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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major tweets from November 2017.

CWC makes a great gift

11 November

Just a reminder about my shop on RedBubble: Christmas Cards will be on there around the 17th of November, plus more items coming very soon. These would make good gifts, so shop away today.

Sonic Forces mod request

11 November

I’m playing Sonic Forces; this is like a Baby Sonichu, because of All the options for the Avatar, there is a Lot Mote to be desired. A Lightning Bolt Tail; Long Ears; Longer down-bent Quills. I would LOVE for someone to make a Mod File of Complete Sonichu, I can play on my PS4.

Please, somebody with Good programming power, make an Awesome Sonichu Avatar, Accurate to my Prime Sonichu, and I and a LOt Of people will be grateful. I will Personally Retweet That PS4, XBox One,Nintendo Switch, and PC Mod File.

Not to mention a Tan Belly like Sonic; what’s with the freaking Body Suit piece by default?

Who is he asking?

11 November

I preface the following question about the Sonichu comic books, which was brought up Before October 25, 2017, so, no bringing up the more recent events of my life in response to the question. Why the cross-over with Neptunia, and how did y’all come to that idea from/for my works?

Regarding Freestyle Dance With Me, For Our World!

14 November

Haters are going to hate. What I did in the dance video, I Did for Our Home World and for You All! You will thank me later when I am able to take out Bullies with my powerful friends. As well as my family and my Sonichus and Rosechus! Make up! ❤️⚡️

The only person with Heterochromia

15 November

Check out what I just unlocked in Sonic Forces! I wonder if that was inspired from me since my right eye Is green, while my left is a shade of blue, like purple: the combo of Blue and red.


Updates on prison camps & reality

17 November

Christorians! Get Ready to Update what you know about the city of Cwcville! There are More details than I, Myself, even was aware of, and just unbelievable! Like Future Shock to ME! Firstly, the Mall is being remodeled! Well Remodeled!

The Prison Camps we’ve built recently, we have names for them. The first one from Wednesday the 15th, Camp X-Ray. Other Prison Camps, all with the Great features as the first, are Camp Delta, Camp Omega, Black Dolphin, Jonestown, Hilton, Sandusky’s Trunk (juvenile hall) Vorkuta and Kony Island. Happy-sounding names for the benefit of the reforming inmates. And, apparently, Vegas Vic, THE Cowboy, is still alive, and known as Vegas Dick in Cwcville. Part of an Epic Story that I will share with y’all later, Light-Powered!

AND, from such story of the Light Power, Most to All of my city’s People, are Able to Dimensionally Teleport! Some of them are Vacationing Here, in our Reality! And to those people here, the Next Tweet is addressed to you all.

To All of my Cwcville Citizens, Vacationing Here, in my reality: a Madman has infected the US Money there with an infectious Virus, similar to Smallpox. The US Currency is temporarily being changed to Cwcsmarts in the city, until all infected monies are isolated and disinfected!

To Everyone in, and visiting from Cwcville, I bid you all a Great and Safe Day; Please Be Safe and Well, Y’all!

A ween commented:

This is too sweet! all Hail Christine! See and Hail! This Fine Ol' Solution is just what CWCville needs! And the Sandusky's Trunk sounds like a fine place for naughty young boys to be straightened out!

Chris replied:

Please, do not Hail me; I am Not a bloody tyrant.

Posing with S-chu Ball

18 November

This is cute! 🤣

Chris posing with S-chu Ball, Nov 2017.jpg

CWCville zip code changed again

19 November

Everyone, I have another fact from Cwcville, and this applies to the citizens Vacationing from there. The current Zip Code for Cwcville, VA is 69488.

Also, All Vacationing Cwcville Citizens are to remain on Vacation for a while longer; the sewage plant exploded; it is a big mess in the city right now. Your officials and whatnot are cleaning it up as quickly as possible. It might be up to a week from now. I am really sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving

23 November

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! I am truly and really thankful for ALL of the new friends and people I’ve met this year. Here’s to the many more good people and friends I will meet over the next year! Let Us All continue Doing Good for our Worlds, and dispelling the unrequited evils!

Tokyo Treat's Sailor Moon candy collection

26 November

Tokyo Treat:

New Sailor Moon #Japanesesnacks!🌙New designs for the tasty peach flavor tablet candy collection include Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter!😊Which design would you choose?


They’re all so pretty. But, my choice, I would want Makoto’s tablet candy container (Sailor Jupiter).

CWCville mayoral election

26 November

Cwcville will be holding elections for the next Mayor soon. Which would you choose. And Choose wisely, as the best winning formula is the one that has been the most reliable.

And Vladimir Putin, CURRENT President of the United States Of America in that dimension, is running too.

Later, he deleted the poll and put up a new one.

We have an update on the polls, as a few candidates have dropped out. So, it is down to three.
  • Bob McKendrick
  • President Putin
  • Brendan Fraiser

He stated his preference for Bob.

Vote for BOB to Make Cwcville Great like in the past again!

Vote for Bob McKendrick to make Cwcville like in the good old days of Mister Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. A Vote for Bob is a Vote for Bobs!

Bob McKendrick.jpg

The second poll was also deleted.

CWCville Chief of Police election

28 November

Separate election for new Chief of Cwcville Police Department; which would you vote for?

Manuel Pardo Jr and Edward Gein are serial killers; Manuel Noriega is a former dictator of Panama.

Ian Brandon Anderson ended up winning with 65% of the votes.

Count Graduon is a Nazi

29 November

To Clarify for Everyone, I am Against Nazis, 100%. That post from two weeks ago; COUNT GRADUON, Himself, came up with those names and camps. Maybe HE is, but I, Miss Christine Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, Virginia, USA, this Reality Here, Am Not a Damned White Supremest. So, Stop making me out for something that I am bloody not.