UNCHARTED - There, I made it out alive...

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UNCHARTED - There, I made it out alive... is a rather pointless video Chris uploaded on the 26th of May 2016. Chris finally proves that he can achieve the completion of a level in Uncharted, and then asks for money in compensation.


UNCHARTED - There, I made it out alive...
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Stardate 26 May 2016
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Shirt The Happy HagThe Happy Hag The Happy Hag
CWC Responds to a bully named Johan
There, I made it out alive. Now gimme five bucks.


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[A dartboard, a television, and a calendar are in view. It is an advert reminding the world of the Playstation's 20th anniversary. Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the Uncharted series, stands in a stone room and retrieves a pistol. Chris turns him to the left and begins the level by dropping into some shallow water. Stopping briefly to climb a low stone wall and pick up a couple of grenades and a grenade launcher, he returns to the shallow water, and the starting stone room. Chris hesitates for a moment and then jumps down into a much larger room, also plagued by shallow water. He takes cover behind an even lower stone wall and begins his first firefight. Chris fires three grenades and throws two, then takes some damage and waits for his health to regenerate. Running out from cover, he makes a mad dash for his assailant and uses a melee attack to neutralize him. Chris then runs around in circles for no discernible reason, scavenging an AK-47 from one of the dead. Taking cover on the wrong object, Chris almost dies again and tosses his last grenades at the new enemies.]

[Very faintly] Two grenades... here's one!

[Finally out of explosives, Chris is forced to use a conventional weapon. His aim is not superb. Almost dying a third time, another thought of his is heard, but fainter than the last.]

Uh oh.

[Chris reloads, misses some more shots, and then switches to his sidearm, as the AK-47 is nearly empty. An enemy tosses a grenade over Chris's cover. Moving to the left, he barely escapes the blast radius. His aim with a semi automatic is not much better, but there is less recoil. Chris exits cover and runs forward, then retreats to his previous position as more enemies appear, picking up some ammo on his way back.

God damn, [inaudible] shotgun. [Chris gets a headshot on one of the two shotgun bearing enemies, killing him instantly.] Nice. [Another headshot and the music reaches a crescendo. Chris has made it through this wave of enemies. A sigh is also audible. One would think it was Chris, not Nathan Drake, who had just gunned down ten or so people, while being shot at himself.]

[Chris walks over guns that the enemies have dropped, being given the chance to pick them up.] Nah, [inaudible].

[Chris speaks something else, but it is also impossible to make out. He runs around the room, picking up a 9mm SMG on accident.]

Oh, no I did not want that.

[The enemies defeated, Chris has only one more obstacle in the room. he sees the exit and intones:] Alright then, how do I get out? [Chris finds a likely solution, climbing onto some scaffolding.] That would make sense. And [inaudible] [Chris hesitates for a bit on the platform, unsure of where to go next. Finally he sees the way out. He picks up some ammo for his AK-47 and reloads. A giant coin flips up and the words UNCHARTED 4 Multiplayer appear, along with a shot of Chris.]

There, I made it out alive. Now gimme five bucks.

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