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After a trilogy of successful interviews, Sonichu fan Arthur Spatchcock sends Trump to the Dump with TRUE and HONEST Christine Weston Chandler on 28 March 2016.


Arthur Spatchcock chats with Chris about Trump, the contract, and the legal rights to Sonichu.


CatKnight Interview
Stardate 3 March 2016
Featuring Chris; CatKnight/Arthur Spatchcock
Audio Recordings
CatKnight Interview 3
CatKnight Interview 5


The audio is also available here.


Chris: Hello?

Arthur: Yes, hello Christine.

Chris: Yes, hello, Arthur.

Arthur: It's nice--

Chris: How are you?

Arthur: --to speak to you again, it's been quite some time.

Chris: Yes, I've been quite... busy, and uh, backed up with a whole bunch of, uh, this and thats, you know.

Arthur: [murmurs something]

Chris: So anyway, yeah. How are you?

Arthur: I'm just dandy. How about yourself?

Chris: Yeah, I'm fair to okay.

Arthur: Fair to okay. All right, um, well I mean it's been so long I want to catch up a little bit; like, you know, how's everything over in America with your politics?

Chris: Uh, I don't-- I don't-- know much about-- I don't know much about politics, but I know wh-- I know what I like. And I definitely had taken it under consideration the qualities of Obama before I voted for him and comparing him to McCain, in 2008. Ha ha.

Arthur: Right now, Donald Trump's making quite an ass of himself, isn't he?

Chris: Yes, I don't care much for him. [unintelligible blustering] --Ah, which is among the reasons I'm definitely voting for Hillary Clinton if I get the chan-- if I get to in November.

Arthur: Oh, you like her platform?

Chris: Uhh, well actually more like, uhh, I feel like this w-- country is long overdue for a woman's touch.

Arthur: That's it?

Chris: Among which, and definitely I would not put Trump in. I'd rather send him to the dump. Send Trump to the dump.

Arthur: You know, that's an eloquent, you know, campaign title right there. I like that.

Chris: Huh.

Arthur: 'Trump to the dump!'

Chris: That's funny. ...Yeah. So anyway, umm, okay, so let's get this over with, what do we need to, uh, what do you need to know for the final part of this?

Arthur: Well, to be perfectly honest, we were ready to set up a contract about a few weeks ago, but I couldn't get ahold of you.

Chris: Oh... right. I forgot about that, I mean, I've been... And plus, uh, also, I'm talk-- I'm talking with my associates, you know.

Arthur: I understand.

Chris: Uh, but anyway, so, yeah. Umm... all right, well yeah, let's talk about that.

Arthur: Well, we uh, we were setting up the contract. Um, it was going to be like a five million dollar sign-on contract and everything, it was gonna be a big deal, but when I couldn't get ahold of you, they thought that you simply lost interest. And I told them you hadn't, but for the--

Chris: Yeah, I had not lost interest. But really, to-- I would-- I would feel better setting up, uh, such a deal, um, yeah, through my associates as well, I mean... yeah. You have, uhh, her email address?

Arthur: Yes, yes. But um, anyway, so it got kind of pushed on to the back burner -- it's not dead yet, but--

Chris: All right.

Arthur: --I have to put a little more emphasis in getting it restarted again.

Chris: Okay. All right, well--

Arthur: But don't worry about that. I'm not going to give up on you, Chris. I want to see this happen.

Chris: Okay, that's good.

Arthur: But one of the things I have to say is when someone looked up Sonichu, to help set up the contract? Something caught her attention.

Chris: What's up?

Arthur: Apparently, nobody, at this moment, actually owns the legal rights to Sonichu.

Chris: Mm.

Arthur: Apparently--

Chris: The what rights?

Arthur: App-- apparently, the last time that a patent was put out on Sonichu, it wasn't put down as a product, so much as an associate.

Chris: Hm. Well, I don't know the diff-- I don't know the total difference. But, I mean, I do have-- I did, uh, make the, uh, copyright into the DC Library of Congress a few years ago, and uh, my associates are helping me, uhh, recap-- recapituate and get all-- get all that back up to date, among which. Umm, yes.

