November 2017

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Chris in November 2017.
I had Discord and Magi-Chan escort me personally on my Thursday outing to The End Games for Pokemon League and colouring my pages that I had at the time. I allowed Discord to enjoy some of the fun there. He watched a few Dungeon and Dragon-type games get played. I even allowed him to see if he could get one of my friends to notice and see him. But she didn't budge.
Chris's delusions spilling over into the real world again on 8 November.

November is the eleventh month of 2017. Throughout this month, Chris would make a series of bizarre social media posts detailing various changes going on in CWCville, which contained references to anime, Nazis and overall edgy memes. While people recognized that these posts were odd even for Chris, what most didn't realize what just how far Chris would go from here, nor just how much Chris would be damaged over the next few months. The world of Chris-Chan would never be the same.