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Chris's cover photo, uploaded on 13 February 2012.

The following are a series of posts posted by Chris on Facebook on February 2012.

Chris used this as a profile pic for just a few hours, probably to fuck with the trolls.
He eventually settled on this one.


  • 1 February - Chris posts about hanging out with friends and complained about the Charlottesville people again.
  • 2 February - Chris posts about his heartaches.
  • 3 February - Chris posts about his Lego minifig to Kim Wilson.
  • 4 February - Chris posts about his horoscope results, Alex's Lemonade Stand, his ridiculous idea for his sweetheart search, Michael Snyder again and his experience with another jerkop.
  • 5 February - Chris posts a public post for the first time in almost 5 months, complaining about "Unsolicited Friend Requests". He posted about "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Laguna Beach".
  • 7 February - Chris reflects on his high school years again after watching "Laguna Beach". He also posted about going back to 1999 again.
  • 8 February - Chris introduces one of his friends on Facebook.
  • 9 February - Chris posts a picture of him and his Lego friend. He also posted for wishing for him to renew his relationship with Jackie.
  • 11 February - Chris worries if Jackie still wants him.
  • 12 February - Chris invites his friends to contact or visit him to wish him happy birthday.
  • 13 February - Barb chews out Chris for flipping off a police officer, and Chris feels bad about it.
  • 18 February - Chris suddenly realizes that Megan was the ringleader of the trolls.
  • 23 February - Chris makes a Sonichu action figure.
  • 27 February - Chris is angry about a YouTube video and Megan's treachery.
  • 28 February - Chris doubles down on his assertion that Megan was behind all the trolling.

Posts by Chris

Hang out IN PERSON

Chris posts about hanging out with his friends:

1 February 2012

The best possible solution for my emotions is to ACTUALLY hang out IN PERSON. IF y'all can get away from your own businesses, romances and work to ACTUALLY Be Better Friends.

Complaining about the Charlottesville Community Again

Chris complains about the people of Charlottesville again:

1 February 2012

People of Charlottesville, VA are Insensitive of others, including those of us who are Socially Worse Off than they Snobbishly are.


Chris compares his life to the anime series Chobits

1 February 2012


The storybooks Chi reads; they describe me.

Chobits available for instant streaming on Netflix. The anime is very good in its story.

Fashion Square Mall

1 February 2012

Currently at F.Sq. Pop: mild to med.

Approached by B.Male Jerkop in white; asked me to re-rotate comfy chair I'm sitting in: I Ignored the S.O.B. ;j

Now being approached by W. Janekop; ignoring bitch.

More complaining about Jerkops

1 February 2012

Bitch left w.out a reply from me. Confirmed departure: relocated self to Starbucks kiosk leaving chair as-is; Symbolic Middle-Finger to Jerkops.

BTW, Janekop "threatened" to get the Manajerk. LOL


1 February 2012

I am still feeling heartache: including empty-but-few-drops feeling in heart; continuing to wait for Caring, Pretty, White Female Peer.

Heartache again

2 February 2012

Heartache. heartache... helaerttttttttacheewi.....

Kim Wilson then posted:

It'll get better in time!

Heartaches yet again

2 February 2012

I feel a little better, but the heartaches are still here. Doctor Perscribes Hanging out and having fun with some Friends, Face to Face, Three Times A Week.

Lego Lemonade Stand

Chris posted about starting the Alex's Lemonade Stand:

4 February 2012

Earlier, at Toys 'R' Us, I put together a Lego (Friends) Lemonade Stand for Alex's cause. Each Free stand built would give a dollar to support ending child cancer.

The Horoscope

Chris later posted about his horoscope results.

4 February 2012

On another topic, I just got hit by my horoscope today. It warned me to keep my business only to myself and associates, otherwise I'd run risk of...

The Horoscope: Ad Nauseam

4 February 2012

(keep my goals to myself or risk)... "Being encouraged Ad Nauseam"

Googling Ad Nauseam

Chris searched "Ad Nauseam" on Google, and posted:

4 February 2012

I googled "Ad Nauseam", because I did not understand it. I found it means if you tell an untruth, or something like that, over and over, it becomes true. Then in her wise input, my mom informs me that after Bob (dad) kept repeating his fantasies to her over and over, it became fact. But in the end, she would just start ignoring him.


Chris continued to post about his horoscope results, this time about his sweetheart search. He posted a ridiculous idea of attracting his sweethearts:

4 February 2012

I took the horoscope to mean that I should keep my resumed Sweetheart Search quiet at the Mall today. I had planned on wearing a sign around my neck, stating non-offensively, "IF YOU LIKE ME, PLEASE TELL ME". I had also thought of playing music from my 3DS loudly through bomb-shaped mini speakers with fun faces I had purchased at Wal-Mart.

