April 2008

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On 4 April 2008, Chris gets a one month ban from the Game Place.

In April, the excitement of March faded away. Chris landed himself with a ban from The Game Place, but luckily for him it was only for 2-weeks. It is in April where Megan formally stops speaking with Chris.


  • April 4 - Chris gets banned from the Game Place by Michael for two weeks, on the grounds that he had been going into the back of the store unauthorized. The actual reason was that Chris was scaring away customers with his behavior.[1]
  • April 18 - Chris's ban from the Game Place expires, and he returns. Megan doesn't want to talk to him.
  • April 18 - In an email, Chris begs Megan to renew their friendship.
  • April 21 - Megan firmly states that she can't trust Chris. This ends their email correspondence.


  1. Stated by Lucas on the PVCC boards.