Arthur: Okay, you definitely want to do that, because you wouldn't want somebody to steal that.

Chris: All right. Yeah, and this, uhh, call, we do not want this call that we're talking about right now to be put on to the internet at all. 'Cause we're talking business here and I don't wanna have anything overheard by, um-- by-- you know, the wrong people.

Arthur: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely, I understand. But other than that, you'll find this funny: the other day, I was-- because I'm a big Sonic and Sonichu fan, I was--

Chris: All right.

Arthur: --checking out the Sonic, the actual S-- well, actually the Sega Twitter, is it Sega or Sonic? I can't tell, really, who's more on top--

Chris: Uhh, I believe you-- you're thinking about the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter? Uhh, I-- perhaps you're referencing, uhh, the subscription to the Big the Cat--

Arthur: Yes!

Chris: [?] channel...

Arthur: I noticed--

Chris: ...or Robotnik. Yeah.

Arthur: --they mentioned Sonichu.

Chris: Yes. Umm, yes, my associate had turned me onto it. You know it's, uhh, for the purposes I'm just, uhh, not saying her name for in case anybody overhears.

Arthur: Absolutely.

Chris: Anyway, you know-- but you know who I'm talking about.

Arthur: Mm, mm, yes.

Chris: But right, I have, uh, seen that.

Arthur: Yes, and they actually straight mentioned Sonichu. And you know what that means, right, Chris?

Chris: Umm... I actually came up with, uh, two interpretations from that. Uh, one of which, umm... yeah, still ta-- the-- they're talking about Sonichu for uh, the uh, bigger part, but then also, it's being talked about like as if it's a reference as being a favourite of Big the Cat, and he's not one of the most liked characters in the original franchise, there.

Arthur: True, true. But the fact that a official Sonic character is mentioning Sonichu, means that--

Chris: Right...

Arthur: --they still consider him a canon character.

Chris: Oh. Okay, well I had not thought of that.

Arthur: Yes.

Chris: It is interesting.

Arthur: Well, 'cause, you know, for all we know, Sega might be thinking of something behind the scenes that even we haven't heard of.

Chris: Hm. Well, I'll definitely, uhh... Well, yeah, my associate has, uh, mentioned it, I-- much, I, uhh-- me-- I send a message to Sega, letting them know that I know about that.

Arthur: Mm-hm. Definitely, definitely.

Chris: That I've heard about that. So-- and, well, see what-- and see where that goes. Umm, all right, but you encouraged me a little bit more to do that.

Arthur: Oh, de-- you definitely should.

Chris: Okay.

Arthur: 'Cause I mean, hey, I mean, if they're mentioning the character themselves on an official Twitter, that's a big deal.

Chris: Yes. Yes it is.

Arthur: Now uh, something else, umm, you know, your associate and I, we were talking and they mentioned something just the other day -- you finally got your PS4 you've been after. Congratulations!

Chris: Yes, thank you. Uhh, shoot. Uh, her name escapes me at the moment, but yeah, I wrote it down, yeah: Kagney Lynn Moore, Seattle, Washington. Uh, yeah, she sent that to me.

Arthur: Oh, she gifted it to you?

Chris: Yes.

Arthur: Ah.

Chris: And I gave-- and I sent her the uh, voucher to the, uh, Cwcville Shop.

Arthur: Really, really.

Chris: And uh, she redeemed it really quick, just as I described on the, uh, video I-- the first streaming I made through the PS4.

Arthur: That--

Chris: Yeah.

Arthur: --is nice.

Chris: Of which I'm st-- of which I'm still learning about that, um. Umm, I'm thinking about, uh, what I'd like to try if I can figure out how, is to, uhh, yeah, definitely for the planned autism tutorial commentary video that I'm fun-- that I'm-- that's in-- that's in my head, and of which I have to do some updating on the, uh, vide-- on the, uh, animation levels, there, uploaded [where?] streaming for viewing through the PS4 version of Little Big Planet 3, 'cause right now, uhh, I view them through the PS4, on the, uhh-- uploaded, on the server. I come up-- I come up shirtless.

