't let students read modern, good things. In order for it to be acceptable assignment material in classrooms, it has to be old and boring. Secondly, that kind of assignment is demanding students to be honest, which will always get a failing grade. They have to lie and recite the teacher's uneducated opinion to be able to get a pass.


Wow. You really seems to cower in public opinions of yourself, don't you?


...? Christine, did your account get hacked?