August 2010

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August was the eighth month of 2010. It began rather silently, with Chris hooked on ModNation Racers to the point where it seemed bigger than LittleBigPlanet to him. However, a field agent's account of Chris at Charlottesville Fashion Square revealed that Chris's hatred of the HEXBox has risen to a new level when he saw Chris kicking a stall of Xbox 360 games while saying "kick that hex-bawx". Later, Bob and Barb (now thinner) were spotted eating at Chick-Fil-A.

For the most part, August 2010 was a very quiet month, with little Internet activity from Chris; there was almost nothing noteworthy to record. However, towards the end, things would be blown wide open when a phone call audio is released between Bob Chandler and a worker at the GAMe PLACe, revealing a number of things, including that his parents didn't know about his trespassing incident and that they feel that Michael Snyder is leading a conspiracy against their neighborhood and Chris in particular.

Also, to add to the newfound wave of activity from Chris, on August 27, Chris would break his vow of staying off the Internet in order to post a video demanding that his high school reunion happen. Also there was a video explaining that his PS3 has been reformatted and the trolls have won. Two days later, to the joy of people everywhere, he trashes the bricked PS3, subjecting it to all sorts of destructive acts before violently finishing it off the next day with his car. All of this in an attempt to get money from Clyde Cash. After the tragic loss of his beloved PS3, on the final day of August, Chris was sighted in public again, staring creepily at a young woman, awaiting his prize reward. Aside from this, Chris definitely ensured that August 2010 went out with a bang.

Events of August 2010

Chris's PS3 on 29 August', moments before he hard drives over it.
  • 1 August - Chris resists Jackie's suggestion that he sell many of his games. She harshly criticizes his financial plans.
  • 2 August - Chris responds to Jackie's criticism, but tells her to use an "indoor voice" and not "shout" at him, even though they're corresponding over email.
  • 3 August - On Jackie's recommendation, Chris trades in 18 games at GameStop. He gets over $50 in store credit, which he puts in reserving LittleBigPlanet 2.
  • 4 August - Chris admits to his mother that he's maxxed out a secret credit card. He's afraid to tell his father directly. He swears to Jackie that he will never get another credit card.
  • 6 August - Bob takes further control over Chris's finances. Chris sells 36 more games at a pawn shop for $42, putting $10 in his bank account and the rest in his pocket, without letting Bob know.
  • 8 August - Chris tells Jackie he's still planning to buy Little Big Planet 2, and that Bob is on the warpath against the trolls.
  • 9 August - Chris shares sexual fantasies with Jackie, and tells her he's stressed out over money and the trolls.
  • 9 August - Jackie asks Chris about Rocky and tells him to draw a picture of a circlejerk.
  • 10 August - Alec Benson Leary calls Bob claiming to be a GAMe PLACe employee. It is revealed that Bob and Barb did not know of Chris's June 6 incident at the GAMe PLACe and that Bob thinks there's a major conspiracy against Chris.
  • 11 August - Chris tells Jackie he does not want to draw dicks. He says Rocky is helpful.
  • 13 August - Chris tells Jackie he watched "Cannibal Holocaust," revealing that he was unable to recognize a rape scene for what it was. He also says that he is looking forward to their date.
  • 13 August - The second recorded attempt at a Wikipedia article is made.
  • 15 August - Chris attends a stamp collectors' convention with his parents, as this is one of Bob's hobbies.
  • 15 August - Chris tells Jackie he will have $20 in his pocket for their date on Friday.
  • 15 August - The Matthew Noble call is released.
  • 16 August - Jackie teases Chris in an attempt to get him to draw the circlejerk picture. It gives him a boner.
  • 17 August - Chris tells Jackie he will give her the drawing at their date. She pressures him to draw it now and postpones their date for two weeks.
  • 19 August - Chris sends Jackie a sexy drawing, but not what she requested. He sells more video games.
  • 21 August - Chris asks Jackie for a recording of her voice. She replies that she's not satisfied with his drawing.
  • 22 August - Chris tells Jackie about high school and says he's trying to jump-start a reunion.
  • 22 August - Chris, as JenkinsJinkies, talks about Bob on Trollin Train.
  • 23 August - Chris tells Jackie more about his high school years and his gal-pals.
  • 24 August - Chris makes a video to counteract the trolls, and Jackie critiques it, telling him to act more like an idiot, of course.
  • 25 August - Chris shares with Jackie his plan to tell the trolls a scary ghost story to dissuade them.
  • 25 August - "JenkinsJinkies" worries that Chris may not download any viruses, complains about how expensive trolling is, and says that Patti's grave is impenetrable.
  • 26 August - "JenkinsJinkies" insists that Chris is still alive. He also recounts an attack by the ghosts of Patti and young Chris.
  • 27 August - Chris makes a new video about getting a high school reunion organized, adding his two cents about cyberbullying. He later uploads a video where he admits to inadvertently deleting all content on his PS3's hard drive and, admits that, in a way, he has been defeated by the trolls. This video is removed later the same day.
  • 27 August - Chris tells Jackie about deleting his hard drive, seeing it as symbolizing a fresh start with her.
  • 28 August - Chris tells Jackie that he will destroy his PS3 for the trolls in order to receive the $9,001 bounty that he will use to pay off his father. He then makes the videos of him destroying it.
  • 28 August - First of the Clyde and Tito PS3 E-mails is sent. Chris says that he has destroyed his PS3 and demands the $9,001 reward, as posted on Trollin Train.
  • 28 August - Jackie encourages Chris to make another video of him doing even more damage to his PS3. He agrees, and sends her a drawing of a Cherokee orgy.
  • 29 August - Clyde demands that Chris send him the videos of the PS3 destruction if he wants the money. Chris agrees.
  • 29 August - A leaked video compilation of Chris destroying his PS3 is released. JenkinsJinkies claims to be a first-hand witness.
  • 29 August - Destroying his console has made Chris so stressed out that he can't sleep. He tells Jackie the Cherokee drawing is meant to depict her fantasy, even though there's no pool. She is disappointed.
  • 29 August - Chris makes arrangements with Surfshack Tito to meet at the mall so that he can get his reward.
  • 30 August - Another video is leaked, in which Chris destroys the remnants of his PS3 with Son-Chu.
  • 30 August - Chris goes to the mall at lunch and waits for a while for the troll to come and give him $9,001 for destroying the PS3, and nobody shows up. He tells Jackie it was a mistake for him to destroy it, and that he's going to buy a new one.
  • 30 August - Chris tells Barbara that he destroyed his PS3 for trolls, lying that the machine had already expired. This greatly worries her and Bob, who (correctly) believe that he has been manipulated.
  • 30 August - Chris makes new arrangements with Tito to pick up his cash the following day at 2pm.
  • 31 August - A new video reveals that Chris went to Charlottesville Fashion Square in an attempt to claim a reward for destroying his PS3.
  • 31 August - Tito tells Chris he gave the money to the brown-striped impostor.
  • 31 August - Jackie questions Chris about his video game dependence and his lies. He responds defensively.