Ms. Right

4 February 2012

Anyhoo, after T.R.U., I went to the mall, with my normal plan in my head to sit, hang and wait for a Ms. Right.

Michael Snyder is important

Chris continued to post about Michael Snyder, thus ignoring Anna McLerran's advice about a week ago:

4 February 2012

Sorry, but another important point needs to be typed.

The edited .jpg of Snyder's 10% coupon from NBC 29's flyer I had posted earlier on my wall, well I have recently printed 50 copies at a photo-print station at Wal-Mart a few days ago, Destined to be distributed as I went. Placed like on the table I wpuld be sitting at, or for the Mall, placed like advertising things near other ad things. Their purpose, obviously, is to Inform The Public and Masses to Stay Far Away from that PLACe, because Cyber-Bullies DO meet, hang and breed there under Snyder's approval. That PLACe WILL go down, by my will, or by someone else's fire-on-a-stick and bombs.

The Wandering Jerkop, Part 1

Chris posted about him seeing a jerkop:

4 February 2012

Back to today, I took my normal once-around the mall before settling down to hang. But I impulsively decided to leave a few photos as I walked. Eventually, I settled for my hand at a table of the S.Bucks kiosk.

I called my mother to check in. While ringing, a Jerkop wandered into my space; I saw one to a handful of my warning photos in his right hand. I felt shocked with surprise.

The Wandering Jerkop, Part 2

4 February 2012

Mom answered; I played it cool with her, while I started to get up and walk away. We finished the chat; she hung up; I hung up as I walked. Then I looked back; the Jerkop following me said something. I started running into the JCP. I hid in the back for a moment to catch myself. I thought it best to leave and return another day.

The Wandering Jerkop, Part 3

4 February 2012

Set to exit via the one with the salon, HE and an accomplice intercepted me. "You're not in any trouble", the Jerkop said; the hell I was not, or Why would the son of a bitch be chasing after me. I exited via the South exit instead. I veered my way around eastward to the Mitsu I was driving, far east from the east Belk entrance. I started along the outter edge of the parking lot. I was spotted by the accomplice, but I was too fast for him, and I was tactful hiding and weaving around the parked cars to get to mine.

The Wandering Jerkop, Part 4

4 February 2012

I see the acc catching up as I was close to my car. Those dumbasses probably thought to search for my Escort; not a Mitsubishi. The Jerkop called out to me by name once during the mess; I was Not going to associate with ANYONE who knew me by name without my familarity of of him/her. Cheap Internet Fame is JUST NOT WORTH A SHIT.

I got into my car and escaped swiftly, leaving behind a confused accomplice.

The Wandering Jerkop, Part 5

4 February 2012

Now I rest at an McD with an Arnold Palmer Tea and Apple Slices, rehydrating myself and resting while typing my story up.

My Mother does NOT need to know of what happened.

Napoleon Dynamite

Chris rented the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" on PSN after being corrected that Andy Dick (which is a homo according to him) did not star in the movie:

5 February 2012

Recently, after being corrected of homo Andy Dick DID NOT star in the movie, "Napoleon Dynamite", I rented the movie from PSN. It was a fun, okay movie. Additionally, I actually watched the first two episodes of the new Animated Series on FOX before I watched the movie.

Kim Wilson then posted:

Huh, y'know, I don't think Andy Dick is a homo. He had a wife at one point and he's had a few kids. The more you know ;)

Laguna Beach

Chris later posted about the series "Laguna Beach":

5 February 2012

Found first two seasons of "Laguna Beach" on DVD at Goodwill with ALL matching discs included. Checking out series now; I like it so far.

High School Reflection Once Again

Chris once again posted about thinking about his high school years after watching "Laguna Beach":

7 February 2012

Recently watched Graduation episode of L.B. S-1; I reflected on High School again, as well as my Graduation. I cried again.

Dana Mahri posted:

sorry it made you cry. who's your favorite person on the show?
I like Lauren C.
i like kristen cavalari best.

I Don't Know

I need face-to-face woman/friends.

Chris once again posts about wishing to go back to 1999:

7 February 2012

I Don't Know.

I've observed that I felt like more often than usual. I'm still feeling lost. I'm lonely. I need face-to-face woman/friends. I'm slow on the take sometimes to often. I wish I could go back to 1999. I wish my family and I had not moved back here. My heart still aches. My soul feels broken, beaten and scarred. I dunno what to think.

I Don't Know.