Arthur: Really.

Chris: It's like my ch-- my character's not wearing a shirt on there. I was like, 'What the heck's up with that?'

Arthur: [interrupts briefly]

Chris: So I'm going to have to figure-- so I'm going to have to--

Arthur: Sorry.

Chris: --figure that out.

Arthur: I was going to ask, have you considered starting a Let's Play channel?

Chris: Umm... Let's Play, what does that-- umm, what does that mean?

Arthur: Well, Let's Play is a popular YouTube group of people -- not really like an, an association or group, literally, but what you do is you record yourself playing games and then you upload them, online.

Chris: Oh.

Arthur: 'Cause if-- it's really easy to do on PS4. I have a PS4, and I could teach you--

Chris: Oh.

Arthur: --how to do it.

Chris: Okay, well, uhh, what's your username, you can send me a friend request, and I'll definitely accept it.

Arthur: Oh yes, I'll send it to you at-- at the end of this call, 'cause actually, I was going to-- I had an idea.

Chris: What's up?

Arthur: Well, if you start a Let's Play channel, you can put ads on it and create a small amount of ad revenue.

Chris: Yes. I have already, uhh, set up an account with AdSense, and I've s-- I've opted in and said [?] among the, uh, videos, so I've gotten that started.

Arthur: Well, if I'm going to join you on a PlayStation 4, we should play a game together.

Chris: All right, umm... what's your favourite PS4 game?

Arthur: Well, I have a lot of games, and unfortunately, a lot of my favourite ones simply aren't multiplayer. However, I do know one game on the PlayStation 4 marketplace that is a game we can play against each other.

Chris: Hmm. I w-- uh, off the top of my head, I could definitely say Little Big Planet 3 and any of the, uh, co-op play levels uploaded or on the, uh, game disc, but you tell me what you have in mind.

Arthur: Well, I know for a fact that on the marketplace, there's a Yu-Gi-Oh game.

Chris: Oh. Okay, Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah, I have played that card game before, quite a bit. I still have my old deck that I used, off and on, it's Spellcaster themed. I definitely have Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl in there.

Arthur: Oh nice, nice. Well yes, um, I was thinking that... I know you're probably a little strapped for cash right now, so how about as a belated birthday present, I send you a little game code, and you can pick up the game off the marketplace?

Chris: Umm... okay, well make sure that I can actually redeem that code in the Unite-- on the United States store front--

Arthur: Oh, I don't think it--

Chris: --versus, uh, versus the one that's-- that's on the, uh, where you are, in England.

Arthur: Oh, don't worry. I will go to Amazon and do it there, and that-- and then it won't be a problem.

Chris: Okay. Mm.

Arthur: You give me just a tick, and I'll set it up right now.

Chris: All right. Mm. Well I'm gonna [link?] it up while I'm thinking about it. I've already linked up my Vita so I can do remote play and all that, so...

Arthur: Oh, that's nice.

Chris: It's like I don't have-- I don't have to interrupt my [?] to turn that on. It's about as amazing-- it's quite as amazing as the Wii U, definitely.

[muffled background noise from TV]

Arthur: ...What are you watching, there?

Chris: ...What's that?

Arthur: What are you watching, there? I can hear something in the background.

Chris: Oh yeah, I'm watching Seinfeld on CBS.

Arthur: Oh. Yes, I heard something strange vibrating earlier, I wondered what it was.

Chris: ...Uhh... vibrating. Um, yeah, I'm sure that's probably what was coming from the TV show. Oh yeah, Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist? Is that the one you're talking about?

Arthur: Yes.

Chris: All right, I'm just looking up to see if there's the uh, add-on DLC here.

Arthur: I think there's a lot of add-on DLC.

Chris: Hm. I'm counting it, it's like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven... eight. All five dollars apiece here. I'll definitely look into that.

Arthur: Well, right there, Christine, I just sent it to you.

Chris: Hmm, what, via email? Or to my...

Arthur: No, right there in the chat. The little window right now? The one we're in? Go down to the--

Chris: Oh.

Arthur: --little word balloon in the corner?

