Li'l Chris

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He's like the Velveteen Rabbit, except the Velveteen Rabbit isn't suffering.

Li'l Chris is Chris's stuffed teddy bear. According to an IRC chat, Chris created it at the "Create-a-Critter Workshop" in the Charlottesville Fashion Square Mall after winning a gift certificate from a radio station, some time in his early 20's. Trolls initially assumed that Li'l Chris was not given much love or attention, as she was an individual of a darker color. As it turned out, however, the bear had been receiving all too much love and attention. Chris pointedly informed his fans in October 2010 that Li'l Chris was a female bear in Pregnant Act, despite naming it after himself. This made sense years later, after Chris believed he was a male lesbian.

For a while, it was thought that Li'l Chris was lost to the January 2014 fire – this has since been proven false, as the bear can be seen resting on the end of one of Chris's shelves in his Donation Request.

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