Renewing a Sweetheart Connection

8 February 2012

Hey, Everyone! Say hello to my friend who has been offline for a while; she finally got back on and started an f.b. page for herself from my invitation, Jacklyn Romy. **(:D **

Lego Friend

Chris posts a photo of him in his LEGO counterpart with a Lego Friend, and hopes to renew his relationship with Jackie:

9 February 2012

Here, my Lego Minifig counterpart is lucky with a Lego Friend; hopefully Jackie and I can get together and renew our relationship. :)


Ponies Mare-a-thon countdown

11 February 2012

I've just finished watching the M.L.P. We Q Ponies Mare-a-thon countdown. I'm pleased "Green Isn't Your Color" made 42: I feel confused why "Luna Eclipsed" was voted 41. I liked "Look Before You Sleep" better, but considering the choices on HubWorld.com, "The Cutie-Mark Chronicles" should HAVE been the #1 episode.

Troubles with Jackie

11 February 2012

Also, I still wait for a response from Jackie here; with her hopping a plane for a vacay suddenly. I feel concerned and worry rather or not she still longs for me (mutually) or not.


12 February 2012

I'm just (re)informing y'all that I still feel little looking forward to my 30th Birthday, and I have NO plans on or around the date.

Everyone on my Friends List, you all are welcome to extend your wishes to me by U.S. Post Mail or Telephone on my cell's Voice Mail. You all are also welcome to visit me at my house (yard-visit); please call my cell and leave a message with your name and phone number, so I can return your call.

Feeling sad and lonely

13 February 2012

I'm feeling sad and lonely again. Just hangin at McD in Ruckers. *sigh*...

Beaten up

13 February 2012

Mom got upset with me after I got caught flipping off a Jerkop. She told me how she felt in a conflict-resolution. It hurt me. She recovered after some rest. but I still feel very sad. I feel like I deserve to be beaten up. and I do not want Michael Snyder's blood on my mother's hands.


18 February 2012

Just something random but true. I am not an expert in love. and I only know so much, or little. but I feel need to be truly loved by a woman, especially if she and I are really destined to be Sweethearts (forever).

Urgent news

18 February 2012

EVERYONE. I have most urgent news.

It is Final in My Mind and from my mother as an eye and ear witness of her consorting with Michael Snyder LONG Before Novembet 2007: Megan Schroeder IS the SEED of the Whole Hate and Smear Campaign Against Me on the Internet

If any of you all Know where she is or have clues of her, or her brother. John Schroeder, current whereabouts, Please Inform Me on THIS WALL. Posthaste.

She is Needed Brought to me, my mother and our attorney. for Great Questioning, and a Huge Piece of my mind.

Thank You.

Christian W. Chandler.


18 February 2012

Megan (Left) and John (Right) Schroeder, photographed in 2007.

Chris's post included the following photograph. He wrote two comments in response to his own post:

The thing with Megan is a major lot to elaborate. In short, though, I had little knowledge and understanding of details when I thought she was a victim. The trolling started before November, 2007; conversations between her and Mr. Snyder were overheard by my mother; I was, from her perspective, weird, different, my good intentions greatly misunderstood, stalker-like, etc. Put it all together, SHE is the seed of all of that evil. Both my parents Knew; I was ignorant for the long time up til now.
Age: 25-29


(Note: Megan's dox has been redacted to protect her identity.)

20 February 2012

I Found Megan's last known (or possibly present) home address on [REDACTED LINE]


Age: 25-29

Associated: [REDACTED]

Keep it hush-hush. because I require her to be brought closer to me, my mother and Rob Bell for questioning. Thank you.

Anna responded to Chris's post with the following comment:

As a character witness, or what?
Character Witness??? Megan Schroeder is the PERPETRATOR behind EVERYTHING that was put ONLINE AGAINST ME in the Enduring and Embarrassing Troll Trials.
If Anything ELSE, Embarrass the HELL Out Of That Bitch!!!
I had no idea. I thought you lost contact with her
I DID lose contact with her.
BUT that doesn't mean that she had not left my memory and heart.
Now I only see Camo Green and Blood Red when I think of that bitch now.
And I WANT my Uncut DVDs of Sailor Moon Seasons "R" to "SallorStar" that she swindled me out of. At an earlier time, I would have said something similar or opposite, besides "Swindled".

Kim chimed in with her own response:

Camo green, lot?
I have to say, Christian, there is not much that offends me but I realty don't like it when men refer to women as bitches. Even if she was a huge jerk, it makes you look bad to call her something like that.
I know you're mad at her, but I'd prefer if you used other terms.
I am sorry for offending you, Anna. i withdraw the "B" word, and will go directly to "Major Megantron Jerk".
Haha I like that MUCH better. Thanks! So tell me what she did? You say she was behind the majority of the troll attacks? How do you know?
My mother and father KNEW. Robert found it in his thorough investigation. Barbara overheard the whole conversation between Megan and M.Snyder. She STARTED the Whole Damn Hate Campaign against since Long Before November, 2007.
Oh wow. When did you find this out?
Collectively, Over The Past Greater Than Four Years.