Chris: Mm, where-- mm, oh. All right. Oh...

Arthur: The digit code should be right there, you should try it right now.

Chris: All right. I gotta get back to the front.

[silence for some time apart from the TV noise; Chris murmurs letters and numbers from the code]

Chris: Mm. Well, twenty dollar-- that was a twenty dollar code, yep, I got it.

Arthur: Yep, it should be just enough for the game.

Chris: Yes, it is nineteen ninety-nine here.

Arthur: Perfect.

Chris: I'll purchase it right now.

Arthur: All right. Takes some time to get used to it, I'll have to pick it up myself now, but I was thinking about you when I looked at it.

Chris: All right, that's good. Thank you.

Arthur: Yes, I was thinking take some time to get used to it, and then maybe we could have a little competition.

Chris: All right.

Arthur: We could li-- you could livecast it from your console, or I could livecast it, whichever-- if you want to do it for your channel, you'll have to livecast it, and don't worry, it's super easy setting it up on PS4.

Chris: Yes, it is.

Arthur: And then we could have a nice little competition, your friends could watch a video of you playing against somebody else online.

Chris: All right.

Arthur: See if you're still as good as you used to be.

Chris: Mm. Used to be. I pretty much, uhh, good mindset and memory of how the game's played.

Arthur: Oh, I'll have to definitely--

Chris: I'll try to put together a deck with the digital cards similar to what I have in the old original deck. And I still have that for reference.

Arthur: Well then, I think umm, I think we'll have to come up with a little wager when that time comes around.

Chris: Ehh, we'll see.

Arthur: Oh, nothing bad. Maybe something along the lines of if I win, uh, two out of three, you make some new Sonichu Christmas Special pages. But if you win--

Chris: Uh, I was gonna-- I was gonna do that anyway--

Arthur: Oh.

Chris: --I just had not gotten around to it, I've been so busy with the, uh, orders from my shop and everything.

Arthur: Well, I mean, if you won, I'd buy you a PlayStation 4 game or something.

Chris: All right. And then I guess I'd buy you one, if, uh...?

Arthur: Oh no, no, no. All I would want would be more Sonichu pages.

Chris: All right, well, definitely in the-- in my mind, and all in the works, and everything, believe me.

Arthur: Go ahead. Get that game, give it a shot, I'll have to pick it up myself to play it as well; but once we get that set up, we should definitely look into a Let's Play together. Just to have fun.

Chris: That sounds good.

Arthur: Well, Christine, I think we've covered everything today, and like I said, check up on that legality stuff. I'm gonna get back with my people and let them know that you're still very interested in this.

Chris: Yes.

Arthur: But keep your ear to the phone, because if I'm looking for you, I need to find you as soon as possible.

Chris: All right, well definitely, uh, relay the, uh, details to my associates as well, please.

Arthur: Absolutely, Christine. Now you take care and you have fun.

Chris: All right, yeah-- yeah, you take care and have-- and have fun and have a good day, too.

Arthur: Yes, happy--

Chris: Don't forget to send me your friend request.

Arthur: Yes-- oh, that's right, I'm gonna send you that here right now, I'm gonna give you my name. Now, don't be, um, misled: I set myself up for a US account simply because then it looks like I'm on time with the US people.

Chris: Quite.

Arthur: A lot of people don't-- a lot of people over here don't play on PlayStation or Xbox people.

Chris: Hm.

Arthur: But that's my name, and I will, uh, you send me a friend request as soon as possible.

Chris: Uhh, wait a minute, I'm sorry, uh... I-- I thought you were in the-- in the midst-- I thought you were telling me [about your?] details. What was your name?

Arthur: Oh, it's right there, in the little... that little window, where I sent you the code.

Chris: Oh, oh, Blue Walrus. Okay. ...Well, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for that.

Arthur: All right, yes. Just send me a friend request whenever you have time. But other than that, Christine, you have yourself a happy belated birthday, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Chris: Okay, good, you take care.

Arthur: Thank you. You take care as well.

Chris: All right.

Arthur: Goodbye.

Chris: Okay, bye bye.


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