March 2009

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On 18 March 2009, we learned that Chris was playing The Eye of Judgement.
On 26 March 2009, we got a sneak peak at Sonichu Special 1.
On 27 March 2009, Chris gave us a tour of his house.

(Archived version here.)

March was the third month of 2009. It started with the infamous Julie Reveals Herself call, where BlueSpike put Chris through an hour of emotional (and physical) abuse and revealed he was Chris's girlfriend the whole time.

Chris doesn't let this put him down, however, and shortly after this fiasco he gets in touch with Emily. His short relationship with her climaxes during a date between the two, Chris being accompanied by his father. During this date, Emily is taken off by the Man in the Pickle Suit, and the next day she calls Chris to say that she has decided that she doesn't want any romantic relations with him. During this phone call Clyde Cash also breaks in, severely scaring the Chandler family.

March ends with Chris finding himself a new sweetheart, Ivy, and during the month's last week Chris produces several videos that he dedicates to her. Leading up to the last days of March, Chris also starts showing more and more rage towards Clyde Cash, and in the end he even announces that he will leave YouTube for ever.

This could arguably be considered the most eventful month in Christory, with Chris starting/ending relationships with three different sweethearts.

Events of March 2009

  • 1 March - An ED troll who produced postcards from screencaps of the sex doll video claims to have sent the postcards to Bob Chandler, who then briefly confiscated Chris's tools for making videos.
  • 3 March - Julie's fake brother, Max, gains control of Chris's PlayStation Network account, and during an hour-long audio session threatens to sell the PSN account and forbid Julie from seeing Chris. Chris is coerced into declaring BILLY MAYS to be the mayor of CWCville and shoving pieces of his Sonichu medallion up his butt before he is allowed to speak to Julie, at which point Julie admits that both she and Max have been BlueSpike, a thirteen-year-old boy in league with Clyde Cash.
  • 4 March
    • Chris' eleventh Mumble chat. He discusses being ill, BlueSpike (who played an active part in the chat) and his deception, getting his accounts and website back, and creating a new medallion.
    • A troll on ED posts a fake newspaper clipping, claiming Chris has committed suicide by hanging himself with a wireless PS3 controller.
    • Chris publishes a video on YouTube, stating he has been sick. He demands that his fans badger the user known as BlueSpike.
  • 5 March - Chris's twelfth and final Mumble chat. Chris is still ill, Clyde reveals that he killed BlueSpike for Chris's birthday, and the mayorship of CWCville is discussed.
  • 8 March - The Family Guy episode "Family Gay" premieres, in which Leviticus 18:22 is mentioned as condemning homosexuality.
  • 10 March - Chris reads aloud from Leviticus 18:22. He also proves that 9 year-olds can get more dates than he can.
  • 12 March - Chris posts a mysterious video, addressing two girls that have been phoning him that use the same number.
  • 15 March - Robert Simmons V visits Chris at his church.
  • 16 March - Chris apologizes to both Emily for not attending their planned meeting, and to The GAMe PLACe for his bad behavior in 2008.
  • c. 17-18 March - Ivy, wanting to surprise a friend through a video shout-out, calls the Chandler household to speak with Chris. After 30 minutes of grilling from Barb, Chris comes on and eventually agrees.
  • 18 March - Chris talks about The Eye of Judgement, and shouts out Ivy and her college friend Rachel.
  • 19 March
    • Chris is chaperoned by his father for a date with Emily at the mall. However, at the conclusion of this date, Chris sees Emily walking off with someone dressed up in a Pickle Suit in front of the Eddie Bauer store. Chris is yet again tricked by the Pickle Man.
    • Clyde Cash sends a group of prostitutes to the Chandler household to strip Chris of his hated virginity. However, Chris starts crying and his parents turn the hookers in to the police.
    • Chris posts an updated version of his last video, giving a clearer shout-out to gal-pals Ivy and Rachel as well as a warning towards the Pickle Man.
  • 20 March - Christian posts a video message for Ivy which is deleted within moments. He reposts it 4 days later.
  • 26 March
  • 27 March
    • In a two-part video, Chris gives a tour of his house and garden. It turns out that his house is completely packed with junk.
    • Chris rages at Clyde Cash, threatening to call the police.
  • 28 March - Chris uploads his second music video for Ivy, featuring the song Lovin' You.
  • 29 March - Chris sings the farting song.
  • 30 March
    • Chris demands the removal of his ED article. He later uploads an extended version of the video.
    • Chris claims to have obtained the mugshot of Clyde Cash. Holding up the picture of a Guido, Chris makes fun of the poverty and appearance of this troll.
    • Chris announces he is leaving YouTube forever.