March 2016

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Chris in March 2016

March is the third month of 2016.

In this month Chris bought a PS4, claiming to have received it from a fan. He started making his videos with it. Meanwhile, Barb went to court and had to pay nearly $5000.

♪ Chris is back, all right! ♫

Events of March 2016

  • 3 March - Arthur Spatchcock, aka CatKnight, conducts his fourth interview with Chris.
  • 5 March - It is revealed that Chris received a PS4 for his birthday.
  • 6 March - On Facebook, Chris thanks "Miss Kagney Lynn Moore from Seattle, Washington" for buying him a PS4 as a birthday gift.
  • 6 March - Chris test-drives his new PS4 in a video.
  • 6 March - Chris posts a video birthday greeting for some guy named Tom.
  • 8 March - Chris wishes all of us a happy International Women's Day in a new video. He expects us to be aroused by his body.
  • 10 March - Kim Wilson calls Chris out on Facebook for lying about how he got his new PS4.
  • 11 March - On Facebook, Chris makes a familiar demand that people get away from their computers and socialize offline.
  • 12 March - Arthur Spatchcock convinces Chris to do a Yu-Gi-Oh! Let's Play. It is very boring.
  • 14 March - It's revealed that a Virginian Discover Bank has filed a lawsuit against Barb for failing to pay debts.
  • 16 March - Barb attends a hearing to discuss her failure to pay her debts. She pays Discover Bank $4,706.98 [citation needed].
  • 17 March - St. Patrick's Day.
  • 20 March - Chris does a three-part live commentary on his Autism Tutorial.
  • 22 March - Chris announces on Facebook that his new Autism Tutorial commentary is available on his YouTube channel.
  • 23 March - Chris does a totally awesome job at playing Destiny.
  • 24 March - Chris releases a video apologizing for the silence during CWC`s Destiny Start.
  • 27 March - Chris livestreams the Nerdy Q&A.
  • 28 March - Arthur Spatchcock conducts his fifth and last interview with Chris.
  • 31 March - Chris posts an image of his Mii on Facebook.