23 February 2012

Hey, check out my Sonichu Action Figure and his Kart. :)

Chris cart.png

Trolling stupid

27 February 2012

Feeling Pissed Off at the Ridiculing Light Commentary directed at me from this Y.T. video.


Pissed Off

27 February 2012

And I am still Really Pissed Off at Megan Schroeder.


28 February 2012

Yep, I'm back to Square-One on the Sweetheart Search again. I'm feeling clueless and blank. IDK, I guess I'll try the mall again soon.


Damn You

28 February 2012

Plus, being alienated by others locally In Person. because of all of the shit against me online getting word around... It makes me feel really sad. Then to add everything else that has happened, it makes me feel really, really sad. Although I feel in a pleasant, neutral mood right now. I am Hurting Real Bad Inside.

If only those Hateful Trolls understood how their actions against me has affected me and made me feel and think.


Anna expressed reasonable skepticism regarding Chris's belief that Megan was responsible for all the trolling he endured since 2007:

christian, i've just gotten word that megan was not a troll, & that the other trolls thought it would be fun to turn you against her, so just be aware that you might have been misled.
I've got news from you, My Mother and Father state Well Otherwise to what you heard. ANYTHING the Trolls say claiming Megan is not one of them, are all lies. My mother Heard what Megan said to Michael; I am Positive that it was Her who got Mimms and Lucas to take Photographs and upload them onto the Encyclopedia Dramatica.
That Jerk-Faced Megantron is going to get sued HARD by me and my mother.
Okay well I just wanted to make sure you had all your facts before you went any further.
She WILL Pay! AND She WILL give me back my Uncut "Sailor Moon" Seasons "R" to "SailorStar" DVDs!
Why do you need them so bad
Essentially, she Conned me of them. I Originally bought them for myself; I make a set of the episodes on DVD-Rs for her; she did not like them; Flirted her way into swapping my work (WITH an error or two in there) for My Original DVDs. And I have regretted that swap ever since.


Reconnecting with Jackie

At some point in February, Chris used Facebook to send the following note to his old gal-pal Jackie:

"STEP ONE: Do not ever look at her chest."

Thank you, Jacklyn for your words of support. I have been to the doctor today and he said that I look Much Healthier than before, but he did increase the dosage of two different Medications.

If I am SO healthy, then WHY did he increase my dosage? I am worried that I will become Sick like my Mother.

Anyway, I haven't yet started the New Sonichu issues yet as I am still considerably heartaching from the words I have had with my Mother. But You are the only one not being mean to me lately so it is VERY Muchly Appreciated, and I am hopeful that we can resume our feelings to each other and be happy together. :)

I did take your Advice from last night about what girls like and I did begin to draw a new Dating Education comic, but I only did a very rough one just for you while in The Doctor's Waiting Room. The Receptionist Brenda lent me one of the Office pens and gave me some paper from the Photocopier. I went to return the pen when the Doctor called me in, but she told me I could keep it.

I apologize for it being partly messy but I am not used to Drawing with Pens; and ESPECIALLY not coloring. It kept running out of ink, but I kept my cool in the waiting room and did not get angry. :)

My 3DS camera was not big enough to take a picture of the Whole page; I used my computer's Camera but it is not as clear as the 3DS. I am sorry. Please message me if you want me to send you the Script.

TTYL, and Stay Safe,

Christian C.

Chris isn't crappy-mugged

On 5 February, when Chris changed his profile pic, he told Kim:

Now tell me I look like that crappy-mugged person.

Kim replied:

I think it might have been the hair. But it's not very nice to insult people you don't even know.

By the way, what's that on your head?

Chris answered:

hair band thing (you know, to keep the hair back)

Unsolicited Friend Requests

After a few private posts by Chris, Chris made a public post for the first time in about 5 months:

5 February 2012 at 10:27pm

Unsolicited Friend Requests WILL BE DENIED AND DELETED, ESPECIALLY from ALL People I have NOT met IN PERSON, FACE-TO-FACE, Beforehand.

Chris edited the post on 15 April 2012.

Posts by his friends

How are you doing today?

On 3 February 2012, Kim Wilson posted:

How are you doing today? :)

Chris posted:

A little better. I treated myself; I bought Olivia's House (Lego Friends); now my personal Lego minifig is sleeping with Olivia (I liked her from the beginning; smart and pretty one of the group).

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Question Answer Date
What kind of Android device(s) do you own? Neither 8 February 2012


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