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For G4s Web Soup is a video uploaded by Chris on 2 July 2009.

Chris found out that one of his videos was used on Web Soup. Thinking this was meant to be a respectful tribute making him appear as a respectable person, he promotes himself to the real TRUE and HONEST ladies in Charlottesville and Ruckersville area. Only a few days after uploading, Chris took the video down, perhaps after realizing that Web Soup is, in fact, a show dedicated to making fun of people on the internet like himself, and that the episode featuring him showcased his Tard Rage.

Crickets are heard chirping in the background, maybe due to how hilariously pathetic that Chris is being in this video.


For G4s Web Soup
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Stardate 2 July 2009
Subject Matter TelevisionTelevision Television
Shirt Red & WhiteRed & White The Power Ranger
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CWC Update 7 July 2009


'Ello, dis video is uh, a response to G4, who is uh, using one of my YouTube clips for their show, Web Soup.

I am--I would like to say that I am honored to be selected for the, for the TV show on G4; I have the channel on my Comcast selection. Anyway, I originally did that video--that was my first audio clip I ever recorded. [high pitch] I just randomly felt like doing that right after eyecreated--EyeCreate debut on the PlayStation Network. And y'all can look up the date it was originally up there on the PlayStation Store.

Anyway. [glasses removal] Ah just felt like adding a little dance to that song and being silly, so, just a little, random, fun humor. Everybody has th--s--to have a little fun. [weird eye movements] So, I'm honored to be on television. Mm, y'know, praise, still. But anyway, ah, ladies in Char--real true honest ladies in Charlottesville area, Ruckersville, with uh, with a subscri--who can watch G4, if any of them are watching this, I'm currently still single and looking, so yeah, like y'know call me on my cell phone if you can find it, or find me in person in Charlottesville. I'm around, I get around.

Okay, so everybody have a pleasant day. [sign] Peace.

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